Wednesday, February 19, 2020

OBDII Doctor

OBDII Doctor
Welcome to the OBDII How To section of My Pro Street. Here we review check engine codes and how to diagnose, fix and erase engine light issues. When your check engine light is on, you won't be able to pass smog or your local emissions tests. Want to learn how to erase your OBDII check engine light? Tired of that annoying engine warning? Need to fix your trouble code? The OBDII DTC Doctor section is perfect for you.

What is the OBDII Check Engine Light exactly?

The blinking yellow light on your dash or vehicle instrument cluster isn't just annoying, it's a sign that there is something wrong. This is known as your OBDII check engine light, and it is your vehicle's way of notifying you that there's a potential issue. The OBDII system is known as the On Board Diagnostic System. It's part of your vehicle computer system that's come standard in vehicles since 1996. This diagnostic system can help you diagnose, troubleshoot and root cause the check engine light on your car or truck. obdii check engine light When you have a check engine light on, you won't be able to pass smog. In some extreme cases the vehicle may not even start. There are many check engine light problems that can affect your gas mileage and your vehicle functions. Good news is, with our OBDII How To guides and tech tips, we can help you diagnose and fix your check engine light problems. Believe it or not, troubleshooting your check engine light isn't hard to do. With the right OBDII scan tool, you can fix your vehicle without an expensive mechanic and erase your check engine light.

What is a OBDII scan tool?

Many times these are handheld scan tools that connect to your vehicle, there are also wireless units that can connect to your mobile device. With the right guide or DIY OBDII article, you can use these devices to read the alphanumeric codes in your diagnostic computer. The OBDII scan tool works as a gateway into your car in order to get to that information you need. Need more information on your check engine light? Want to erase a CEL? Our OBDII Doctor can help you with what you need. This section is also geared toward those who want to convert or modify the On-Board Diagnostic components of their vehicles. This can come in handy if you want to complete an engine swap project or just want to upgrade your older vehicle. Learn more by subscribing to My Pro Street today for all the latest How To Guides and tech tips.