DTC P0107 – How To Service Your MAP Sensor

DTC P0107 – How To Service Your MAP Sensor


The OBDII Trouble Code P0107 / P0108 has to do with your vehicle’s Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor either having a short or an open condition, in which your ECU/PCM will not have a reference to the incoming air charge and how to run the motor naturally. This is where our How To Service Your MAP Sensor article comes in very handy.

Other codes that may relate to this issue are P1128 and P1129, MAP Sensor input too high or too low, respectively.

As your ECU is dependent on the data that the MAP sensor provides, most of the time your vehicle will be stuck in limp mode until you can take the vehicle to an experienced mechanic who can assist you in taking care of this issue. If you have tools and want to test / replace the MAP unit yourself, continue reading!

The P0107 OBDII Code for MAP Sensor circuit low input and the P0108 code can both be solved with this easy step by step guide on replacing your Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor. This means you’ll have to learn How To Service Your MAP Sensor to resolve your DTC P0107 Check engine light.

  • Tip : Before ordering a replacement MAP Sensor, you will want to check the following steps to ensure that something else isn’t causing your OBDII code.
  • Check Battery and Alternator Voltage – Often times low battery voltage can cause this code to trip, check your vehicle’s voltage.
  • Check MAP Connector – Make sure the MAP sensor is connected and that there is no break or corrosion preventing contact.

We’ll be taking a look at this trouble code in a 1996 Honda Civic EX, and showing you how to fix your ODBII error code by replacing the part number 37830-P05-A01, MAP Sensor.


This sensor is connected by a 3 prong weather proof connector and is located on top of your throttle body assembly, directly to the left of your intake manifold and is secured by 2 screws. Once you have this sensor replaced you can move onto the next steps in our How To Service Your MAP Sensor guide.
Please note the picture is showing that the rubber grommet is the MAP Sensor, it is in reality the MAP sensor oring and the MAP sensor itself is what is above it in this diagram.

To test your Honda MAP sensor, unplug the connector and measure the voltage between the pin 1 and pin 2 terminals using an ohmmeter, there should be 5 volts to this sensor which powers it. If you do not have 5 volts here, there is a short in the power wire leading to your MAP sensor itself. This wire is found on the ECM/PCM as D4 and C19.
If you have 5 volts going to this sensor, your next step is to disconnect the ECU plugs D (16 pin ) and C (31pin) on your OBDII ECU and check for continuity between pin 3 on your MAP sensor and a chassis ground.
If your Honda MAP sensor falls outside these readings, you need a replacement unit. Once your MAP Sensor has been replaced, you may want to reconnect the battery and turn on the vehicle and turn it off before conducting another DLC confirmation procedure.You have now completed our How To Service Your MAP Sensor article and the repair of your DTC OBDII trouble code P0107, congratulations!
Happy Driving!