The Toyota Mirai Brings Hydrogen Tech Back to the Future

The Toyota Mirai Brings Hydrogen Tech Back to the Future


In honor of Back To The Future Day Toyota has charged up to produce a remarkable viral video flexing their remarkable technology. Together with movie stars Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd, the Toyota Mirai is a remarkable hydrogen powered electric car that has the automotive world abuzz. The iconic movie has inspired generations of engineers and technicians, and just now are some of the technological marvels becoming a reality. Just recently we’ve even seen the hover board become a very real piece of technology, much like the one piloted by Michael J Fox.

The Mirai is the first hydrogen powered fuel cell car that’s available for purchase, scheduled for release in 2016. Much like the Honda FCX Clarity and Hyundai Tucson FCEV, the new Toyota Mirai runs on hydrogen and the only emissions from this remarkable machine is water. Unlike the others, the Mirai is not just available through lease making it an excellent choice for anyone who has the desire to minimize their carbon footprint.


The standard knock on fuel cell technology powered cars is of course the lack of infrastructure. But given Toyota’s rather sizable investment, meaning the 23 years of development and 5680 patents pending, it’s safe to say they are willing to roll the dice.

Given the 200 or so hydrogen stations scheduled by then, it’s a definite concern but one that figures to play a prominent role in reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.


Priced at $58,325 the water powered Toyota will make it’s debut in 2016 and will have just 200 units for sale in California alone. The word Mirai means “the future” in Japanese, as fitting a name as we’ve ever seen.

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