Saturday, November 28, 2020

Motor Swaps

Motor Swaps
Motor swaps, or an engine swap is one of the best ways to modify your vehicle. At it's core the motor swap is a simple idea. Remove your original engine and swap it with a better one. Engine swaps are done when your original engine fails, or you want a better base to build your project. Although most people go after a engine swap to gain more performance, there's also quite a few people who are after a more efficient motor. No matter what the reasons are behind your engine swap project, here's just a few basic facts to understand before you begin.
"Will this engine fit my car?" - When planning your engine swap, it's a good idea to stick to engines that stick to your make. While anything is possible in the realm of motor swaps, it quickly becomes a cost versus reward issue. You can shoehorn a LS9 into a 1990 Acura Integra, but this kind of swap is so prohibitive from a cost standpoint it's rarely worth it. Instead keep your motor swaps to a motor from a different trim or car built by the same car manufacturer. This will keep your costs reasonable and many times you can use stock or OEM motor mounts to make them work. This is what makes Honda engine swaps so easy and desirable.
"Which motor swaps are best?" - Depending on your year, make and model there's a good chance you have many engines to choose from. Before you begin your engine swap, take some time to plan the motor swaps that interest you. Do you want more power? more fuel efficiency? Will you modify the engine after it's swapped? These are all considerations you must think about.
"Where do I get my engine?" - If your engine of choice is a USDM one, junkyards and wreckers are always a great choice for motor swaps. If you happen to own a Japanese make and model, JDM importers are almost always the way to go. Cheap and with enough selection to find the best deal, you can find a JDM importer that works for your engine swap budget.
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