DTC P0011 Intake Camshaft Position Sensor Over Advance

DTC P0011 Intake Camshaft Position Sensor Over Advance


The DTC trouble code P0011 is in relation to your intake camshaft position sensor, and the values this sensor presents to your ECU/PCM. More often than not, your camshaft position sensor is either failing or malfunctioning causing this OBDII DTC trouble code.

Today we’ll be showing you this DTC check engine code in a 2007 Subaru WRX STI, and showing you how to locate, service and replace your camshaft position sensor.



Common Symptoms of this OBDII DTC Check Engine Code

  • Engine may stall or stop running suddenly
  • Rough or unusual idle

Q: Where is my camshaft position sensor located?

A : Easily one of the most common questions we are asked here, the camshaft position sensor informs the ECU the exact position of the camshaft in question. This helps the ECU control the proper ignition timing and fuel trims for your vehicle.


The intake camshaft position sensor is located near your intake snorkel on the left hand side of the motor as shown above. Locating this item is fairly simple and easy to do, you can unplug your vehicle’s intake snorkel and air box assembly to reveal where your intake camshaft position sensor is exactly.


The part number for this camshaft position sensor from Subaru is 22056-AA140 and is connected by a three pin weatherproof connector. This part number is also an alternate to the Saab 2.0 liter turbo vehicles, and carries the part number of 32010629 from Saab.

Subaru initially wants you to utilize the Subaru Select Monitor to read the AVCS system operating angle to determine how your camshaft position sensor is reacting. This is due to Subaru Active Valve Control System, which may become clogged or contaminated with oil impurities.

If you have not already, check your oil to make sure you have changed it regularly. If it’s time for an oil change anyway, it wouldn’t hurt to change your oil and pour in some nice synthetic oil to clear up any gunk that may reside in your oil passages.



Step 1 : Locating and Removing your camshaft position sensor – Remove Airbox and Intake Snorkel

There are two camshaft position sensors on your vehicle, the intake and exhaust sensors that are located on opposite ends of your engine. The intake camshaft position sensor is located near the left side of your motor, by the air intake snorkel and airbox.


Undo the Mass Air Flow Sensor ( MAF ) and undo the intake snorkel, remove the entire air box and assembly and set this to the side.

You should now be able to see the camshaft position sensor very clearly in your engine block. Take off the 10mm bolt that secures the camshaft position sensor in place, and remove the camshaft position sensor. When you remove your intake camshaft position sensor, inspect it for sludge or metal fragments that may be present on the sensor itself.




Remove your camshaft position sensor, and look down the hole into your engine bay for any sludge or dirt / debris. Replace your sensor and reset your ECU to clear your engine code, or rent a scanner that is capable of clearing the DTC Codes.

At this time your check engine code should not return, if you do own a Subaru Select Tool plug it in now and test the values of your AVCS at idle. If these values remain within the Subaru threshold, you may have a damaged camshaft or a problem with your AVCS.

Congratulations, you have now replaced your intake camshaft position sensor!

Happy Boosting!