The Lexus Hover Board is Here.. and It’s Glorious

The Lexus Hover Board is Here.. and It’s Glorious


Years after Michael J. Fox made a hover board cool in the movie series Back to the Future, the Lexus hover board is finally a reality. Lexus continues to build on their Lexus Creating Amazing global brand with the release of this incredible board that accomplishes the impossible! This hover board is built with a variety of liquid nitrogen cooled superconductors, and using magnetic strips laid in the concrete below it defies gravity in the coolest possible way.


This Lexus slide board is coined SLIDE and for good reason. Based on every Back to the Future II fantasy, this hover board is incredible in every single way. Lexus continues the trend of developing incredible technology and flexing their engineering muscle, and this short commercial is just a peek into how the Japanese automaker is redefining possibilities.

On the surface this bamboo skateboard with wisps of smoke emanating from it looks innocent enough, until the skaters try to put it on the floor. Make sure to check out the hydroplane action later in the Lexus hover board video as well.

Nearly a year after the hoverboard hoax that took the Internet by storm, Lexus has put their stamp on this incredible machine. Utilizing magnetic levitation the hover board uses polar opposites to provide it’s gravity defying feats.


While most people would believe that the Lexus hover board is actually hovering over the ground or earth, in reality it’s all driven by powerful magnets inserted into the concrete. This may limit the true hover ability of this board, but not to us because it’s still so damn cool.

Lexus says that the nitrogen must be used to keep the superconductors cool and operational, which given the weight they are bearing makes quite a bit of sense. Without the benefit of the doubt however, it’s still a far cry before you can head out to your local toy store to pick up your very own hover board of your own.

Still Lexus has to be praised for their advancements, and they are recently proud to show off their engineering prowess. Have you seen the cardboard Lexus IS? Want to see more of the Lexus hover board? Check out all the specifications and technical geek info at to check out how Lexus is redefining the art of motion and how we should perceive the Japanese automaker.

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