Civic Type R Facts You Need to Know

Civic Type R Facts You Need to Know


The buzz centered around what Honda has claimed is the “hottest hatch ever” came to a crescendo in Geneva this past week. The new 2017 Honda Civic Type R has been talked about for months now, ever since the rumors of hatch were confirmed last year. In fact there’s been so much talk about the new Type R, that Honda PR department has buttoned down in atypical tight-lipped fashion. And really, who can blame them? Every blogger and supposed expert has been spouting misinformation and unsubstantiated Civic Type R facts throughout social media, and it doesn’t show signs of slowing.

The good news is, we have the real Civic Type R facts behind the new Earth Dreams turbo VTEC powered hatchback. f you are interested in the new turbo VTEC Honda hatch, here’s the most important Civic Type R facts you need to know about.

Five most important Civic Type R facts

Earth Dreams – Much of the hype behind the Civic Type R has been centered around the new turbo VTEC engine. The turbocharged technology has already found it’s way into production Honda vehicles like the UR-V and CR-V. One of the biggest questions around the new Civic Type R is of course the powerplant.

One of the most important Civic Type R facts, the 2.0 liter Earth Dreams engine is rated at 306hp and 295 ft lbs of torque. It will be manufactured in Ohio and Honda is hoping it sparks a new generation of tuners and enthusiasts who can’t wait to modify it.

Track Ready and Proven – Many of the haters want to dispute Honda’s tradition in racing, but there’s no doubting the capability of the Civic Type R. One of the most overlooked of Honda Civic Type R facts, the hatch has been proven at the track and already set new FWD records at Nurburgring.

Bells and Whistles – On top of the incredible performance, many people are overlooking what else comes with the 2017 Honda Civic Type R. The interior is both functional and race inspired. Custom red stitch and bucket seats hold you in place, while 13.8 Brembo brakes bring the Type R to a stop. At each corner there’s a 20-inch wheel, wrapped in Pirelli rubber. It’s an overall package that will make any jaded car enthusiast do a double take.

Drive modes – One of the more unique Civic Type R facts, the new Type R will also come with various drive modes depending on the conditions. According to Honda, these modes will provide varying levels of performance and handling. The most aggressive of all modes will be the +R mode.

This driving mode will increase suspension stiffness and responsiveness, allowing the driver to take advantage of any twisty road. Along with the changes to handling, the Earth Dreams VTEC engine will also respond faster to throttle inputs and provide a greater torque curve to match.

First of it’s kind – What else can you say about the 2017 Honda Civic Type R? You may not believe it, but it’s the first Type R Honda that will be for sale in the United States. One of the most incredible of Civic Type R facts for sure, the new Type R will go on sale during the early spring. Honda has it priced in the mid-30k range, and it could turn the hot hatchback segment on it’s ear.

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