How To Convert a 2JZ Water Pump

How To Convert a 2JZ Water Pump


A huge part of completing a 2JZGTE engine swap is figuring out what JDM parts must be replaced, and what parts are okay. If you’ve sourced your 2JZGTE donor engine from a JDM importer, chances are you will need to know how to convert a 2JZ water pump.

The water pump from your JDM Aristo 2JZGTE will not have the proper hookups compared to the USDM model. Further you will need to convert the back half or water pipe to match your USDM 2JZ water pump. This can get tricky if this is the first time you’ve ever worked on a 2JZ engine, so that’s what our how to convert a 2JZ water pump DIY guide is all about.

Why do I need to convert a 2JZ water pump?


When you have a JDM Aristo 2JZ engine, it will come with the JDM water pump, which is way different than the USDM version. In order to accept the right USDM water pump, you will need to convert your JDM 2JZ to accept it. This is what our guide on how to convert a 2JZ water pump is here for, to help you get this job done.

How to Swap a 2JZ into a 240SX

Today I’ll be walking you through the process of converting your JDM water pump to a USDM version. This process also applies if you are swapping in a 2JZGE engine for smog purposes, as you’ll be converting from 2JZGE to 2JZGTE.

How To Convert a 2JZ Water Pump – Removing your old water pump


Before you learn how to convert a 2JZ water pump, you’ll have to remove your old 2JZ pump from your engine. This means removing the back water pipe and the front water pump from the front of your engine. This will require removal of your 2JZ front timing cover, if you need a more detailed How To for that segment, check here for our DIY guide.

In order to remove the front timing cover to your 2JZGE engine, you will need a T30 safety socket or a 5mm metric hex. Remove the hex bolts that hold the upper timing cover in place.


Once you have both hex nuts removed, unplug your 2JZ VTC unit, which is connected directly under the upper cover. To remove the front upper cover, remove these hex bolts next.


Now with this front upper cover removed from your 2JZGE, you can pull off the upper timing cover.


Unplug your VTC valve on the intake side of your 2JZGE. Next you’ll be undoing the hex bolts on either side of the timing mid cover, and the middle hex bolt.


Remove the middle timing cover to your 2JZGE, and the next part is undoing the crank pulley or harmonic damper. This can be very difficult, depending on the condition and mileage of your 2JZ engine. If you are having problems breaking the crank bolt loose, check out our How To Remove a Stuck 2JZ Crank Bolt DIY Guide here.

How To Remove Stuck 2JZ Crank Bolt

To continue our How To Convert a 2JZ water pump guide, you will need to remove the 2JZ crank bolt and crank pulley.


Remove the crank bolt and remove the crank pulley from your 2JZ engine. Now it’s time to remove your water pump pulley from your old water pump. Since we’ll be discarding the JDM water pump or 2JZGE water pump, simply keep the 10mm nuts that hold your pulley in place.


Once your 2JZ JDM water pump pulley has been removed, you can remove the lower timing cover by undoing the 10mm 2JZ timing bolts. Now remove your timing belt tensioner by undoing the 10mm bolts that hold it in place. Your timing belt may need to be re-timed or reset once you are done converting your JDM 2JZ water pump.


Remove the lower timing cover, and now you’ll need to finish taking your drive belt tensioner which is mounted by three 12mm bolts.


Now you’ll have to flip your 2JZ timing belt tensioner up and out of the way in order to access your water pump bolts.


Remove the outlet pipe from your 2JZGE cylinder head by removing these two bolts. If you have a JDM version, this upper neck portion may be significantly different. Once these bolts are removed and this flange is removed from your 2JZGE cylinder head, you can start on the back water pipe.


Begin by removing this 12mm bolt that secures the back of your water pump. This is close to cylinder #6 on your 2JZ engine. Remove this bolt and then you’ve got to undo the 12mm bolts that hold the water pump flange in place.


Remove these bolts and pull off your water pipe, this may require you to disconnect where the water pipe is mounted to the chassis. Now that you have this back water pipe removed, you can go ahead and undo the 12mm bolts that hold the front of your 2JZ water pump in place.

In order to know how to convert a 2JZ water pump you will need the correct USDM 2JZGTE water pump and back half. You can purchase these items separately and put them together but to make things easy, we’ve gone with Toyota part number 16100-49847. This is a complete water pump kit and it comes with back half, water pump, and all the gaskets required.

Remove your old 2JZ water pump, JDM or otherwise by removing the 12mm bolts.


Don’t forget to flip your timing belt tensioner up and out of the way to access the last of the 2JZ water pump bolts.


Remove your old JDM 2JZ water pump and we can now compare the two 2JZ water pumps side by side.


You’ll notice quite a few differences, from size and thermostat housing to how the cylinder head port is configured. Since this project is headed to the California State Ref as a BAR legal Nissan 240SX 2JZGE engine swap, we’ll need the 2JZGE cylinder head flange removed and transferred.


Remove the old 2JZ water pump o-ring by using a pick to remove from your 2JZ engine. Now install your new gasket o-ring and use a dab of gasket maker to keep it in place.


Now apply a light coat of RTV heat resistant gasket maker or Honda bond to the back of your water pump. Carefully and slowly mount the new USDM 2JZ water pump in place, taking care not to jar loose or damage the o-ring you just installed.


Finish converting your 2JZ water pump by re-installing your water pump 12mm bolts. Tighten them to factory specifications, and you can now reconnect the upper water pipe and the rear water pipe. Looking for more information on how to swap a 2JZ into anything? or how about into a Nissan 240SX? Need to know how to wire a 2JZ into a 240? Or want to know how to Rebuild a 2JZGTE? Any 2JZ DIY Guide you’re looking for, we’ve got!

Have any questions about our how to convert a 2JZ water pump DIY Guide? Leave them for us below!


  1. Is this water pump conversion the same on a non VVT JDM engine, also the same part number or is there a different number.

    • Hi Tom, this is for a 2JZ non VVT engine, and yes you should convert to the USDM back half 2JZ water pump, OR you can get creative and use the JDM one with lots and lots of hose clamps. Thanks for commenting!