FAQ : Honda Swap Combinations – What Fits What

FAQ : Honda Swap Combinations – What Fits What


If you are a fan of Hondas or Acuras and have heard of Honda Swap or wish to perform one yourself, you know a good deal about the interchangeability and ease in which you can swap engines, transmissions and more. But if you’ve landed here, you want to know what exact motor can swap into what chassis, and / or vice versa. If you need help removing your old engine, this guide can help you take out of the old Honda engine.

As with all of our engine swap tutorials and writeups, it’s important to know exactly what your end goal is to your project. Setting a reasonable goal now will allow you to make the right fundamental choices in engine, transmission and modifications and make the right choices the first time. Setting unreasonable goals or goals that have set the bar too low might cause you to change your mind, or your build which in turn leads to wasted dollars, time and effort.

All About the K series engine


For many enthusiasts swapping from their SOHC to something like a B16 is all they will ever need or want, for others who want more for forced induction they may opt for a B18, while others who to be out on the cutting edge may want a K series.

How To Honda Swap VTEC Guide


Whatever your goals are, from a 700 hp fire breathing turbocharged monster, 15 second quarter mile drag racer or grocery getter, if you want the information on Honda motor swaps, this is the page for you.

How To Chip your Honda ECU

Cheap Honda engine swaps are plentiful and easy to find. Here’s a few suggestions:

If you are in the early stages of planning your Honda swap, head on over to our Honda Swap VTEC Guide where we show you what you need to do for each possible Honda swap combination.

What’s the best Honda Swap Combination?

Headline for Top 10 Best Honda engine swaps
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Top 10 Best Honda engine swaps

Honda engine swaps are nothing new to the world of import performance. In fact without many of these popular Honda engine swaps, it's hard to imagine what sport compact tuning and small displacement engine performance would be today.

Whether you drive a Civic, Integra, Del Sol, or CRX, our Top 10 Best Honda engine swaps guide will help you identify what Honda engine swaps are most popular. This helps you plan ahead and avoid making any mistakes with your build, that waste precious time and money.

Of course if you are planning to do a Honda engine swap, or need some guidance on wiring, how to fix your VTEC, your engine swap harness or what Honda engine swap mounts you should use, our master primer article named Honda Swap Combinations shows you what fits what. Our guide to the Top 10 Best Honda engine swaps is ranked by cost, ease of build and of course the bang for your buck factor.

Hopefully this Honda engine swaps list will help you make a choice when it comes to swapping a Honda engine into your car. Do you see an error or a Honda engine swap candidate that we left out? Help us by contributing and making our Top 10 Best Honda engine swaps list more accurate.

If you are looking for more tech tips, How To's or DIY articles on Honda engine swaps or engine swaps in general? Make sure to check our links at the bottom of our Top 10 Best Honda engine swaps for more help with your Honda engine swap.


G23 Swap in a Civic

Apr 20, 2015
G23 Swap in a Civic

One of the best possible combinations of cost and horsepower, the G23 engine swap in a Honda Civic is not for everyone. Gone are the easy bolt in and swap guides, because most of this engine build will require some serious planning and engine work. This is a frankenstein of Honda engines, made up of several different Honda engine components.

The use of a SOHC 2.3 liter F23 shortblock with a H22 cylinder head can result in an excellent 2.3 liter VTEC Honda engine. People with the proper knowledge and patience and build an awesome G23 that delivers more power and torque than the K series engine, at a fraction of the cost. When installing an upgraded clutch, it's a good idea to step up your clutch master cylinder like this unit. It's designed to deal with the high pressure nature of your pressure plate in the 2.3 liter engine and allows you to shift faster and more crisply.

Where most K series engine swappers are going over 7,000 dollars in parts and components, the right G23 can be built for well under 2,000 dollars.

Why the G23 VTEC swap in a Civic works -

Torque - And lots of it with the 2.3 liter SOHC F series shortblock, and if you are looking for an all-motor solution the G23 VTEC engine swap is one of the very best.

Cost - Cheap and well under the cost of a K series engine swap or J series engine swap, you won't get a better dollar to horsepower ratio out of any other engine swap on our Top 10 Best Honda engine swaps guide.

Why the G23 VTEC swap in a Civic doesn't work -

Not easy - Again, not rocket science but if you just buy the parts and expect it to slap together, you've got another thought coming. The G23 is a great and flexible build, but again it's not for everyone. If you are not comfortable putting an engine together or checking for clearances, it's best to seek a pro who can help you with your project.

Easy and common enough question, but the answer is much more complex because you have to take into account so many factors to properly judge them. Good news for you is we’ve already done it for you with our Top 10 Honda Engine Swaps Countdown.



Looking to swap your Honda on a budget? Check out the Yonaka motor mount kits : Yonaka EK 96-00 Honda Civic B or D Series Motor Mounts Kit Set B16 B18 D15 D16

How To Troubleshoot VTEC

Selecting your Engine vs your chassis

Before looking at any motor or transmission combinations, you’ve got to weigh the generation of engine you are swapping vs the generation of vehicle you are swapping into for a firm grasp on what parts need to be swapped and what parts need to be modified. And to understand this, you have to understand the On Board Diagnostics part of engine swapping and what it means to you and your car.

What generation ECU is in my Honda?




Hondas from 1991 and earlier are OBD0 vehicles, 1992-1995 Hondas are OBDI, the 1996-1998 Honda/Acuras are OBDII, and the 1999-2001 and above are OBDIIB. Each generation of On Board Diagnostics include more and more in the way of emissions controls and sensors that may or may not have to swapped over to your chassis. With the exception of OBD0, which would include vacuum lines to properly set ignition timing, the general rule of thumb is that the earlier version of OBD, the better.

How to Convert from OBD0 to OBD1

How To Test your B18 02 Sensor
How To Test your B18 02 Sensor

How to Convert from OBD2 to OBD1

To that extent, we’ll be focusing on the OBDI swaps which are some of the most common and popular swaps available and do not require such things as a egr or fuel evap systems like the OBDII engines and ECU’s will. Swapping in a OBDII engine into a vehicle that is from an earlier generation may prove troublesome if you want everything to work as if it were stock. For instance, swapping a 1998 Acura Integra B18C1 (GSR) into a OBD0 Honda CRX will include many issues such as fuel tank conversion, secondary 02 conversion and much more.

But this kind of swap involving a motor that is newer than the car, is the only legal method in which to swap your motor in your car, if the state you live in cares about that kind of stuff.

How To Smog Your Honda Swap

Innovative Honda Swap linkage kits rule out last minute junkyard runs or bending your linkage to make it fit your transmission. Some of the best linkage Honda swap combinations you can use :

How To Adjust Honda Valves

If you reside in a state with strict smog laws such as California or Arizona in which laws prohibit you from swapping an older motor into a newer car, you will want to do your homework to find out what is legal and what isnt.  If you are concerned about the laws and regulations of the state in which you reside, make sure you check them out to prevent any problems in the future.



Which Motors Go Into My 1992-1995 OBDI Single Cam?

For simplicity sake, we’ll be lumping the 92-95 Honda Civic (EG) and the Del Sol into the same Single Cam category, only for this section. We’ll take a look at what fits what, what parts and mounts you will need and what ecu combinations or changes must be made to complete the engine swap.



OBDI B16a, B17a, B18a – A healthy bump up in torque and power (especially with the VTEC B16) however much of the down low grunt will feel similar to your SOHC.

  • Transmission: If you locate this motor and transmission from a wrecker together, you will have a cable clutch transmission which means you will require a conversion unit to allow for usage on your hydraulic vehicle. Check out Hasport, Innovative and many more mount companies for this conversion piece that will make your hydraulic clutch work with a cable one. Conversely you could opt for a Y21, Y80, S80, S4C, which are all hydraulic clutch transmissions and use the traditional slave and master cylinders.
  • Mounts: We love Honda engine swaps that don’t need aftermarket polyurethane shake-your-teeth-fillings-apart at light combinations, and this kind of swap can be done using a combination of stock Civic and stock Integra mounts if a Hydraulic B series transmission is used. Depending on the year of the transmission, your tranny mount and / or rear T motor mount may need swapping to match the transmission of your choice.
  • ECU: There’s no reason to be cute here, use the same generation OBDI ECU for this swap, a PR3 from 1992-1993 Integra, a P30 or P28 from a B16
  • Differences: If your vehicle does not come with VTEC, then you will need a VTEC solenoid and pressure switch added into your engine harness. As you aren’t changing much ( unless your car is a Honda Civic VX ) you can add these wires to your existing harness.
  • Axles: Any axles from a 1990-2000 Acura Integra will work here, as well as a 1994-1997 Del Sol or the EM1 axles from a 1999-2000 Honda Civic. If you opt to use a 1990-1993 Integra ( DA ) axle setup, you will need to change the intermediate shaft seal on the driver side of the transmission.

