DTC P0113 – How To Test a Chevy Colorado IAT

DTC P0113 – How To Test a Chevy Colorado IAT


OBDII DTC P0113 is a Chevy specific code that indicates an issue with your 3.5 liter Chevy intake air temperature sensor (IAT). The code specific wording behind this check engine light is Intake Air Temperature Circuit High Input. Today we’ll be showing you how to test the IAT circuit in a 2006 Chevrolet Colorado truck with the 3.5 liter engine in it.

Learning how to test a Chevy Colorado IAT is easy with our handy DIY How To Guide, the only tool you will need for this article is your multimeter. Not sure what that is? Check our guide here.


The intake air temperature sensor in your Chevy is incorporated into the mass air flow sensor. The MAF is a five wire unit, which two wires are dedicated to the IAT. In order to locate your MAF, simply open your hood and locate your air box. The MAF is connected to the air box, in the intake tract and piping, as it’s primary job is to read and supply information about the incoming air to your Chevy PCM.

The part number for this Mass Air Flow Sensor is Chevy or GM part number 12579352, although if you are in a pinch, you can use Isuzu number 8125793520.

In order to test your Chevy Colorado Mass Air Flow Sensor, you’ll be backpinning the two wires responsible for the intake air temp sensor. If your multimeter does not have a piercing tip to penetrate the wire shielding, use a paper clip and insert into the back of your MAF connector to read the wire values real time, without disconnecting the MAF.

Failure of your Chevy IAT can cause a lot of OBDII diagnostic trouble codes that could be misdiagnosed. Another trouble code that can be fixed using this DIY How To Guide is DTC P0112 for Intake Air Temperature Circuit Low Input.

Chevy Colorado MAF Sensor wiring pinout


What does  Intake Air Temperature Circuit Low Input or High Input mean?


The intake air temperature sensor in your Chevy Colorado is meant to measure the incoming air charge. It has an operating range between -38ºF and 300ºF. For our OBDII DTC of P0113, this means your IAT is sending a temperature voltage over 300ºF which is a temp that your PCM doesn’t expect.

The wiring pinout of your Chevy Colorado MAF sensor is shown above, the two wires you’ll be referencing is PIN 4 and PIN 5. Pin 4 is a TAN wire that provides a 5 volt reference to your Intake Air Temperature sensor. Put your black lead of your multimeter to the negative terminal of your battery, and then probe WIRE 4.

You should have 5 volts here, not a 12 volt signal, and if you have that at this pin, go ahead and measure for the low reference ground signal at PIN E. Pin E is a black wire meant to supply your IAT with a ground signal.

Don’t have power or ground at either of these wires or terminals? Unplug your MAF connector and now gently probe the front of the MAF connector at PIN D and PIN E again. If you don’t have power and ground at the wiring harness, there’s a short or break somewhere. Follow this wire back until you find the section of wire that’s causing the problems. Look for fraying or bare exposed wire, which could rust or corrode, leading to eletrical degradation.

If you do have power and ground at the wiring harness, but not when you are plugged in, chances are your MAF has failed. Replace your Mass Air Flow Sensor and use a scan tool to clear your P0113 OBDII trouble code, and you should be ready to roll!

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