FAQ : GM LS Part Numbers

FAQ : GM LS Part Numbers


Whether you are building a budget project or assembling a LS engine from the ground up, these part numbers can help you get the job done. Have a question about GM RPO, reluctor wheels, wiring or sensor testing procedures?

You’ve come to the right place! So let’s get into the GM LS Part numbers you may need for your LS build or engine swap.

How To Swap a LS1
How To Swap a LS1

Blocks and Block Components

  • LS1/LS6 12561166: Aluminum, 9.240″ deck height, 3.890″ bore, iron caps
  • LS2 12568950: Aluminum, 9.240″ deck height, 4.000″ bore, iron caps
  • LS3 12584727: Aluminum, 9.240″ deck height, 4.065″ bore, iron caps
  • LS7 19213580: Aluminum, 9.240″ deck height, 4.125″ bore, powdered metal caps
  • C5R 12480030: Aluminum, 9.240″ deck height, 4.117–4.160″ bore, 8620 steel caps
  • LQ9 12572808: Iron block, 9.240″ deck height, 4.000″ bore, iron caps
  • LSX 19213964: Iron block, 9.260″ deck height, 3.890″ bore, 1045 steel caps
  • LSX 19244059: Iron block, tall deck 9.720″deck height 3.890″ bore, 1045 steel caps

LS Timing Components

  • LS1/LS6 front timing cover 12561243: No cam sensor
  • LS2/LS3 front timing cover 12600325: With cam sensor
  • L92 front timing cover 12616491: With cam sensor
  • LS7/LS9 front timing cover 12598292: Required for 2stage oil pump clearance. Cam sensor included.
  • LS front distributor drive cover 88958679: For converting to carb and distributor. Fits all LS engines except LS7/LS9.
  • Front cover gasket 12574294: All LS engines
  • Front crank seal 12585673: All LS models
  • Front cover bolt 11515758: Eight required. All LS engines.
  • Rear cover 12615666: All OE LS blocks
  • Rear crank seal 89060436: All LS models

LS Shortblock Components

  • Main bearing 88894271: All LS models except LS7/LS9.
  • For positions 1,2,4,5. Four required.
  • Main thrust bearing 89017572: All LS models except LS7/LS9. For position 3.
  • Main bearing 89017877: For LS7/LS9, positions 1,2,4,5. Four required.
  • Main thrust bearing 89017808: For LS7/LS9 No. 3 thrust position.
  • LS7 oil hose adapters 25534412:
  • LS2 timing chain dampener 12588670: Not for LS1/LS6 blocks
  • LS7 timing chain dampener 12581276: 1.1mm thinner than P/N 12588670
  • Camshaft sprocket 12586481: Fits all LS cams with 3-bolt design. 4X camshaft gear.
  • Camshaft sprocket 1X 12576407: Fits all LS cams with 3bolt design. 1X camshaft gear.
  • Crankshaft sprocket 12556582: Fits all except LS7/LS9. For standard single-stage oil pumps. Works with cam sprockets 12576407 or 12586481.
  • Crankshaft sprocket 12581278: For use with 2-stage LS7/LS9 oil pump only. Works with cam sprockets 12576407 or 12586481.
  • Timing chain 12586482: Fits all 1997–2009 LS engines
  • Timing chain tensioner 12585997: For L92 and LS3. Includes retainer and bolts.
  • Camshaft sprocket bolt 12556127: For use with 3-bolt (non-VVT) cams. For LS1, LS6, LS2, LS9 and early LS7.
  • Camshaft sprocket bolt 12561283: For 2008-2009 LS3 and LS7. For use with single-bolt cams and non-VVT timing covers.
  • Camshaft sprocket bolt 12588151: Combination bolt and valve for VVT engines and for L92. Use with VVT camshaft sprocket 12585994.