OBDII B18A (1994-2001 Acura Integra) – Terrific choice with a healthy bump in torque but without the added benefit of VTEC. Forced induction favorite with the lower compression of a B18A.

  • Transmission: As this engine is usually coupled to a hydraulic transmission of some sort, either the USDM or JDM Y21, Y80, S80, AND S4C. You can of course opt for a cable transmission for use here, if you want another conversion kit to make the clutch engage and disengage.
  • Mounts: Like the B16 in this vehicle, you can use the factory Honda mounts for a superior OE feel that will give your car the impression Honda put the motor in your car from the factory.
  • ECU: Like the B16, no need to fix what isn’t broke, use a P75 from a 1994-1995 Acura Integra.
  • Differences: If you do not have a 4 wire 02 in your car, you will need to add those additional 02 heater lines to the 02 sensor
  • Axles: Any Integra axles from 1990-2001 will fit, as well as the 1994-1997 Del Sol and 1999-2000 Honda Civic. As with the B16 if you opt for the 1990-1993 Integra axles you will need a change at the intermediate shaft.

OBDII B18C1 – B18C5 (1994-2001 Acura Integra) – The best overall choice for those who don’t want to make the leap to a H or K series motor, with VTEC and a robust rpm range this motor is meant to wind up and power your Honda Swap down the street.

  • Transmission : The same as the B18A1 choices here, the standard JDM or USDM Y21, Y80, S80, AND S4C, a cable tranny from 1990-1993 if you want to buy a conversion kit
  • Mounts: Like the B16A and B18A in this vehicle, you can use the factory Honda mounts for a superior OE feel that will give your car the impression Honda put the motor in your car from the factory.
  • ECU: You can elect to use the ecu (P72) that came with the car, as they come in OBDI and OBDII flavors but if you are going to use a OBDII unit expect check engine lights unless your ECU is chipped. Chipped ecus can range from the JDM P30 ECU to a chipped P28 ECU
  • Differences: The same 4 wire 02 issues remain, as the B18A and B16A as well as the standard non-vtec models that must wire in the pressure and vtec solenoid for the VTEC to engage. A knock sensor will need to be wired in, unless you are running a chipped ecu.
  • Axles: Any Integra axles from 1990-2001 will fit, as well as the 1994-1997 Del Sol and 1999-2000 Honda Civic. As with the B16 if you opt for the 1990-1993 Integra axles you will need a change at the intermediate shaft.


Throttle bracket and cable differences can often mess things up for you at this stage. Make sure to check our chart below to ensure you’ve got the right Honda bracket part number as well as the right cable. If you need an aftermarket bracket, there are several available here :

Which Motors Go Into My 1996-2000 OBDII Single Cam?

While the 1996-2000 Honda Civic ( EK ) is a slightly less popular swap candidate than the previous generation, it’s still plenty to like about this chassis with clean lines and an excellent curb weight.

OBDI B16a, B17a, B18a – Great choice from any of these, although the obvious performance orientated choice would include a VTEC engine.

  • Transmission: Much like the EG, if you are selecting to swap in one of these motors you will need a conversion harness with unit to allow for your hydraulic clutch master to interact with the cable assembly. Either that or go shopping for the proper hydraulic transmission ( Y21, Y80, S80, S4C) for this engine and it will work without the use of a conversion unit.
  • Mounts: If you are using a hydraulic B series transmission a combination of the stock 1999 Honda Civic Si mounts and the lower timing belt mount from a Del Sol will do the trick for your swap. If you are keeping the cable actuated transmission you will still need to change the bracket under the timing belt and the T mount on the back of the motor, depending on which transmission you will be utlizing.
  • ECU: A chipped P28 will go a long way in resolving some of the issues with this swap, unless you opt for the non vtec version of this engine. This swap won’t be legal in CA, so going with a chipped P28 along with a conversion harness for your ECU will take care of the majority of the headache here.
  • Differences: There can be a ton of differences here as you are bridging from your OBDII vehicle to a older generation, however it’s usually best to retain the stock engine harness and add to it what you need.
  • Axles: Much like the EG chassis, any Integra axles from 1990-2001 will fit, as well as the Del Sol and Honda Civics (1994-1997 and 1999-2000 respectively). As with the B16 if you opt for the 1990-1993 Integra axles you will need a change at the intermediate shaft.
Chipping your ECU will take care of a lot of electrical issues. Shown ZIF socket and parts needed for ECU modification

OBDII B18A and B18C1/B18C5 (1994-2001 Acura Integra) – Another great choice for those wanting the upgrade to DOHC.

  • Transmission: As this engine is usually coupled to a hydraulic transmission of some sort, either the USDM or JDM Y21, Y80, S80, AND S4C, and there’s no real reason to step down to a cable transmission in this case.
  • Mounts: You can use the stock mounts from a 1999 Honda Civic Si with the only change to the lower timing side mount, this must be a Del Sol unit for everything to line up correctly.
  • ECU: Use a P75 from a 1994-1995 Acura Integra to get your swap moving on the road, you may or may not require a harness to convert depending on the year of your chassis. If your vehicle is not an EX, the usual VTEC solenoid and switch wiring must be completed.
  • Differences: If you do not have a 4 wire 02 in your car, you will need to add those additional 02 heater lines to the 02 sensor as well as the knock sensor depending on what ECU you elect to run.
  • Axles: The 1994-1997 Del Sol and 1999-2000 Honda Civic SI is your best bet, if you cannot find those and are stuck with a set of OBDI Acura Integra (DA) axles, find the right intermediate shaft before swapping.

How To Change Your Honda 02 Sensor

How To Change Honda Civic Brakes

Which Honda Swap is the Best?

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Top Ten Honda Engine Swap Tips

Building a Honda swap isn't quite as popular as it used to be, but it's still an excellent bang for the buck option when planned right. When you build a Honda engine swap, the massive selection of aftermarket parts is the built in competitive edge. Sharing the same chassis can provide multiple benefits including use of factory mounts and parts when getting your Honda engine swap done.

If you need to plan a engine swap, learning what Honda swap parts and mounts you need is vital. When working on your project, make sure to check the top ten Honda engine swap tips for some important pointers to get your Honda back on the road where it belongs.


Remove your TPS

Apr 22, 2015
Remove your TPS

Do yourself a favor when remove the throttle position sensor (TPS) when you are removing your engine or installing your donor engine. Many times when raising or lowering your engine into or out of your chassis, this sensor can break or become damaged.

This can be especially true for JDM engines that have been shipped halfway around the world, usually by people who could care less what happens to some sensor.

Remove TPS or Throttle Body -

Skip the drama and simply remove your TPS ahead of time. You will need to recalibrate the TPS upon reinstallation, so if you don't have a multimeter handy, remove your throttle body instead. If you are swapping a B series engine into your Honda, take a look at our B series TPS service guide. This guide contains the B series TPS wiring diagram you need to service and calibrate your throttle body.

This sensor can become another cost and repair that you Honda engine swap project didn't need. Don't let this happen to you and remove this sensor before it can become damaged. Of course you can always save time by simply picking up a BlackWorks TPS sensor, or a replacement BLOX TPS sensor to save time in your B series swap.


Match OBD components

Apr 22, 2015
Match OBD components

If you have a donor engine from a JDM importer that's not the same year range as your donor chassis, some work will be required before you can complete your Honda swap.

Convert your distributor - Lots of people just go out and buy the right distributor for their engine harness, which tacks on another 150 dollars in cost and parts. Instead convert your Honda OBD to match the engine harness by repinning or modifying your ignition distributor terminal.


Identify what you have

Apr 22, 2015
Identify what you have

Easier said than done in many cases, because there's so many variations of the same engine and displacement, it can be easy to mix up what is what.

