The blacktop SR20DET has certainly enjoyed a colorful production run until it’s eventual removal from the Nissan lineup in 2002. Fans of the Nissan 240SX and Silvia still continue to enjoy the flexibility and low price associated with this JDM engine. Today we are looking at the ECU PINOUT for the S14 and S15 SR20DET Blacktop engine.

This version of the SR20 was the first to utilize the VCT timing mechanism now common in Nissan engines like the VQ35DE. The last SR20DET also received heavy modifications and changes to the intake manifold and throttle body. The same ball bearing T38 Disco Potato turbo, along with an upgraded 480cc high impedence injectors helped this SR put down 247hp @ 6400RPM.

For all SR20DET engines from 1999-2002 found in the S15, we’ve got the complete ECU pinout and wiring diagram for your engine swap or ECU wiring. Enjoy our S15 SR20DET ECU PINOUT below and let us know if you have any questions or comments.






109 W ECU Backup Power
110 L/R Fuel Injector # 2
111 B/R Front Heated Oxygen Sensor Heater
112 L/B Fuel Injector # 4
113 SB IACV, AAC (Auxiliary Air Control)
114 /
115 O/B Wastegate Valve Control Solenoid Valve
116 B ECU Ground
8 / NATS
9 P/B Cooling Fan Relay (Low)
10 L/G Cooling Fan Relay (High)
11 G Air Conditioner Relay
12 Pu/W Automatic Transmission Signal # 3
13 B ECU Ground
14 /
23 G/R Data Link Connector
24 O Malfunction Indicator Lamp
25 R/L Ignition Signal # 4
26 /
27 W Knock Sensor
28 R/Y Throttle Posion Sensor Signal Output
29 /
30 B/Y Camshaft Position Sensor (Position Signal)
40 /
41 L/B Air Conditioner Switch
42 /
43 Pu/W Power Steering Oil Pressure Switch
44 L/W Automatic Transmission Signal # 2
45 L/O Automatic Transmission Signal # 1
46 W ECU Backup Power
47 B/W ECU Power
48 B ECU Ground
101 W/G Fuel Injector # 1
102 /
103 G/B Fuel Injector # 3
104 /
105 R/L Intake Valve Timing Control Solenoid Valve
106 B/P Fuel Pump Relay
107 B ECU Ground
108 B ECU Ground
1 R/W Ignition Signal # 1
2 L/O Tachometer
3 Br/R Ignition Signal # 2
4 R/B ECU Relay
5 R/G Ignition Signal # 3
6 B ECU Ground
7 Br/Y Data Link Connector
15 SB Data Link Connector
16 L Mass Air Flow Sensor
17 P Mass Air Flow Sensor Ground
18 P/B Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor
19 W Front Heated Oxygen Sensor
20 R Throttle Position Sensor
21 Gy TPS Ground
22 /
31 LG Camshaft Position Sensor (Reference Signal)
32 W/Pu Vehicle Speed Sensor
33 G/R Electrical Load Signal (Headlamp and Rear Defogger)
34 O/L Start Signal
35 G/O Park/ Neutral Position Switch
36 B/R Ignition Switch
37 Lg/R Sensor’s Power Supply
38 B/W ECU Power
39 B ECU Ground

We’ve also included the S15 SR20DET dash wiring harness below to complete our S15 SR20DET ECU PINOUT article.


Wire Color – Wire Value

org/blu – ignition 12v start signal

blk/rd – injector power
wht/blk – 12v constant power
lt brn – 12v start signal, power to mafs, egr, etc.
org – malfunction indicator lamp
lt blu – check connector
pink – egr
wht/pur – speed input from cluster to ecu
blk/pnk – fuel pump
grn/org – neutral pos sw.
blu/org – tach
lt grn – speed signal from abs ecu to cluster

grn – ac relay
pnk/blk – cooling fan
blu/wht – water temp
brn/wht – ac control box
pur &
lt grn/rd – front rt abs pickup
brn/rd &
wht/grn – rr abs pickup/speed sensor
blu/rd – abs malfunction indicator lamp
gry/rd – abs ecu power
rd – stop lamp sw.
blu/rd (thick) – IACV-FICD
wht (thick) – eccs relay
grn/rd – not used
blk – ground

This does it for our S15 SR20DET ECU PINOUT Guide, please make sure to check out our other Nissan related articles below.