LS Drivetrain Components

  • Flywheel 12598613: LS9 only. 9-bolt
  • Flywheel 12571611: LS2, LS3, LS7 models
  • Flywheel w/pressure plate 12581650: For LS1 Camaro
  • Clutch disc/pressure plate 24248985: For LS2, LS3, LS7
  • Flywheel/clutch/pressure plate 12570806: For LS2 GTO
  • Dual mass clutch/pressure plate 24237568:
  • LS9 ZR1 Flywheel 12598613
  • LS9 ZR1 Flexplate 12606620
  • Flywheel bolt 11569956 -LS1/LS6, LS2, LS3/LS7, L92 models
  • Flywheel dowel 11505820: All LS models
  • Flexplate bolt 11569956: LS1, LS6, LS2 models, six required.
  • GMPP LSX Pistons LSX376 Piston 19166957: Flat top, no valve notches, 4.065″ bore. For use with stock connecting rods only. Weight-matched to stock LS3 piston weight.
  • GMPP LSX Pistons LSX376 Piston 19244016: The 14cc dish lowers compression to approx. 9:1 with most standard LS cylinder heads. Optimized for supercharged or turbocharged applications, 4.065″ bore. Use with stock-type connecting rods only.
  • GMPP LSX Pistons LSX454 Piston 19166958: Dished with valve reliefs, 4.185″ bore. Must be used with LSX connecting rods. Features 0.866″ wrist pin.

GM LS Crankshafts

  • LS1/LS6 89017522: Used on 1997–2004. Standard 3.622″ stroke. Nodular cast. With 24X reluctor wheel installed. Balanced for stock 3.898″ bore.
  • LS2/LS3 12588612: Nodular cast 3.622″ stroke with 58X reluctor wheel installed. Used on 2006–2007 Corvette. Balanced for 4.000″ bore.
  • LS7/LS9 12611649: Forged steel 4.000″ stroke, with 58X reluctor wheel installed. Rebalancing required if stock LS7 rods and pistons are not used.
  • Rear Crank Seal 89060436: For all LS engines.
  • Roller Pilot Bearing 12557583: For high-performance manual transmission applications. Fits all LS cranks.
  • Reluctor Wheel 24X 12559353: 24-tooth crankshaft position sensor timing wheel for 1997–2005 engines.
  • Reluctor Wheel 58X 12586768: 58-tooth crankshaft position sensor timing wheel for 2006 and newer.

GM LS Connecting Rods

  • LS1/LS6 Rod 12568734: Press-fit for all 1997–2004 LS1/LS6
  • LS2/LS3 Rod 12617570: Bronze bushing. For all 2005–2007 LS2 and 2008–2009 LS3.
  • LS6 Rod Bolts 11610158: Recommended for performance Gen III engines.
  • LS7 Rod 12586258: Titanium rod used in 2006–2009 LS7 crate engines.
  • LS7 Rod Bolts 11609825: Required for LS7 builds. Sold individually.
  • LS1/LS6/LS2/LS3 Rod Bearing 89017573: One upper and lower per rod. For all LS engines except LS7 and LS9.
  • LS7/LS9 Rod Bearing 89017811: One upper and lower per rod.

GMPP LSX Crankshafts

The LSX components listed below are GMPP’s performance upgrade items, meaning they are sold seperately and not found normally in GM production engines.

  • LSX Crankshaft 19170388: 3.622″ stroke, 4340 forged steel. Includes 58X reluctor wheel. Reluctor wheel can be swapped to 24X for use with LS1/LS6/LS2 controller. 8-bolt flexplate/flywheel required. Balancing required. Generous fillets. Requires use of chamfered rods.
  • LSX Crankshaft 119244018: 4.125″ stroke, 4340 forged steel. Includes 58X reluctor wheel. Reluctor wheel can be
    swapped to 24X for use with LS1/LS6/LS2 controller. 8-bolt flexplate/flywheel required. Balancing required. Generous fillets. Requires use of chamfered rods.

That does it for our GM LS Part Numbers FAQ, please leave us any questions or comments below and don’t forget some of these other wonderful LS1 tech articles!