Identify - Make sure you know what engine and transmission you have. If your transmission identification sticker has fallen off, take the proper steps to identify your parts. Failure to do this could lead to a mismatch in clutch parts, or your slave cylinder which will only add time and more cost to your Honda engine swap.

You can also take the time to identify your Honda ECU and any other components that you aren't sure of to complete your swap the first time.


Double Check your Clutch Disc

Apr 22, 2015
Double Check your Clutch Disc

Honda engine swaps are popular because of the incredible flexibility and ease in which parts from one car fit another. You can find replacement parts, engine mounts or exhaust parts that all interchange with your new donor motor, or chassis. If you are upgrading your clutch, consider upgrading your clutch master cylinder as well, it will increase your clutch engagement and decrease shift times.

Input Shaft Spline Fitment -

This feature is a blessing as well as a curse however. If you are building your own Honda Swap by putting together a transmission and engine separately, it's a good idea to double check your clutch disc.

Lots of would be Honda engine swappers get to the final stages of their swap, and wonder why the transmission refuses to slide onto the engine. This can happen when you have the wrong clutch disc, or the incorrect spline count, which happens more than you might think.

Take a few seconds and slide your clutch disc over the splines of your transmission shaft. This ensures that your parts fit, and you won't be left with a motor and transmission that won't go together.


Exhaust Fitment

Apr 22, 2015
Exhaust Fitment

When you are getting ready to put your Honda engine swap into your donor chassis, exhaust fitment problems can stop you cold in your tracks. When you are purchasing or importing a JDM engine, your exhaust parts should match before you start removing your factory engine.

What to check -

The B pipe gasket - Remember just because you have a JDM B series header, it won't always match up to your B pipe, or the second half of the header that runs under your oil pan.

The catalytic converter flange - The size of collector from the end of your exhaust header, where your catalytic converter connects to the header. Many times a JDM header will feature a 2.5 inch doughnut style gasket. Make sure that you have the right size gasket and catalytic converter flange that matches.


Cool It Down.. the right way

Apr 22, 2015
Cool It Down.. the right way

Slimline fans are a must for any Honda engine swap, because you don't want your new engine swap to overheat. This step is often overlooked by the would be Honda engine swapper, because they aren't sure how to wire the slimline fan into the Honda wiring harness.

Wire in a fan relay - Never wire a slimline fan directly into your Honda wiring harness. There's differences between the draw and voltage between your factory fan and your new unit. These differences could lead to the fan prematurely dying in a best case scenario, or cause your car to catch on fire in the worst case scenario.

Don't let this happen to you, properly install a slimline fan to your radiator by using a radiator fan relay.


AC Compressor

Apr 22, 2015
AC Compressor

One of the biggest mistakes for many Honda swappers, the air conditioning compressor is disconnected before you remove and install your new Honda swap. You then have to fill the AC compressor because you've released all the freon inside of the unit.

Save Money - Instead of doing this, simply unbolt your AC compressor from the driver side lower engine mount. Do not disconnect the high pressure or low pressure side of the compressor, simply unbolt from your engine and secure it to your chassis safely using bungie cords.

When you install your new engine swap, you can reconnect the Honda AC compressor to your new motor, without having to fill or pay someone to fill your compressor again.



Apr 22, 2015

Depending on the scope of your Honda engine swap, you may or may not need this entry of the top ten Honda engine swap tips. The VTEC variable valve system from Honda is one of the primary factors that engine swappers look for in a donor engine.

Check your VTEC components - When you are swapping your Honda, do the proper planning to make sure your VTEC will work correctly. If you own a non VTEC Honda and have to wire VTEC for your Honda swap, make sure to check both your VTEC solenoid as well as your pressure switch.

Failure to take the proper steps could leave your Honda engine swap without VTEC, or VTEC not working.


Hose Clamps

Apr 22, 2015
Hose Clamps

It's a minor detail but one that can have a profound effect on your Honda engine swap, and the reliability of your swap. Using non fuel injection type hoses like the one shown will lead to premature coolant or fuel hose failure.

Fuel injection style hose clamps - Stay away from "worm" style clamps and use fuel injection style fasteners that will not damage your hoses.


Clutch Hydraulics or lack thereof

Apr 22, 2015
Clutch Hydraulics or lack thereof

This tip is easy to take care of before you put your engine in. Identify what kind of clutch slave cylinder your transmission calls for, whether it's a cable style or hydraulic.

Slave Cylinder - Find out what you have and install the proper kit or appropriate hydro-to-cable conversion or vice versa. The last thing you want to get hung up on is your clutch slave cylinder in your Honda engine swap.
*Master Cylinder - * Upgrade to a S2000 unit for hydraulic clutch transmissions, or opt for an aftermarket one for competition use. It will increase the hydraulic pressure and shorten your clutch throw, making it easier to shift and slip your clutch.


Chip It

Apr 22, 2015
Chip It

When it comes to planning your Honda swap, this tip is probably one of the most intensive. Locate and find what ECU you have, and what ECU you will need to operate your Honda engine swap. This tip on the top ten Honda engine swap tips list is very similar to the OBD tip, in that you need the right ECU for your car and engine.

EEPROM - For just a few dollars and a soldering iron, you can modify your Honda VTEC ECU to accept a ZIF EEPROM socket and memory chip.

This is perfect if you want to add a turbocharger kit to the Honda swap at a later date, or add a piggyback computer to your Honda.

That’s a question we get a lot and to be honest, there’s nothing wrong with the B series. Some may say it’s old or not cutting edge like a K series, but swapping a JDM Honda CRV engine and building a LS VTEC is cheap reliable power. Our guide to buying a JDM engine can show you how to get what you want, whether it’s a JDM Honda CRV engine, or a Honda Civic type R front clip.


H family of motors next

Our H series swap guide
H series swap guide


Stay Tuned for our next update!


    • Hi, could you elaborate as to what engine you have in the car? from a 91 to 94 typically does not work without some heavy modifications, which would complicate the swap unless you are getting the 94 for free.

  1. Hi i have a 1997 acura gsr shell. I swaped a 1996 gsr b18c1 and now I’m getting codes P0141 and p1337? also note my 97 gar shell had a b20b with p75 ecu. i took the hole swap out with harnesst. and add the 96 b18c1 harnesst and a p72 ecu.?

    • Hi David9dz,

      Couple of questions, your 97 shell had a b20b with a P73 and you are running what now a P72? It really looks as though you have a few wires mixed up somewhere along the process, because the two codes you list are pretty common in harnesses that have been put together.

      The P0141 should be an easy fix, because you are looking at just one set of the heater wires going to your 02 sensor. Let us know which ECU for certain and we’ll point you in the right direction.

      As far as the P1337 if you are indeed using a P72, you will be testing the CKF sensor directly on your OBDII B18C1 by unplugging the flying loom on the backside of your engine. Try taking a look at our How To Service your Honda Crank Position Sensor here for a look at what you’ll be testing.

      Your GSR crank position sensor should be in the range of 1.5-3.1k ohms, if so this means that your crank positions sensor is good and you have a short someplace in your harness. Hope that helps, thanks for reading and commenting!

    • Hi Tishane, thanks for commenting.

      With a D13b there’s not much in the way of bolt on options, but you can’t go wrong with the basics. Intake and exhaust modifications can be easily had with a custom intake kit that you can build yourself, or eliminating restrictions in your exhaust system. Make sure to check with the laws in your region to ensure you are legal and compliant with your laws.

  2. Hi I have 91 civic sedan with a b16a vtec and it already has an integra transmission but third 75% of the time grind n throw it out n was just wondering what would be the best transmission to replace it with or just rebuild it? Two more things my rpms started bouncing up down a couple months ago n I replaced the idle air control valve n it didn’t work any suggestions? Last thing whenever I’m on the interstate for a long period of time my engine starts to stutter n slow down if I’m not at 4500 rpms?

  3. Hey I have a question… my 1996 honda civic ex blew up the other day.. the motor was a d16y8 and I just put a new transmission in it.. I was wondering if the transmision to this would mount up to a b18a or even a b16a?

    • Hi Shay, thanks for commenting.

      Sorry to hear your about your D series blowing up.. unfortunately your D series hydro transmission will not bolt up to a B series. Try selling it and put that toward your new swap. Thanks for chiming in!

