Highlights from the SEMA Toyota booth

Highlights from the SEMA Toyota booth


One of the biggest highlights of the 2016 SEMA Show just happens to be the SEMA Toyota booth. Both Toyota and SEMA are celebrating their 50th year of existence, and Toyota is pulling out all of the stops. Located along Central Hall, the SEMA Toyota booth is #24800. The booth is taking on a theme of past, present as well as the future, and true to the motif, Toyota has several vehicles on display.

The past, present and future SEMA Toyota booth has six defined sections. Each houses a project vehicle that best portrays the characteristics that Toyota wants to display. Some of the Toyota vehicles that are in the SEMA Toyota booth include the Toyota GT-86, Land Cruiser, Prius, Sienna, Corolla as well as the Tacoma.

SEMA Toyota boothThe six Toyota vehicles were built with a single purpose, to show just what the future of Toyota could become. Through celebrating Toyota’s 50th year in existence, the Toyota SEMA booth only lacks the hydrogen powered Mirai as a complete vision of the future. Dan Gardner acting as the spokesman for Toyota, had this to say about the Toyota SEMA booth.

“The future is an important word for Toyota this year, obviously the SEMA Show is about extreme vision, but what if you stacked it and staged it in reference to the past and the present and look at extreme as almost a Sci-Fi future? These are cars that could be, or a direction Toyota might go. Who knows? It’s the stuff of dreams, the stuff of imagination.”

There’s also plenty of muscle flexing horsepower and aftermarket performance fused to these Toyotas as well. This also includes the 2016 Battle of the Builders participant Jeremy Lookofsky and his incredible Toyota build.

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