How to Test a 2JZGTE Ignition Coil

How to Test a 2JZGTE Ignition Coil


Ignition coils are the subject of our newest addition to our 2JZGTE How to Guides, and today we’ll be testing the 2JZGTE ignition coil for failure. The 2JZGTE is one of the most well known and publicly hyped engines to ever be imported into the United States. With an overengineered bottom end and a litany of aftermarket parts readily available, it’s a greatly desired engine to swap.


Unfortunately along with the great power potential the 2JZ holds, it also has a ton of misinformation spread about it. We’ll be taking care of any potential ignition coil misinformation in our How to Test a 2JZGTE Ignition Coil Guide.

Symptoms of a Bad Coil


  • Excessive Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT)
  • OBDII Misfire Codes (P0300 or similar)
  • