WATCH : Honda Releases Civic Type R Video Race Footage

WATCH : Honda Releases Civic Type R Video Race Footage


Honda has just released this official Civic Type R video, showing just how fun the hotly anticipated hatch really is. Featuring a pro driver, this race video runs down just what sets the Honda Civic Type R apart from the crowd. Attacking the track, the narration outlines the driver explaining the many features of the all new Honda Civic hatchback.

Ever since news that Honda would be bringing the new Type R to the US dropped, the turbo VTEC hatchback has generated a ton of buzz and excitement. Powered by Honda’s new Earth Dreams engine, you really get a sense of the turbocharged performance in this Civic Type R video.

MUST WATCH : Civic Type R video track footage

Honda has always had the legacy and tradition of motorsports. With a rich and storied past, Honda’s racing roots can easily be seen in the all new Civic Type R. This Civic Type R video track footage shows off just how well equipped the hatchback is for battle.

Through careful translation, the pro driver in this Civic Type R video spends quite a bit of time talking about the active suspension in the hatchback. The professional driver also goes into Honda’s Agile Handling Assist as well.

Civic Type R video

The responsive suspension design gives the driver feedback that’s ready for any conditions or tarmac. Whether it’s race day or you are just out running errands, there’s no situation where the Civic Type R is out of it’s element.

With 300 horsepower on tap and just a shade under 300 ft lbs of torque, the Civic Type R could revive the sport compact market. Equipped with a manual transmission and plenty of turbocharged power, there’s a lot to enjoy from this Civic Type R video.

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