Press Release – Kelford Solid Lifter 4G63 Cams

Press Release – Kelford Solid Lifter 4G63 Cams


One of the most powerful four cylinder import engines in stock form is the 4G63, Mitsubishi’s calling card for the past 20+ years. Capable of generating over 400 wheel horsepower with just a few bolt on modifications, the 4G63 is durable enough to handle the boost you throw at it with stock rods and pistons.


This horsepower number isn’t a giant killer by any stretch, but in the 1990s a reliable and consistent 4 cylinder doing this with stock internals was unheard of. While robust and overbuilt for the boost it needed to run, manufacturing issues in the main thrust bearing and oil jets led to serious defects like crankwalk.

How to Tune your 4G63 Cam timing

Mitsubishi was not as forthcoming when it came to warranty work, outright hiding defects in over 800,000 cars of different make and model. This led to an internal scandal that nearly toppled Japan’s fourth largest car manufacturer at the time. Mitsubishi has come a long way since then in rebuilding their image and model, an effort that sadly couldn’t keep the incredible Evolution alive.

Many enthusiasts turned their backs on Mitsubishi and there’s no denying it played a huge part in the Evolution’s demise. However the 4G63 has aged well, and still stands the litmus test of performance benchmarks even today.

How To Advance 4G63 Timing

When you have a purpose built 4G63, stroked or not, chances are you will be faced with the choice of upgrading to solid lifters at some point. Moving away from the hydraulically limited stock lifters is a big advantage to combating lifter pump up situations and keeping your 4G63 on time.

How To Install 4G63 MSD DIS

Great news for solid lifter 4G63 owners, Kelford is now stocking a complete range of camshafts that were previously only available by special order. These Kelford Solid Lifter 4G63 cams are a must have for solid lift owners. We will also be stocking select skus, so please give us a call us if you wish to inquire on availability.

How To Change 4G63 Timing Belt

Most enthusiasts are running the TX cam with the solid lifters in their built 4G63, Kelford strongly advises against this particular combination of mods for your cylinder head. Due to incorrect lash take up and seating velocities, this combo can lead to accelerated wear or even damage to your rocker arms, as well as your valve seats.

Their move to stock the Kelford Solid Lifter 4G63 cam is one answering the demand for their great product, and we love tuning this cam with it’s aggressive top end nature. Customers on our own Dynojet 448x have put down over 500 whp on 91 pump gas with their TX combination.


Only meant for those with solid lifters, these camshafts are available for the holiday season and are eligible for the 5% discount coupon code, ask your Pro Street Online sales representative for more information.

How To Install 4G63 HKS Cams

Kelford’s official stance is pretty clear on the combination so if you happen to be running a set of TX cams now on your built 4G63, make the change today and save yourself some headache.

“Some people have been known to use solid lifters on the TX range of hydraulic camshafts in the past, which we strongly advise against doing as it gives incorrect lash take up velocity and incorrect valve seating velocity, which in turn is detrimental to rocker arm, cam, valve and valve seat lifespan. It is imperative to have the correctly matched camshaft and lifter types.”

We love to see an aftermarket company responding and listening to their customers in this day and age, so if you are looking for a camshaft solution for your 4G63 the Kelford Solid Lifter 4G63 Cam is an easy choice.