  4. Hola tengo un civic ek año 98 y deseo realizar un swap pero con serie h cual me recomendarian… hoy en dia ya lo tengo con un swap con motor d16a.. espero sus comentarios gracias

  5. Hi I am trying to swap out a 1993 honda prelude with the 2.0 dohc with a crashed acura 1997 integrity. I have pulled the complete engind and transmission out of the juck acura and want to know it its able to put into the the 93 honda prelude. They both hace a hydraulic transmission clutch. And it looks like the exhaust is different but i have the complete acura to my disposal. Is it possible to do this. Thanks in advance,. Joseph Boscoe

    • Joseph, thanks for commenting.

      This swap is pretty rare but yes, a B series can go into your 93 Prelude without much issue. You’ll need to make a decision to go OBDI or stay OBDII with your 97 Integra motor, although converting to OBDI to match your chassis may be the right way to go. For more info on that, check our guide here:


      You may also get some use out of our ECU pinout section to help you with the wiring, but outside of the wiring everything else is pretty straightforward. Locate mounts, swap motor and transmission and then take the car to an exhaust shop. Let us know how your Prelude swap turns out! Thanks for commenting!

  6. Hello Prostreet, I have a 97 acura cl 2.2 full crashed car. I was wondering if I swap the motor and trany in 97 acura integra. will i be facing any troubles?
    Thanks in advance

  7. I got a built gsr in my 98 civic the transmission grinds unless I double clutch it and it has a stage 4 clutch in it what’s going on ? ????

    • Hi Martin, thanks for commenting.

      If your B series Hydro transmission is grinding gears and doesn’t seem to be disengaging the clutch fully, and you have to depress the clutch multiple times, it sounds like a hydraulic issue.

      Bleed your master and slave fully. Make sure your clutch fork ( the one holding your throwout bearing ) is not bent. Have you also adjusted your clutch pedal? where is it engaging? right off the floor? all the way at the top?

  8. Hi my name is Carlos, I own a 98 civic Dx 1.6 fuel injection and I’m tryin to swap it to a 95 honda civic 1.6 vtec and i was wonder what all i need to change on the car anyone that would know i would really appreciate it thanks…

    • Hi Carlos, thanks for chiming in.

      If you are swapping a OBDI engine into your OBDII, you’ve got a couple of things to consider.

      1. do you need your Honda swap to be legal?
      2. are you going to be chipping or modifying your Honda ECU.

      If you don’t care about swap legality, smog or BAR issues, simply convert your ECU to use a OBD1 engine, like a P28 or similar ECU that’s chippable. You can use a flying loom to convert your ECU plugs to accept OBD1, from a OBDIIA or B.

      This way you don’t have to deal with knock sensor / crankangle position sensor and more for your OBDI engine to operate on a OBDII ECU. You will of course need to wire VTEC, for a guideline and what parts you need to go to a D16Z6 and make the VTEC work. We also have mini-me guidelines since it sounds like you are keeping the SOHC alive.


      Check out that link, or just read what that DIY guide has to say about how to swap a SOHC VTEC engine into your DX : “1996-2000 Honda Civic DX, CX and LX – These non VTEC models will require the standard VTEC input and outputs. Wire up your pressure switch and VTEC solenoid when swapping your D16Y8. If you are keeping the P2P ECU and want to use that in your Honda Swap, it’s important to note that you cannot mix OBD2A and OBD2B harnesses.

      Because of this reason, you’ll need to take extra care not to get stuck with the wrong engine harness or dash harness. Also make sure to identify what your Honda VTEC swap is, OBD2A or OBD2B, as all the wiring will be different at the ECU terminals.

      You will also need to extend or lengthen your oxygen sensor wire, as this will move it primarily from the front header to the B pipe header outlet.”

        • Hi Carly, thanks for commenting.

          Unfortunately that’s a swap that’s not going to work as the 4 cylinder engine from the 2001 to the 2005 are very different. Thanks for commenting!

  9. I am trying to find out if a k24a4 out of an 05 accord will fit in an 06 accord with a k24a5? I have a wrecked 05 and am thinking about buying the 06 with a blown motor to swap into. Im taking a shot in the dark assuming nothing major has changed for the year. Any help would be appreciated. Also, not sure if its just me but this link isn’t working
    Thanks, Michael

  10. Hi Michael, thanks for commenting.

    Your swap should be straightforward so long as you have a manual transmission, if it’s automatic that could complicate things. It’s essentially the same motor, but for ease you’ll want to transfer the k24a4 intake manifold and throttle body to minimize the drive by wire nonsense.

    We’ve fixed the link, please let us know if anything else doesn’t work for you. Let us know how the swap turns out.

    • Thanks for the quick reply! The swap would be auto tranny to auto tranny. I was thinking i got lucky but if its going to be to ridiculous ill try and keep an eye out. Any good ideas to do with the k24a4 if not?

      • There’s a big market for that engine, especially for people who want to make it a Frankenstein by using a K20 head. So there’s always that just in case.

        Even if it’s an auto it should be straightforward as the engine really isn’t any different. The obvious differences you want to look out for are starter or flex plate. Looking up the Acura part numbers to see if both years match could shed some light on the situation.

        Best of luck!

  11. Pro street !!I recently purchased a 1995 civic eg .. i bought with a D16Y7 swap .. jn the future I wuld like make my car faster .. so basically I wanted to ask what you guys thought on what the best swap would be .. or keep the single cam and work up from there … i was thinking a b18c5 but honestly that’s pretty pricy .. I mean as the potential 200 hp I could get from that engine I feel like I could invest on a smaller engine like the b16 then boost that with the difference of the price of the engines which is about 1000 dollar difference … as u guys can tell I’m a nooby to the Honda scene … I’m just looking for some advice to help me boost the car … thanks in advance

  12. So if I swap a b18 into my 94 vx I could get it to pass smog legally here in so cal? Or are there mods I can do to my vx to make it a little stronger and still pass smog like a head swap or raising the compression a little and running 91

  13. Hey I have a question. How hard would it be to swap an engine into a 94 Civic VX? I was doing a little research and I saw that in Japan they would put B16A2/A3 of the same generation into an Si. My goal is affordable, effortless swap (since I don’t know much about Hondas), and to beat friends stock 0 – 60 9sec Kia Spectra GSX. I will also force induct at some point. Not by much, I’m not trying to squeeze HP. I want a stock, reliable, gas pump, fuel economic, fast car. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Website, places, brands anything of that sort would help. Like I said I k of nothing and is willing to learn.

    • Hi Manuel, thanks for reading.

      Yes the VX is a great platform to work from, because it’s already wired for VTEC and the VX is one of the lightest Civics ever built.

      A good budget swap could start as a non VTEC LS engine. This engine is found in the 1994-2000 Acura Integra and has a few versions that you could use from a 90-93 as well. While it’s non VTEC, it will provide a great increase in torque and is pretty cheap.

      Saving your money and planning correctly, you could also swap a VTEC head onto this engine. This is called a LS VTEC swap, and it’s combining the cheap cost of the non VTEC shortblock with the VTEC cylinder head from a GSR Integra.

      Check our guide on How To Build a reliable LS VTEC here : http://my.prostreetonline.com/2015/01/29/build-reliable-ls-vtec/

      The result is a low cost version of a GSR engine that would be a tough combination to beat in your lightweight hatchback.

      Here’s some more reading for you as well :


      Hope that helps, let us know how your project turns out!

      • Will this LS/VTEC be trustworthy platform for forced induction? I can tell you are getting a concept of what i want, a good base engine that is easily upgrade able. Do you have any information on that? Like i said before reliable, pump gas, and fast. I’m not looking for some crazy set up, just something to eat my friends Kia with and maybe some other V6s out their. Thank you for replying and giving me some of the previous information i’m really getting an understanding on what to do and where to go!

        • Manuel, no problem! that’s what we are here for! And yes the LS/VTEC is a great option for forced induction. We’re big fans of turbo VTEC and you’d be eating quite a bit more than V6’s with the right budget setup.

          Keep an eye out for our Budget Turbo Honda Project where we turbo a D16 SOHC using a used 4G63 Mitsubishi Eclipse turbo, and injectors.

