DTC P0327 – How To Replace Your Knock Sensor

DTC P0327 – How To Replace Your Knock Sensor

The OBDII Trouble Code P0327 / P0328 has to do with the knock sensor in your vehicle, and without this vital information your PCM does not have the ability to detect pre-ignition or knock. This OBDII code can put your vehicle into limp mode and most certainly can cause issues in car performance.
The P0327 OBDII Code for Knock Sensor low circuit input and the P0328 Knock Sensor circuit high input can both be solved by this step.
We’ll be taking a look at this trouble code in a 2004 Infiniti G35, and showing you how to fix your ODBII error code by replacing the knock sensor part number 22060-2A000.
This sensor is connected by a 2 prong weather proof connector and is designed to sense engine pre-ignition ( or detonation ) by using a piezoelectric element, this element senses unusual engine vibrational pressure and translates this data back to the ECM.
To get to this sensor, you might want to take a look at our other VQ35 writeup regarding servicing the fuel system, as you will have to remove the intake tract and intake manifold.Disconnect the negative terminal on your battery and undo the plastic ram air device held onto the front radiator support by removing the front push clips. Undo the entire intake snorkel and airbox by unscrewing the 10mm bolts that hold the entire box and assembly to the frame.

Undo the plastic cover on your VQ35 by undoing the 10mm bolts holding the cover onto the intake manifold.

Remove the intake snorkel by disconnecting all sensors, and undoing the clamp holding the intake snorkel onto the throttle body.



Undo the clamps holding the vacuum hoses into the intake tract assembly and lift and remove the entire intake system from the engine bay.


Disconnect the lines that run to the intake plenum, and unplug your VQ Throttle Position Sensor. You do not need to remove your throttle body for our How To Replace Your Knock Sensor Guide.


Remove this bracket that secures your engine harness by removing the 10mm bolt and setting the entire bracket to the side. You can now remove the inner bolts to your intake manifold, and begin removing the outer ones.


Next, undo your gas cap and disconnect your fuel pressure regulator, for a more detailed look click here to see our how to service your VQ35 fuel system.



Now you should have access to the lower plenum, remove the bolts holding the fuel rail onto the lower assembly and lift and remove. Make sure to that your work area is clear and nothing is able to fall into your motor.



Your knock sensors are located in the engine valley, as shown below :



Once your knock sensor has been replaced, you may want to reconnect the battery and turn on the vehicle and turn it off before conducting another DLC confirmation procedure.

You have now completed the camshaft position sensor replacement for your 2004 Infiniti G35 as well as fixing your P0327 OBDII error.

Happy Driving!