Press Release : New BLOX K Swap Headers

Press Release : New BLOX K Swap Headers


BLOX Racing is at it again with their all new K Swap Headers. Available for pre-order now, these headers are constructed of pure T304 stainless steel. These K swap headers are designed to optimize your exhaust flow from your K series engine swap, and meant to fit into a EG or EK Honda Civic or DC Acura Integra.

Because the K series engine swap requires the exhaust to face rearward, your factory headers won’t fit. Aftermarket headers are a big part of parts needed for a K series engine swap. If you have recently engine swapped your Honda, you’ll need the best K swap headers available.

K Swap Headers

Inside the BLOX Racing K Swap Headers

These K-swap headers are designed and optimized with the 4-2-1 layout, with equal length tubing. BLOX Racing doesn’t cut any corners with these new K swap headers. Each set of equal length K series headers are TIG welded for maximum strength.

This allows your K series VTEC engine to perform at it’s best, no matter what RPM.


CNC cut header flanges are cut thick to increase durability. The tubing for these K series headers are mandrel bent and welded to fit any 1992-2000 Honda Civic or 1994-2001 Acura Integra.

Computer designed to maximize flow and increase horsepower and torque, the K swap headers are excellent fitting pieces. In fact we tested the new BLOX K swap headers against some of the best in the business.


In the dyno tested K swap headers from BLOX, we put a stock K20A2 to the test. Bolting on a set of DC Sports K Swap headers for the before, and BLOX Racing T304 K-Swap header for the after, we realized a 10+ horsepower gain.

These BLOX Racing K-swap headers are also available in titanium finish. Much like the B series Hi Flo headers, these K series headers are unmatched in quality and fitment. The piping size for these K-swap headers goes from 49mm to 51mm and maxes out at 56mm.

The part number for the BLOX Racing K-swap header is BXEX-00510. Check it out by heading to our online super store at

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