  14. Hello Prostreet, my name is Joe and I have a simple question. I have a 90 Integra automatic with a b18, a guy has a 94 civic and wants to buy my engine and tranny but he needs to know if it will fit ? I don’t have a clue but hope you do, I willbe aawaiting your response. Thanks in advance !

    • Hi clueless, thanks for reading.

      Yes your engine can be swapped into the 94, but the swap isn’t quite as easy as the traditional 92-00 DOHC B series engines. The auto transmission is also going to be tough to get working in the 94, but the engine will work fine.

      Hope that helps! Thanks for commenting

      • Thanks for the quick reply, can you tell me a bit more about the tranny installation ? What kind of work should be done to swap ?

        • The transmission swap is probably going to be more trouble than it’s worth in all reality. Your friend can pick up a hydro transmission with shifter rods attached for around 200-300 dollars, that’s the way we’d go.

          • Thanks, last question and I hope I’m not abusing. So he will only be swapping automatic to automatic even then it might not be worth it ?

            • no problem clueless.. no abuse here… 🙂

              no, he’d be switching to a manual transmission, if he wants to retain an automatic, it’s going to be a complicated swap.

              Because your friend owns a newer model Honda, you’d have to swap over the transmission ECU and a host of other sensors. This is a nightmare.. Instead if he switched to a manual trans, it would make things much much easier.

              Hope that helps!

              • Prostreet, thank you so much for taking the time to answer all of our questions. You guys are great, your help and advice is extremely appreciated ! Thank you ! -Clueless

  15. what ECU is used in the 1988 Honda accord LXI A20a3, I am using ECU Y-1 37820-PJO-668 KA-KC. The motor was swapped in to a 1979 Accord for 14 mile racing. my problem is, I have a continual gas problem. it seems that the gas stop flowing to the motor after about 5 min. if you let the motor cool down for about15 to 20 min.. the car starts again. what is going on???????????

  16. When swapping a gsr into a civic Vx you guys say u don’t need to change much. Are the vtec wiring the same as the e-vtec system?

  17. I have a 99 civic ex with the d16y8 I read a forum that said this is a vtec motor is this true and what is an easy way to make more power on this motor without switching to a dohc motor thanks

    • Hi Macballin, thanks for reading.

      Yes you are right, the D16Y8 is a VTEC engine. Easy way to make more power? I’d break it down into a few stages to make it easy.

      1. Intake, exhaust, headers
      2. VTEC controller, fuel computer or cam gears
      3. Mini me engine swap – swapping another head onto your D16y8 to increase compression
      4. Turbocharge your Honda

      Try searching around our site, or browsing http://www.prostreetonline.com for some modification ideas. Thanks for commenting and let us know how your project turns out!

  18. I have an engine from an acura 1998 and thinking about installing it into a 1990 Honda Accord….. Please give your opinions??

  19. I have a 1992 honda civic si hatchback with either a 96 or 98 gsr motor how do i find out for about what direction to go in with it

    • Hi Brandon, great swap you’ve got there. There’s a lot of options available to you, from the basic bolt on specials like header, intake or the like. If you haven’t already take a look at a VTEC controller, something like the Buddy club VCON controller or the Apexi VAFC.

      If you want more power for your hatch, try taking a look into the turbo manifolds we carry. You can build your own turbo kit for pretty cheap and if you pick out the right parts and do the work right, it can really be rewarding.

      Let us know how it turns out! Thanks for commenting

  20. hi i have a 92 acura integra gs-r….well they swapped the engine to a b20b i notice a couple issues off that bat…the driver side motor mount is to a civic so its way to small an short so they cut the motor mount hole more closer to the motor off the frame where you would place the motor mount it self….so if i replace the bracket to a 3 hole bracket will it give me any problems an what motor mounts is best for my car. 3 hole or 2

    • Roger, sounds like you might have a problem here.

      If you are using a stock Civic mount and had to modify it, you will definitely have issues, especially with your axles. Try ditching your mounts now, and simply use the integra mounts as listed in our guide here… Should take care of a bunch of problems right off the bat.

      Let us know how it turns out!

      • will a b18 2 bolt bracket with a 3 hole attachment for the motor mount work fine even if they cut open the frame hole more t words the engine

        • By frame hole Roger, I am assuming you mean the front of the engine or the driver side? The 2 bolt bracket will not line up properly if the front of the engine is sucked in toward your frame rail or towards the driver side more than the passenger side. Hope that answers your question, please let us know how it turns out!

  21. Alright i have a 1992 honda civic si and a b18c1 engine what all do i need to swap do i need the 5 speed gsr tranny please let me know wanna get all parts together and do at one time well you know

  22. I have JDM/EDM 1996 CD3 Honda Accord sedan with F18B1 auto tranny non-vtec motor, i want to upgrade the motor what are the best alternatives?

    • Hello Mallick, very unique swap you have there.

      As far as the F18 is concerned, we’d be lying if we told you we’ve ever seen one. However the basics still apply to your non-VTEC engine. You want to move as much air through your engine as efficiently as possible to generate as much horsepower and to be as efficient as possible. Take a look at some intakes or exhaust systems for your vehicle, our online shop is of course http://www.prostreetonline.com

      Thanks for commenting and let us know how your project turns out!

      • TKS Prostreetonline…the motor is still powerful(compression is above 160 in 4 cylinders) the problem is car is damn slow in pickup. tried everything but no success, what intake you suggest specifically? I have K&N intake in my 1.8L 2006 civic, will that work and improves the performance if i give it a try?

  23. I own a 93 Accord LX wagon(2.2 L engine) and would like to swap in a 2.3 L engine from my 2000 Accord LX sedan? Can this be done and how much modification is needed, also can I swap the transaxle? I prefer the 93 with its inefficient engine and hope I can swap in the 00 engine which is both more efficient & has power too. thanks, Paul in Ventura

    • Hi Paul, thanks for reading.

      Swapping from your 2000 Accord F23 into your 1993 Accord can be done, but this will require custom motor mounts to get things lined up properly. If you live in California and care about smog, this swap will not qualify as you will need a lot more than just the mounts, linkage and ECU to make it BAR legal.

      Either way the rear bracket will have to change, because the T bracket on the 2000 Accord sits the F23 further back in the engine bay and towards the firewall. Are you trying to retain the transmission in your swap as well?

      Let us know how the project turns out and thanks for commenting!

  24. Hey, I want to go with a b18c1 bottom on my 00 Si and keeping the b16A2 supercharged head (Jackson racing). Unfortunately I don’t have the p72 crankshaft but I do have the b16A2 and a b20z crankshaft as well but I don’t know which one will help and/or fit best. I’m looking to gain torque and hp. Which crankshaft would work best in this set up, I have all 3 b16, b18, and b20 connecting rods. Which rods will compensate with this set up?

    • Hey EM1_JZA80, cool name by the way.

      If you are going to be building your setup, it’s best to use a calculator to determine the compression ratio you will be running. Before you do that however, it may be a good idea to have your crank checked and shortblock to ensure that you won’t need a line hone job.

      Outside of that however, we’d recommend a combination of the B20 crankshaft with upgraded b20 rods or shotpeened B20 rods with ARP rod bolts. For more on building the ultimate reliable LS VTEC setup, check here.


      Let us know how it turns out!

  25. Hi, I have a 1996 DB6 Integra sedan with a 1.6 SOHC ZC and auto trans. My long term plans for the car are to swap the ZC for a B18C and the transmission and running gear from a Type R, effectively making it a four door Type R. Is this possible? How easy will the swap be? And how much of the driveline and axles etc. will I need to replace in order for it to work?

    Julian Nelson

    • Swapping the ZC into a Type R is definitely a first and very unique, however if you intend to keep the Type R transmission, there’s a lot of other cheaper alternatives that can get you there, like the B16 transmission. Both are short geared and meant to maximize all motor performance.

      It won’t be an easy swap, if only because there’s not going to be a lot of information on this kind of swap. Most ZC guys are upgrading from SOHC units, not the other way around.

      Let us know how it turns out, we’d love to see some pics of the project.

  26. i have a 94 civic dx coupe and am planning to do an engine swap soon.. I read something on here about clutch conversion from hydraulic to cable. I really just need more indo on the whole swap.im hoping to use a b16 vtec or b18 from an integra (all OBD1).

