DTC P1145 – How to Service Your VTC Solenoid Valve

DTC P1145 – How to Service Your VTC Solenoid Valve


Trouble code P1145 is a OBDII DTC trouble code that lets you know there’s a problem with the vehicle’s VTC (Valve Timing Control) Solenoid Valve. This is a common issue that can also manifest itself as knocking sounds from your VQ35 valve cover.

Today we’ll be showing you How to Service Your VTC Solenoid Valve in a 2006 Nissan 350Z Enthusiast. And showing you how to remove and replace the solenoid valves that are causing this trouble code.

There may be other related OBDII trouble codes for this problem ;

P1110: Intake Valve Timing Control (Right Hand)
P1135: Intake Valve Timing Control (Left Hand)

These VTC valves can become worn or fail because of low oil pressure during startup. There are two of them located on either bank of your VQ35 engine.

They control the variable intake timing mechanism to help increase engine torque in low/mid speed range and high speed efficiency. It also contributes to improvements of gas economy and power as well as reducing emissions.


You can also take the same steps to service this trouble code in any similarly equipped VQ35 Nissan vehicle and light truck. These step by step instructions also apply for the Pathfinder, Altima, Maxima, as well as the Infiniti G35 and FX35.

If you have this trouble code you should also check the condition of your oil or change your oil. This can often arise from dirty oil particulates becoming stuck in the VTC solenoid and preventing it from opening and closing.

Should your VTC solenoid become clogged it will directly affect your vehicle’s performance and idle, because it’s no longer able to control the oil flow needed.


Before you begin disconnect the negative terminal from your battery to prevent any electrical accidents during the job. If you own a stock radio now is the time to locate it before you are stuck without music.

Remove the 350Z engine cover by removing the 10mm nuts that secure the top plastic cover on.


You may have to remove your front strut tower bar depending on what state of modification your vehicle is in. Once you have the front plastic engine cover removed, you can see the VTC solenoids that are mounted to the engine.


Remove the passenger side coolant junction hose and push it up and out of the way to expose the bolts you will need to access.

Secured by three 10mm bolts of varying lengths, you will want to very carefully unplug the VTC connector plug. Because of the front water pipe location, damage can occur to the VTC sensor, wiring, or connector plug if you are not careful.


Once you have the connector unplugged make sure there is no debris or anything stuck inside the connector. Debris can cause damage to components with these weatherproof style engine connectors, so take a second to check.


With the connector plug removed you can now proceed to remove the 10mm bolts that hold your VTC solenoid in place.


Once you have the bolts removed you can take off your VTC solenoid.


Inspect the gasket of your solenoid, and while we’ve reused one or two in a pinch, we don’t recommend it.


Dry the surface for your new VTC solenoid and clean it carefully, making sure you are not leaving any contaminants inside the small oil passages.



You are now ready to mount your new VTC solenoid complete with new gasket, torque to factory specification.

Now that you know How to Service Your VTC Solenoid Valve, you should now be able to erase and clear your OBDII DTC Trouble code P1145. Use the scanner of choice to clear your ECU and then test your new install by starting up the car for a test drive!

Congratulations on completing our How to Service Your VTC Solenoid Valve, if you have any questions, please leave them below.

Happy Driving!

As requested by user Karl, here are the driver side VTC connection pictures :




  1. I took mine off to change valve cover gasket. When i removed the gasket fell apart so i used RTV silicone. Would this cause my p0011 code?? 2044 infinity G35x.

    • Hi Robert, thanks for chiming in..

      Yes, you would be best served by going and replacing that RTV gasket with the Infiniti or Nissan unit. Because the RTV can gum up the passages inside the actual VTC solenoid, it’s recommended that you clean your VTC carefully before reinstalling it.

      Thanks for commenting, and let us know how it turns out!

      • Is it possible you could send me a picture of the drivers side VTC clip and harness? I’m getting a P0021 and P0081 code (both on bank 2), from which I’ve read the VTC can be the culprit and I’m guessing the old connector went bad so they spliced in a new connector where the colors no longer match and I want to make sure the VTC is wired properly… Thanks!

  2. Hi,

    What can I use to clean the insides of the connector and also the gasket mating surface? I was thinking either mass air flow sensor cleaner, or maybe brake cleaner?

    • Hi Slim! I would recommend you trying acetone as it’s more likely to clean the VTC solenoid without leaving any harmful traces of chemicals! Thanks for commenting!!

      • No wonder I couldn’t find the VTC solenoid on my engine because I have a 2000 MAxima GLE with a VQ30DE engine. Where can I find the equivalent part on my engine please?

        • Hi! thanks for commenting! if your Maxima has variable timing, check on the engine as it’s mounted sideways in your engine bay! Please let us know how it turns out!

  3. Hey does any body know anything about the code P1084 i read in one of the comments that it is related to the selenoid can some one tell me a littel more about it thank you very much guys …

    • Hi Leo, thanks for reading!

      yes the P1084 OBDII trouble code is for the Exhaust Valve Timing Control Position Sensor in Bank 2 for your Infiniti. It can be related to the solenoid and / or your VTC. Have you tried to troubleshoot it yet?

    • Hi Vince, thanks for commenting.

      This fix should take care of it if your gaskets or you have contaminants messing up your VTC solenoid function. Failing this DIY fix however, if your Maxima VTC valve still has problems it will need replacing. Let us know how it turns out! Thanks for reading our Maxima VTC solenoid valve repair guide.