DTC P0335 – How to Service a VQ35 Crank Position Sensor

DTC P0335 – How to Service a VQ35 Crank Position Sensor



The DTC ODBII trouble code P0335 on a VQ35, found in a Nissan 350Z, Infiniti G35, and many others is a Crank Position Sensor fault, or CKP for short. For this particular write-up we will be showing you How to Service a VQ35 Crank Position Sensor in a Infiniti G35. This sensor is a hall effect-magnetic style sensor that picks up the high and low parts of the flywheel to determine what position the crank is in.

The differences in the teeth of the flywheel provide changes in the voltage feedback given to the PCM from the crank position sensor. The P0335 DTC can be triggered by a few conditions in your VQ35, and needless to say your car will not operate correctly or even start with this DTC.

Here are the detecting condition of the DTC P0335 error code.

Where is my Crank Position sensor?

Easily the most commonly asked question in our How to Service a VQ35 Crank Position Sensor guide. The VQ35 has it’s Crank Position Sensor ( CKP ) located on the bellhousing of the transmission, and it reads the position of the crank by reading the teeth on the flywheel.


How do I know my crank position sensor is bad?

To test your crank position sensor, first raise the vehicle and locate the crank position sensor and the plug leading to it.



Now that you have located the sensor, unplug the sensor and take a look at the 3 prong weatherproof connector. Don’t forget if you need the how to on servicing your camshaft position sensor, we’ve got you covered.

First you should check the continuity of the wiring by placing the negative terminal on a ground, and then putting the lead to pin 3.


Continuity should exist here, so move on to the next step of our How to Service a VQ35 Crank Position Sensor writeup.



You can test this sensor using a voltmeter with one end connected to a chassis ground and the positive lead going to the 1 pin on the weatherproof connector.

If these 2 wires have continuity your part is more than likely damaged, as the 2nd pin is the signal wire to the PCM.



Why does my car not start?

The crankshaft position sensor is not transmitting any information to the PCM when trying to crank over your motor, without this sensor the PCM will not know how to operate the engine. This is when you will absolutely need our How to Service a VQ35 Crank Position Sensor article to get your car back on the road.

Where is the Crank Position Sensor pin on my VQ ECU?

Pin 13 is the Crankshaft Position Sensor on your VQ PCM, here is a diagram to help you test continuity should you need it.



This magnetic crank position sensor can be tested by measuring the resistance between terminal 1-2, terminal 1-3, and terminal 2 and 3.



All 3 of these combinations must measure resistance at 0 Ω or ∞, if your measurements are outside of this reading your sensor must be replaced.

Once you have the unit replaced, plug in your favorite ODDII scanner and clear the code P0335 and you are ready to rock and roll!


You have now serviced your VQ35 crank position sensor and saved yourself a lot of money in dealer labor.

Happy Driving!


  1. Ive got a 04 nissan maxima j31 i dont have a scantool ive checked the resistance on both sensors, ive got it set on 2000k and im getting a reading of 1800 on both sensor, ive been told its a common problem on this vehicle, car shuts off after 10-15minutes of driving with no warning, car struggles to start back up car shuts off a couple minutes down the road

    • Hi Michael, thanks for reading

      Yes this issue is very common and very dangerous. I would replace your crank position sensor to fix your car shutting off at speed. I would ask if your multimeter has a lower setting, but from the sounds of it you have the typical VQ35 crank position sensor failure.

      Replace the CKP and you should be good to go. Let us know how it turns out!

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Hi just want to say thanks for your Information on this site I fix my 350 z code p0335 crankshaft sensor car run perfect good helpful information.? save money from dealer $350

  3. Hi. Firstly, i want to say thanks for your explanation. My 2002 nissan pathfinder equipped with vq35de are showing the p0336 code in obd scanner. I’ve cleared this code, but it shows again. This code refer to crankshaft position sensor trouble too. My car cranks and start normally, but the idle are a little rough. This issue surge after a timing chain replacement, but the chain position has been checked two times. My crankshaft sensor should be damaged?

    • Hi Denis, Have you tried to test the internal resistance of your VQ35 crank angle sensor sir? Using a digital multimeter you should be able to determine whether or not the crank sensor is failed or not. Let us know and we’ll be glad to assist sir, Thanks for commenting

  4. Hi i have a 03 350z with a vq35de and i had gotten a p0335 code and i replaced the crank sensor but still my idle surges and i tried the relearn step by step, it will work for five seconds by keeping the idle still where it should be but then after those five seconds or so it would go back to surging between 600 and 1200 rpm and the engine light would come back on after i cleared … any idea whats going on been at this for a few days but nothing has came up

    • Hi Jay, thanks for commenting. Have you tried taking your VQ swap into the dealer? What ECU are you running or what year ECU more specifically? let us know and we can try and assist you! Sounds like a great engine swap however!