    • Hi angel thanks for reading, the hydro to cable ( or vice versa ) kit is available from HASPORT or many other dealers. It will depend on a variety of things, like your transmission and engine of choice.

      If you need more guidance on that issue, let us know which ones in particular you are looking at.

  27. hi guys, im completely new to Hondas and everything im about to do so a lot of help is what I need! I had bought a used 95 civic ex coupe that I instantly fell in love with. unfortunately the chick that pulled out in front of me didn’t! I managed to save most of my front end but insuance totaled me out. with the money I bought a bad ass 91 accord. I really want my civic not the accord, so im wondering is it possible, i.e. financially feasible to take the accords f22a4 engine in that accord and drop it into the the civics d16z6 slot? the civic is a auto, the accord a manual. what kind of issues might I be running into? do I have to swap tranny too?
    any and all advise would would help. I have a country mechanic/friend that says he can do it for 700.00, is he full of it? new to Honda and an idiot please help!

  28. I will also need to know what other cars I could find these engines or other engine like any other b series if they would be an easier easy swap. I am getting everything I need from a local car yard/junk yard…..there are ALOT of cars. I really just want a faster and stronger car (that I could race with if I wanted to) and Im also planning on forced induction in the future.

    • The 94-01 Integra would be the obvious choice, making it an easy Honda engine swap. Something like the G23 frankenstein Honda swap might be the best budget Honda engine swap for people who have the expertise.

      If smog or BAR Is concern to you, then your choices are limited. If you are lucky enough to live in a state not as strict however, the sky is the limit. CR-V’s would be great for a 2.0 CRVTEC build or something like Odysseys and that year range of V6 like the CL, TL, RL, etc will get you an interesting swap engine in the J30 or J35.

      Sounds like a great start to your project, let us know how it turns out and thanks for commenting

  29. Help!
    Just bought a 96 accord 2.2 manual coupe, strong engine but it needs a trans… : ( What other Honda’s or JDM cars have a compatible trans? Thnx for any help!

  30. Hey I have a 1991 integra and just bought a 1997 b18b(jdm) motor. I’ve been told that it’s pretty straight forward and ll I would have to change over from my 91 motor to my 97 is my injectors, alternator, distributor, and ecu with my original harness. Is this true? He said the only think that should be new is my knock sensor, and that it shouldn’t be a problem because my obd0 ecu doesn’t look for it? Im in DEAPERATE need of professional assistance and I hope you can help. Thanks. -Daniel

  31. i have a 94 acura integra i finished my ls vote swap but am having trouble with my wiring harness i was told i could use a harness from a 92 integra but i got one and it doesn’t match up, can you tell me how to wire it up to make it work or what cars could i use a harness from. I have an obd1 GSR LS VTEC.

  32. hello pro street. i have an 1992 EG SI with a sohc stock and i want to swap a B16a2 dohc. will this pass smog and bar? will this scenario also work with a B18c1?

  33. Dig the site, articles & all the info,thanks. Well now here’s my question. I have a 95 accord ex V-tec and interested in doing a swap myself. Now I read getting a h22 motor of the same year is the easiest way, a plug-n-play. But how much harder would it be to swap a Euro R motor & tranny in it? Are they compatible?Would a certain year of the Euro R be any easier? Would anything need to be fabricated in order to complete the swap? Any information and advice regarding my swap would be very much appreciated. Thank you

    • Hi Robert, thanks for the read and kind words, we try our best!

      Sounds like a great project there, and no you shouldn’t need anything different to bolt in the H22 from a Euro R. As far as the shifter is concerned however, you will probably want the shifter base from an actual Euro R to ensure that your cable lengths will work correctly and that you won’t have any problems shifting into any of your gears.

      Definitely sounds awesome, let us know how it turns out! Thanks for commenting!

    • Hi Ruben thanks for reading!

      Your Accord is a CB chassis with the sohc F series and I’m assuming you mean 91 CRX motor in which case no it would not fit.

      please let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you for commenting!

  34. I have a 99 Civic lx with a blown engine, and I wanted to know what would be a good adorable swap. Not trying build a monster but I want a little more hp than the original engine had to offer.

    • If you mean the 1.7 liter D17 yes this can fit into a 1990 honda, but there’s going to be quite a few challenges because you’ll be swapping engines across 11 years.

      You also wont get much upgrade from the SOHC 1.7 compared to the 1.5 or 1.6 in your Civic now. Instead try looking at a B16 swap for your 1990 Civic.

      thanks for commenting!

    • Hi elborry18, the answer is on this page but I’ve cut and paste it for you. If you want to build a B16 EK, you need :

      Axles: Much like the EG chassis, any Integra axles from 1990-2001 will fit, as well as the Del Sol and Honda Civics (1994-1997 and 1999-2000 respectively). As with the B16 if you opt for the 1990-1993 Integra axles you will need a change at the intermediate shaft.

      Thanks for commenting!

  35. Hey I have a question! I bought a 1992 integra shell.. It came with a 5 speed tranny . pretty much evetything except the motor.. The owners cousin sold me a JDM b18b .. I’m currently looking for a clutch.. Should I buy one to fit the 92 tranny or the 96 motor? Also.. Will the tranny fit into the motor??

      • Its from a 1996 integra so obd2… I have obd1 wireing harness.. Tranny..etc, etc.. I just wanna know if the 1992 tranny will fit the 1996 motor. I know everything else will due to other people responses but I’m not 100% sure if they will even bolt up

  36. Hey , I own a 99 accord coupe ex , want to take out the f23a and swap it , and make it manual shift , what do you recommend. Thanks

    • Hi Brandon, thanks for reading.

      The J37 is a swap you can do in your car but it will require changing lots of moving parts including your motor mounts. Although the V6 is found in your Accord, the engine mounts and engine bay are very different in your 4 cylinder. If you have a K series, try swapping a manual transmission and make sure that you get the right speed sensor that matches your chassis.

      A K20Z head swap will increase compression and will require you to tune and use premium gasoline, but it will be worth it! Thanks for commenting!

  37. my camshaft snapped at the cam, So I’m getting a new motor and tranny i have a 97 Honda Civic EX with a D16Y8 motor and tranny, Does it match a new D16Y8 motor and tranny? Becuz i keep reading something about a 6th dig VIN and 8th dig VIN

    • Hi Bobby, thanks for reading.

      Is your car an automatic? If so there may be differences in the automatic ecu transmission but if it’s a manual you are good to go!

      Let us know how it turns out! Thanks for commenting!

  38. Hi I’m from ark o got a b16a that come out ta of a 94 delso with cable tranny and recently bought a 90 integra GS with automatic 1.8 non VTEC pretty much I think I got everything to do swap but not sure quite what to do

    • Hi Jason, thanks for reading.

      Did you say you are from ARK Performance? If so you can always give us a call to ask your questions, we are dealers!

      I think you are asking how to swap a B16 into your G2 Integra is that it? The second generation Integra isn’t quite as popular as the 94-01 but engine swaps are still very much doable. For a OBDI B16 into your DA Integra, check the charts above for axle fitment and mounts.

      • The thing is I have a 1990 HB with a b16a vtec with a chipped mugen ecu p28 ps3-2 head cable trans with six puck stage 2 clutch and pressure plate. The harness is shot .. I bought a 1990 acura integra GS with 1.8 l non vtec wanna put b16a VTEC head on the acura block the hatch has had a 94 acura front end conversion I have all the axels everything just need to now what’s to do about the engine conversion

  39. Great article!
    my situation: i have a 98 civic ex coupe with a d16y8 and automatic transmission. i am purchasing a gsr motor and tranny (yes a gsr MANUAL transmission). the person i am buying the motor/tranny from currently has it installed in a 2000 civic ex coupe. everything is pretty much getting thrown in with the purchase: axles, harness, ecu, clutch slave, clutch master, hoses, all mounting brackets, etc. so my question is this: what do i have to do for the electrical changes i’m gonna have to make for the reverse light, the park/key lock issue in the ignition, and any other issue i may have that i am not aware about that you might foresee.

    • Hi Sk8 Or Die, thanks for reading

      This is a common question, and one that’s answered in our upcoming Honda Civic How to Convert to Manual transmission article but to make it short and sweet, you need :

      modify your ignition switch cable, so that your Honda believes the transmission is in park.
      Loop your AOD gear selector, to make the car think it’s in PARK to release the key
      Wire up your reverse lights
      Cap your radiator transmission ports

      Let us know how it turns out! Thanks for commenting!

