DTC P0336 – How To Test a Escalade Crank Position Sensor

DTC P0336 – How To Test a Escalade Crank Position Sensor


Some of the most dangerous OBDII Diagnostic Trouble Codes you will ever see are crank position sensor related codes. Because your Cadillac PCM cannot control the engine without this reference, your engine may shut off at speed. In a heavy SUV like our 2002 Cadillac Escalade, this means a loss of power steering, brake assistance and no ABS.

Today we’ll be diagnosing the OBDII DTC of P0336 for inconsistent MAF signal issues, and we’ll be walking you through testing it on a Cadillac Escalade with the 6.0 liter GM GEN III engine in it. This trouble code is a lot like the P0335, except P0336 allows you to start your vehicle in many cases.

Our how to test a Escalade crank position sensor guide assumes your Cadillac Escalade can’t start or is in a NO START condition. This is happening because the PCM has no crank position sensor reference, and thus doesn’t know what the engine is doing.


Learning how to test a Escalade crank position sensor to correct the P0336 trouble code is not as easy as many of our other sensor tests. This hall effect style magnetic sensor picks up on the high and low teeth of your 6.0 liter Cadillac GEN III GM engine, and this allows your PCM to deliver the right amount of fuel and spark at the right times.


The part number for this 6.0 liter Cadillac Escalade crank angle sensor is GM 12560228, and in an emergency you can also use a Isuzu crossover interchange of 8125602280.

For GM Part number 12560228 – Brand New Crank Shaft Position Sensor 1997-2007 CHEVY GMC BUICK Oem Fit CRK55
Isuzu part number 8125602280 – Crank Shaft Crankshaft Position Sensor CPS for GMC Savana Sierra Envoy Yukon


Our how to test a Escalade crank position sensor assumes that your Escalade cannot start because of your crank angle sensor error. So in order to test, you’ll need to manually crank the engine by hand. To assist in getting this task done, you can also opt to remove your spark plugs to relieve compression in your engine.

Where is my Cadillac Escalade crank position sensor located? The 6.0 liter Cadillac crank sensor is located on the passenger side of the engine near your starter.

You will be backpinning the crank angle sensor of your Escalade 6.0 liter while it’s on the vehicle. Do not remove the crank position sensor, and reference the image below for a crank position sensor wiring pinout.


This crank position sensor is connected by way of a three pin weatherproof connector, and you’ll be using your multimeter to read the sensor outputs.

Turn the key to the “ON” position, but do not start the Escalade ( you can’t anyways with this crank position sensor trouble code ). Get under your vehicle and locate the crank position sensor, you will be measuring for power at this sensor. Using your multimeter, backpin PIN 3 of your Cadillac crank position sensor.

There should be 12 volts at this wire, if you have this power signal move onto the low reference ground signal. This is PIN 2 and if you have a ground signal here, your crank position sensor is being powered. The last leg of our how to test a Escalade crank position sensor DIY guide is testing the crank position sensor for signal.

Where to Buy a Cadillac Crank Position Sensor

The crank position sensor signal wire is PIN 1, and this is the wire you’ll be monitoring while the engine is rotating. By measuring the voltage at this wire, you are replicating what the PCM sees, and therefore eliminating any other causes to your P0336 trouble code. Before beginning our guide, disconnect your battery briefly, remove your starter as well as your spark plugs.

Open your hood and undo the fuel pump relay and fuse, this is found in the Cadillac underhood fuse box. After you’ve prepped your Escalade by following our instructions, you are ready to begin our how to test a Escalade crank position sensor DIY guide.

Have a friend use a half inch drive or wrench to slowly rotate your 6.0 liter Cadillac engine. As your friend is turning the engine, inspect and monitor the PIN 1 wire of your Cadillac Escalade crank position sensor. As your 6.0 liter Vortec engine is rotating, you should see your multimeter go from 0 volts to 10 volts as the hall effect sensor picks up on the high and low parts of your reluctor.

If your Cadillac crank position sensor does not fall within these values after you completed our how to test a Escalade crank position sensor guide, replace it right away and use a scan tool to clear your code. You now know how to fix your P0336 OBDII DTC trouble code, if you have any questions please feel free to leave them for us below!