How To Find your Honda Engine Code

How To Find your Honda Engine Code


This question is a very common one that we are asked frequently, from people who aren’t sure of the full four digit engine code in their Honda or Acura. The naming nomenclature behind the engine codes that Honda employs is still based on the JDM four digit code.

The Japanese Domestic Market engine code consists of letters and numbers that quickly identify the cylinder head configuration, VTEC, and displacement. For example the motor code B18C represents the VTEC 1.8 liter DOHC engine found in the Acura Integra. Passenger vehicles such as the Honda CR-V will carry codes like the B20A which helps you find your Honda engine code.

Engines like the B18C1 need grounds to start properly
Engines like the B18C1 need grounds to start properly

Further compounding issues is the litany of engine swaps that exist in Hondas or Acuras. Purchasing a used Honda or Acura and finding out later that the engine is not what it was from the factory is very common. In order to purchase engine parts, referencing the engine code can often be the only way.

Replacement parts like engine mounts or driveline axles must take some research before ordering. For example if your vehicle is a 1992-1995 Honda Civic with a B18C engine swap, purchasing Integra axles will not work. You will need to properly identify the engine swap you have in your car, as well as shifter options depending on what swap you have.

Axles and mounts require some homework


Check our What Fits What Honda guide for more details, as well as Part 2 of Honda Engine Swaps for H series linkage questions. If you need replacement axles the usual B series swap is the easiest to purchase as these kits usually integrate OEM Honda axles. But some other axles or replacement mounts for your Honda engine swap, may require expensive aftermarket units.

Learning how to find your Honda engine code is very easy and straightforward, when observing your engine bay from the front of the vehicle. Simply look at the stamp next to where the transmission mounts for an easy way to find out what exactly you have.


USDM engines carry a slight difference in this naming structure, adding a digit for specific applications. For example the same engine code B18C referenced above could carry a 1 to signify an Acura Integra GSR or a 5 for the Type R engine.

The engine code for any Honda engine is engraved at the top of the engine block, answering the how to find your honda engine code question. Some models may also have a string stamped on the block as shown in the image above.

There are some exceptions to this rule, specifically the widely popular ZC engine, which has a very large following in it’s own right.

Engine Swaps like this are very common
Engine Swaps like this are very common

Identifying your Honda engine code may be the easy part, but finding out what transmission is just a tad more difficult. This code can be found on the transmission housing casing, which we will cover in our How To Identify your Honda Transmission article.

This does it for our How To Find your Honda Engine Code writeup, please let us know if you have any questions or comments below!