      • thanks! seems simple enough, but, modify my ignition switch cable? got any more info on this modification?

        thanks again in advance!!

  40. I have a 98 honda civic lx all stock was wondering whats the most cost effective swap thatll give me the most HP?

  41. Hello i’m wanting to swap my 5 speed manual transmission in my 1994 honda civic coupe and was wondering if i could put in a 5 speed automatic transmission instead for my wife to have a car to drive please let me know what all i’d have to swap if possible

    • Hi Daniel, in order to convert from manual to automatic, you’ll need a lot more than just the flexplate, transmission and torque converter. The transmission ECU, engine harness and more must be swapped as well.

      Instead try selling your manual transmission equipped car and buy a automatic. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and headache.

    • Hi Nick, thanks for reading.

      This swap is possible but it’s not common quite yet. It’s a bit of a cramped swap, as the FIT is when you are putting in a K series. We aren’t quite sure of any off the shelf motor swap kits quite yet, but someone will make some soon.

      Thanks for commenting!

    • Hi Eti, thanks for reading.

      yes you can but when you are swapping a K series from another vehicle into yours, it’s important to stay in the same year range as to prevent speedometer output signals from your K24.

      Thanks for commenting, let us know how it turns out!

  42. Hi I have a question ..I have a 2001 honda accord w/auto trans thats slipping can I use a motor n tranny from 1997 acura cl 2.2 vtec?

  43. I need some help, I’m not the smartest car guy. Actually I’m not even really a car guy so make sure to speak in the simplest terms you can thank you!

    I have a 1997 Honda Del sol, it is a stock four-cylinder engine. I also have a 2000 Honda accord with a four-cylinder VTEC engine. I’m wanting to sell the Honda accord, if you guys think it would be a fairly simple and straightforward process to take the accords engine out and put it in the Del sol because I has fewer miles then I would do that instead of selling as is.

    Any help is much appreciated, thanks a lot guys!

  44. I have a 99 civic ex my d16y8 blew up is there anyother motor that i can put in without changing wires and mounts someone told me a y7 but mine is vtec

  45. will a 97 integra motor just swap into a 94? the 94 has 300k miles and i want to put in a 138k mile 97, is it just straight up plug and play? thanks

  46. I have a 1992 Honda accord lx 2.2 engine size trying to replace the manual transmission .My question is will a 1993 honda accord dx 2.2 engine size, will the manual transmission from this car work on my 1992 Honda accord lx?

    • Hi Orlando! thanks for commenting!

      From a 1992 Accord DX 2.2 SOHC manual to a 1992 LX engine, you will be just fine! Let us know how it turns out!

  47. Hey man, I just bought a 97 integra about a month ago, with a b20b4 swap out of a crv and the engine mount on the passenger’s side is gone. I was wondering if I could use one outta of another integra or would I need one out of a crv? I’m not 100% sure. Any help would be appreciated

    • Hi David, this will depend on what mounts you are using. If you are using a combination of OEM Honda motor mounts, use the CRV passenger mount. If you are using aftermarket units however, this will cause problems.

      Do you know what mounts you are rocking? Let us know and we’ll try to help!

      Thank you for commenting!

  48. Hey man, i just bought a 97 integra about a month ago, with a b20b4 out of a crv and the motor mount is gone on the passenger’s side. I was wondering if one out of a integra will fit or do I need one from a crv? Not 100% sure. And help would be appreciated.

    • Hi Matthew, so you have a D17 and want to put it into an LX? there are several aftermarket mount kits you can use, but really there isnt much to be gained here.. Instead try going to a DOHC b series or H series!

      Thanks for commenting, let us know how it turns out!

  49. Hi pro street
    I have a 1990 Tegra that I picked up stupid cheap well my friend got orders to go to Germany and so I bought his k20 would this fit into the integra or should I just swap in another motor if so which one would be the best bang for my buck. If the k won’t fit in just going to build it up and throw it in another car that I can pick up cheap.

  50. I have a 19986 Civic hatchback Si and the original engine messed up and i was wondering what kind of motor moun
    ts i would need to swap it to either a b series or d series swap

    • Hi Mike, thanks for reading.. Unfortunately this transmission and engine combination just won’t work.. Try picking up another transmission for your 1.7 liter

  51. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    So I have A 95 civic Ex and before I did much research I bought a jdm first gen b16a motor with a S1 transmission from a friend for 800$ and under 60kmiles, anyways my car is a OBD1 but the motor I bought is a OBD0would it be worth converting into a OBDI, also are there any other parts I need to convert like the axles,motor mounts, and the hydraulic to cable conversion bracket etc. Also since its an older engine will the 92-95 civic motor mounts and axles work for the older B16? I’ve made it this far by myself and with no help from friends so your help would be great

  52. I just swapped engines in my 1992 honda civic. I had a d15b7 and I put in the jdm d15b non vtec and I am looking to find out which d series motor spark plugs and wires I need to buy that will work for this engine. I have heard the z6 and also the a6 but I’ve also heard the y7

  53. Is h2b possible on a acura cl 98? Just something I wanted to try out since I have a cl & single cam is not working out for me. Or will it be better to stay with the f trans on a h22 or just going with the full h22 swap ?

  54. What axles do you prefer? And also would it be better to get a hydraulic transmission? Do I need a different shift linkage if so? And will a regular p28 ecu work as well?

        • Hi Hollu, if your CRV has a K series engine in it yes you can make this swap! You will need to transfer over the 2004 Honda Accord accessories but everything else in this Honda swap will be relatively straightforward!

          Thanks for commenting!

  55. I got a 93 Accord 2.2 F22A engine. What would be a good engine swap for my car? Or can I improve the stock engine it has now? It’s a daily driver just need some more power.

  56. Hey so I have a question. I have a 1994 civic si (it’s an American car) and I have a jdm b16a sir2 swap that I want to put in. Will I need to change the wiring harness? Or does the one that’s already in my car will work? I have the d16z6 in it now and am putting a b16a sir 2 jdm engine In. Just trying to be specific so my question can hopefully be answered easily. Thanks!

  57. Hello, I was just wondering if a b18c5 can fit in 98 civic se?, and if it can how would I upgrade the engine to make it have more hp, Thank you

  58. I have a 1993 Honda Prelude automatic it needs a transmission what other Hondas models will interchange with a 93 Prelude

  59. hi i am looking to pick up a 93 to 97 acord wagon what is a good motor swap. also what is the best 6 speed tranny to put in it with the motor swap

  60. I have a 93 del sol s and am going to try to do a k swap.will a 2011 civic type r motor fit with a 2006 accord euro type r transmission?

    • Hi Mike, thanks for commenting!

      Yes you can use the 2006 Accord transmission as long as it’s from a K24, but you will need to do some special work to get the speedo to work correctly. It sounds like an awesome K series swap, let us know how it turns out sir!

  61. Hi prostreet, im putting a b20 high compression non vtec into my 95 eg coupe. I have almost everything i need but i wanted to ask what type of computer would be good for it ? And also, do you know where i can buy all the hardware im gonna need to put it together, such as bolts and screws and what-not ?

  62. i have a question, just installed a b20b4 into my 98 civic cx. I used the same mounts, and the guy provided a rear mount. The car shakes when i give it gas, i already had new mounts but it was for my previous single cam motor which was a d16z6 and originally a d16y 7 or 8. Not sure. He advised that i need different mounts for the shaking to go away. Can you help? I just dont want to order the wrong mounts.

  63. I know nothing about engine swapping so im just asking is ther anyway i can put a 2.4L DOHC i-vtec k20A engine in my 1990 acura integra ls which right now only has a 1.8L 4cylinder B-series engine in it

    • Hey Deondre, interesting setup you are proposing!

      there are J swap mount kits for your DA but it’s going to be a tight fit and you are most certainly going to have to hack up the hood! But you can make it work! Sounds like a great swap let us know how it turns out!

  64. Hi my name is josh and I was just curious if you could swap both the engine and transmission of a 99 accord 4cyl with a 2009 Camaro 6cyl. In other words I want to put a 2009 Camaro engine and tranny into my 99 accord. Is this possible or am I wasting my time thinking about it? Thanks!

