FAQ : How to Wire a LS1 in a S14 240SX

FAQ : How to Wire a LS1 in a S14 240SX


The transplanting of the robust LS1 GEN III Shortblock is something that has happened for nearly a decade, but has recently ramped up in popularity as many enthusiasts are discovering that installing or swapping a LS1 into your 240sx is a lot easier and cheaper than most initially think.

Daunting as it may seem at first, there really isn’t much to the process of How to Wire a LS1 engine into your chassis.



The reasons are many but with the many different GEN III blocks available from many different levels of power and cost, to the many wiring services from Painless Wiring and ChaseBays, things are getting cheaper and better for LS1 fans everywhere.

Before you begin, you must determine what PCM you will be using and what pinouts you will be teeing into the F4 body plug on your 240sx. To find this information out, look on your ECU for the service numbers that are printed on a small sticker that says PCM with SERVICE NO. ########.

These wiring pinouts are from a 98 LS1 with a service number of 16238212, if yours varies for whatever reason give us a ring for the correct pinout or conversely you can have your PCM flashed for the correct motor and transmission setup you are utilizing. Our How to Wire a LS1 in a S14 240SX guide will give you a snapshot of what wires you need for your LS1 to run.



We will not be reviewing a few subharnesses from our LS1 harness for install, namely the secondary 02 sensors and the subharnesses 60506 – Fuel Injection Harness 60318 – Evap Emissions Harness. Because this vehicle is not meant for use on public highways or streets, we will not be retaining usage of the secondary 02 sensors or the smog equipment on our motor.

Take some time to review the pinouts below before we get started, first the 2 ECU plugs located on your LS1 PCM.

LS1 ECU / PCM Pinouts of How to Wire a LS1 

1997-98,LS1 PCM Connector C1 – RED

Pin Wire Color Circuit No. Function
1 Not Used
2 Not Used
3 WHT 1310 EVAP Canister Vent Sol Valve
4 BRN/WHT 633 Camshaft Position Sensor Signal
5 Not Used
6 Not Used
7 YEL 400 VSS High Signal
8 Not Used
9 PNK/BLK 1746 Inj #3 Control
10 Not Used
11 DK BLU 229 VTD Fuel Enable
12 LT BLU/BLK 844 Inj #4 Control
13 RED/WHT 2122 Coil #2 Control 
14 DK GRN 59 A/C Status
15 BLK/WHT 845 Inj #5 Control
18 YEL/BLK 846 Inj #6 Control
21 PPL 719 IAT Sensor Ground
22 DK BLU 1225 Trans Range Signal B
23 LT GRN/BLK 1745 Inj #2 Control
24 BLK/WHT 1704 Sensor Ground Jumper
25 PNK 1224 Trans Range Signal A
27 RED/BLK 877 Inj #7 Control
30 GRY/BLK 1687 Spark Retard Signal
31 DK BLU/WHT 878 Inj #8 Control
32 ORN/BLK 434 PNP Switch Signal
33 BLK 1744 Inj #1 Control
34 GRY or WHT 587 or 687 Skip Shift Sol (M/T) or 3-2 Shift Sol (AT)
35 LT GRN 1222 1-2 Shift Sol 
36 DK/BLU 1936 Fuel Gauge Output Control
37 BRN/WHT 419 MIL Control
38 Not Used
39 DK GRN/WHT 459 A/C Clutch Relay Control
40 WHT or YEL/BLK 375 or 1223 Skip Shift Lamp Control (M/T) or 2-3 Shift Sol
41 BRN/WHT 1173 Low Oil Lamp Control
42 LT GRN 1652 Reverse Inhibit Sol Control
43 DK/GRN 335 Cooling Fan 1 Relay
44 YEL 573 Crank Position Sensor Signal
45 DK GRN/WHT 428 EVAP Canister Purge Valve Control
46 Not Used
47 DK GRN/WHT 762 A/C Request Signal
48 YEL 492 MAF Signal
49 PPL 2121 Coil #1 Control
50 Not Used
51 Not Used
52 PPL/WHT 2128 Coil #8 Control
53 RED 2127 Coil #7 Control
54 LT BLU/WHT 2126 Coil #6 Control
55 DK GRN/WHT 817 VSS Output Signal
56 DK GRN 2125 Coil #5 Control
57 DK GRN/WHT 2124 Coil #4 Control
58 LT BLU 2123 Coil #3 Control
59 BRN/WHT 2130 Coil Control Low Ref Bank 2
60 BRN 2129 Coil Control Low Ref Bank 1
61 RED 1226 Trans Range Signal C
62 BLK 552 EGR Pintle Position Ground Ref
63 BLK 407 A/C Refrigerant Pressure Sensor Ground
64 Not Used
65 Not Used
66 Not Used
67 Not Used
68 Not Used
69 Not Used
70 Not Used
71 PPL 401 VSS Signal Low
72 BLK 451 PCM Ground
73 Not Used
74 Not Used
75 GRY 720 Left & Right Fuel Level Sensor Ground
76 BLK 451 PCM Ground
77 PPL 420 TCC/Brake Switch Signal
78 Not Used
79 Not Used
80 Not Used

1997-98,LS1 PCM Connector C2 – BLUE

Pin Wire Color Circuit No. Function
1 TAN 1671 HO2S Signal Low B2S2
2 TAN/WHT 1669 HO2S Signal Low B1S2
3 TAN 800 Serial Data (Uart) (not f-body???)
4 RED 631 Camshaft Position Sensor B+ Supply
5 TAN 1667 HO2S Signal Low B2S1
6 TAN/WHT 1653 HO2S Signal Low B1S1
7 RED/BLK 380 A/C Refrigerant Pressure Sensor Signal
8 TAN 472 IAT Sensor Signal
9 BRN 1456 EGR Pintle Position Sensor Signal
10 PPL 30 Fuel Level Sensor Signal
11 Not Used
12 DK BLU 417 TP Sensor Signal
13 YEL/BLK 1227 Trans Fluid Temp Sensor Signal
14 ORN/BLK 1057 Trans Fluid Temp Sensor Ground
15 Not Used
16 Not Used
17 Not Used
18 Not Used
19 PNK 439 PCM Ignition 1 Feed
20 ORN 340 PCM Battery Feed
21 BLK 451 PCM Ground
22 YEL/BLK 1868 Crank Position Sensor Ground
23 BLK 452 TP Sensor Ground
24 BLK/WHT 1704 Sensor Ground Jumper
25 BRN 718 ECT Sensor Ground
26 ORN/BLK 469 MAP Sensor Ground
27 Not Used
28 DK BLU 473 Cooling Fan 2 Relay Control
29 Not Used
30 BRN 436 AIR Pump Relay Control
31 PPL 421 AIR Solenoid Relay Control
32 TAN/BLK 422 TCC Enable Solenoid
33 BRN 418 TCC (PWM) Solenoid
34 GRY 435 EGR Valve Ground
35 WHT 121 Engine Speed Signal (TACH)
36 LT BLU/WHT 1229 Trans Fluid Pressure Control Sol Low
37 DK GRN/WHT 465 Fuel Pump Relay Control
38 LT BLU 697 EGR Valve Control Circuit
39 RED/BLK 1228 Trans Fluid Pressure Control Sol High
40 Not Used
41 PPL 1670 HO2S Signal High B2S2
42 PPL/WHT 1668 HO2S Signal High B1S2
43 GRY 596 TP Sensor 5V Reference
44 Not Used
45 Not Used
46 PPL 1666 HO2S Signal High B2S1
47 PPL/WHT 1665 HO2S Signal High B1S1
48 LT GRN 432 MAP Sensor Signal
49 YEL 410 ECT Sensor Signal
50 Not Used
51 Not Used
52 DK GRN 890 Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor Signal
53 Not Used
54 LT GRN/BLK 444 IAC Coil B Low
55 LT BLU/BLK 1748 IAC Coil A Low
56 LT BLU/WHT 1747 IAC Coil A High
57 LT GRN/WHT 1749 IAC Coil B High
58 PPL 1807 Serial Data (Class 2)
59 Not Used
60 BLK 451 PCM Ground
61 ORN 340 PCM Battery Feed
62 LT GRN 1867 Crank Position Sensor B+ Supply
63 Not Used
64 GRY 416 MAP Sensor 5V Reference
65 GRY 705 EGR Valve 5V Reference
66 GRY 474 A/C Refrigerant Pressure Sensor 5V Reference
67 GRY 598 5V Reference
68 LT BLU 1876 Knock Sensor Rear
69 DK BLU 496 Knock Sensor Front
70 PNK/BLK 632 Camshaft Position Sensor Ground
71 Not Used
72 Not Used
73 Not Used
74 Not Used
75 Not Used
76 BRN 1174 Oil Level Sensor Signal
77 Not Used
78 Not Used
79 Not Used
80 Not Use

240SX Wiring Diagram ( ZENKI – Automatic – F4 Plug )


Let’s take a look at the F4 body plug found on your 1995-1997 S14 Nissan 240SX, and there are 3 sections to this body harness, which will will review.

You will see the 2 ground wires to the left on this diagram for the ground wires leading to your LS1 sensors. The next wire is the green and orange neutral position switch, depending on what transmission you are swapping into your S14.

After those 2 wires, there are just 3 wires that remain for wiring to the LS1 RED PCM harness. Once of which is of course the red solid power wire found on the middle section of the F4 plug. And the Red Ignition Switch found at the very end of this F4 plug, as our F4 came out of an automatic this wire is missing as per the picture.

And of course lastly the Sensor power wire which is the brown wire found next to the MIL (Check Engine Light – CEL)  wire that is orange with a silver stripe.

Next we flip the F4 harness over to find the top of the F4 plug, which we will need just a few wires to tap from.


The first wire we’ll be tapping into the is the larger gauge black wire with a red stripe, this wire powers the injectors and must be teed into your blue LS1 PCM harness. From there the other wires in question must be tapped into some sort of digital translator ( Dakota Digital or something similar ) for the tachometer and vehicle speed sensor wires that must lead to the dash.

Have any questions about our How to Wire a LS1 into a 240sx article? Leave us a comment and let us know.


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  1. Hello, I am swapping an ls2 with DBW into an s13 240sx. I already have the engine harness converted to a stand alone harness and ecu is flashed to work with it. Since the harness is already converted, do I still need to wire into the body harness? If so, why?
    Thank you

    • Hey Travis, thanks for reading.

      If you have a standalone harness for your pedal assembly then no you dont “need” to wire it into your body harness if you don’t care about things like brake lights or reverse lights.

      Other than that sounds like an awesome project! Let us know how it turns out! Thanks for commenting.

  2. I could be completely wrong but this article is not a complete DIY to wiring up the ls1 harness the the 240sx, right? The reason why I ask is the big black and red wire you advised has to be teed into the the blue pcm. Where?

    • Hi Andre, thanks for reading

      It depends on how you want to wire your LS1 swap. Want to start it directly with no regard to relays or any nonsense? Then yes this is a complete guide to wiring your LS1. If you are wiring over a complete LS1 harness and ECU into your 240, it’s no different you will be wiring the black/red power wire into your relays. That’s the only difference really.

      By blue PCM you mean the blue plug on the GM ECU correct? Try our pinout here :


      Thanks for commenting and let us know how your swap turns out!

      Do you have a wiring question? We’d be glad to help. Thanks for commenting!

  3. hey i was doing a L98 conversion to my s14 adm that has abs and i want everything from chassis to work, would u happend to know the pinout for this? i have a 1996 abs model and the full wiring ecu from a 2008 VE ss commodore. (l98).

    • Hi Matthew, okay trying to understand the question.

      you are installing a L98 and using a 2008 Holden harness – gotcha
      you want all the chassis stuff to work properly? not sure what you mean here but using the dash harness here should take care of most of it. Outside of the dual speed nature of the Holden or L98 fans, there’s nothing that would prevent your engine or chassis matching together.

      Maybe I am not understanding the question as posed? Please let me know if I’ve missed the mark at all. Thanks for commenting

  4. Hi I dot replay understand the procedure here I’m gonna be running an lm7 into my s13 chassis what wires do I need to tap into unordered for everything to work?