    • Hi Thomas! Thanks for commenting!

      AWD automatic Odyssey? so it’s a J series engine? very rare animal if that’s right. You are best served by looking into the six speed setup out of an Accord, but you will be losing the AWD drivetrain unfortunately. Sounds like a great setup and let us know how it turns out sir!

  65. Hello I have a 2008 honda civic, automatic I wanted to see what kinda motor swap I can to it plus changing it to Manuel, will a k20 fit in it?

    • Hi Joseph, if you are talking about a automatic equipped R18 engine with a automatic transmission, making this change is a little more difficult thank you originally think because the motor mount setup is very different. It’s probably best to sell your car and find a lighter chassis to swap a K series into. Thanks for commenting!

  66. I have a transmission I am selling (JDM 5 speed) it is for a 96-01 Honda prelude. I was wondering if it would fit in a 1995 Honda accord

    • Hi Dylan thanks for commenting!

      as your Prelude is a H22 or H23 engine, it’s not going to be a bolt on solution for your SOHC F series Accord engine. Sorry about that!

  67. hi i am looking to get 1992 to 1997 honda accord wagon what would be a better to just drop in a k20 for h22a i wanna be able to use all the factory stuff such as cruise control mph

    • Hi Derik, we would vote for the H22, as it’s cheaper and the advances in the H2B transmission plate makes it a great bang for your buck Honda engine swap! Thanks for commenting and let us know how it turns out!

    • Hi Brandon, sorry but this alternator won’t work for a SOHC Civic without heavy modification or some sort of adapter plate. Better to just pick up the right alternator sir

    • Hi Brandon, sorry but that’s not going to work without heavy modification. It’s best to just get the right alternator for your engine!

      Thanks for commenting!

  68. I totaled my 99 coupe gsr my engine is fine a b18c1 and trans all original. I want to pull my motor b18c1 and put it into a honda or acura shell. And possibly my interior seats. What is the best option here and what years and models will be the ez best options

    • Hi FVW, we would recommend the 1992-1995 Honda Civic which is cheap, light and easy to swap. For best results take a look at the Honda Civic VX, which is the lightest Honda Civic ever built and got 51 mpg years before a Prius could even sniff that kind of fuel efficiency!

      Sounds like a great setup, let us know how it turns out!

  69. I have a 1998 Honda civic ex vtec harness with a d16z6 motor and I can’t figure out how to adapt a distributor to it. Any information will help, thanks.

  70. Im thinking about doing an engine swap in my 1995 civic dx. What motors can i swap that the stock transmission will bolt right up with out having to buy a new transmission on top of the price of the motor

    • Hi Steve, you can go with another OBDI SOHC D series engine, or even the JDM DOHC ZC engine. Thanks for commenting and let us know how it turns out!

    • Hi Justin, thanks for commenting!

      Unfortunately there’s no way that this catback will work on your EK, not to mention that the cat outlet flange will also differ. It’s best to pick up a cheap catback or find a local wrecking yard to find a replacement!

  71. i want to swap my engine and transmission from my 1998 honda cr-v with a stronger engine..
    can you give me some advise on what fits in the cr-v that can have more horse power and not loose my all wheel drive in it?

  72. Hey pro street! I have a 6th gen 2000 Honda civic lx and I want to swap a 1998-2000 b16b type r engine in it or a 1998-2000 gsr engine in it. But my question is will the hydraulic transmission bolt directly on my car or do I need to buy a conversion kit? Since I hear all this talk about cable or hydro conversions or is that just for older model cars with newer engines? Help please. Also I currently have a 5-speed d16y non vtec will I need to add something to my car for when I swap any of these vtec engines in? Thanks

    • Hi Michael! Yes you can swap this engine into your Accord no problem at all! You will need a custom mount for your J series engine as well as a wiring harness. This isn’t too bad of a swap however because most of the front suspension components as well as your mounts can certainly cut over.

      Thanks for commenting! Sounds like a great Honda swap!

  73. So I’m thinking about buying a 98 ek civic 4 door with the d16y8 engine. The seller is saying it’s got a blown trans, and I was wonderin what trans would be the best to replace it with. I was thinking a straight dseries, but life is to short to drive stock 😉 also, any links to precautions or anything helpful?

    • Hi Mod2death, if you are sticking with a D series, you’d be best served by just swapping in a D series transmission. However if you want to swap in another engine, now would be a great time!

  74. Hey new to the Honda community I have a 2015 Honda Civic ex coupe with a 1.8 I was wondering if I could do any swap to make it a little stronger.

  75. Comment:hi, I have a Honda accord 2003 4 cylinder, automatic with a bad engine,can I swap it with a honda CRV 2002 or 2003 engine and again is their any other engine that i can swap with,comfortably that will cost less.thank you

    • Hi sorry! didn’t notice it had a bad motor! Check out the articles above and yes you can try for a low cost K series from a CRV. If you want to step it up a notch you can try a K series from a 2002-2003 Honda Civic Si!

  76. Comment:hi,I have a 2003 Honda accord 4 cylinder,automatic with bad engine,can I swap it with a honda CRV 2002 or 2003 engine and also if there is any alternative which will cost less will appreciate,thank you.

  77. Good day pro streetline
    I have 1990 honda civic ed hatch and i want to do an engine swap can input on the 5th gen engine of prelude to my ed?if not what vtec engine can i put that has more power than a b16a engine thank you very much

  78. I have a 1994 Honda Prelude .. Was wondering what engine swaps are available to be besides the H22/H23 engines (?) Thanks!

    • Hi Sophia, the H series is easy, and the next possible option would be the G23 engine if you wanted to do some work. Ultimately however those would be the easiest and best Honda engine swaps possible

  79. Hey i have the b21a1 engine with the stock tranny i blew the motor and my buddy has a f22b will that engine line up with my tranny?

    • Hi Kristopher, thanks for commenting

      a B21a huh? not very common but very cool! Unfortunately you’re not going to be able to use the F22B engine with your transmission choice. better to pick up a cheap F series or go H2B with a B series hydro tranny.

  80. Hello I have a 1994 Accord non vtec, currently running on 3 cylinders. Mechanics tell me the engines shot and to get a new one or new car but I love this car and want to see how to swap out the engine before letting it go. I read your article and found this 97-01 Prelude H22A Euro R engine via craigslist . I want to check to see if you think this would be a good fit and investment. I’d like to find the most cost effective way to swap. Thanks so much for your material here I appreciate it.

    ps. do you know anyone who’s put a diesel engine in a 5th gen honda accord? aside from just swapping the engine ive been entertaining the idea of putting a whole new engine system running on biodiesel. thoughts?

    • Hi David, thanks for commenting.

      As far as cost efficiency goes, Id stick to a USDM Prelude engine to swap into your Accord. It’s cheaper, easier and you’ll be able to pass smog easily with it. The cost of a H22A Euro spec is going to be expensive, and you should be able to pick out a Prelude shell for the same amount. Sounds like a great project, let us know how it turns out sir!

    • Hi David, thanks for commenting.

      Yeah the H22A4 would be your best bet. If you have 600 dollars burning a hole in your pocket, consider swapping to a H2B transmission in your Honda engine swap for superior performance.

  81. Hello…..
    I have a 2000 Accord V6 Vtec with a bad transmission. I have a D16Y8 tranny from a 97 Honda Civic Vtec. Will this tranny fit in my 2000 Accord? Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Israel, yes this engine will fit just fine. When swapping a D series you’ll want to make sure that the emissions and OBD versions are correct, in this example your Honda engine swap will work fine. Thanks for commenting

    • Hi Holly, thanks for commenting.

      Unfortunately there’s a lot of work involved with putting a 2004 into a 2001 chassis. Better to find a 2001 engine and transmission from a wrecker and get your car back on the road. Hope that helps!

  82. I have a 93 Del Sol, that might be the slowest car I’ve ever driven. Considering this car looks like it should be fast, I’d like to do a swap… I favor hp over torque… I may possibly boost in the future, but for now I’d like a n/a motor that can move. What low budget, plug and play motor can I swap to achieve this? I prefer something as straight forward as possible, but may consider something slightly more complex if its worth it. Thanks in advance!

  83. i have a 1994 honda civic ej1 coupe. i need a motor and tranny swap. was thinking b series. whats the best b series to go with manual tranny and good for high boost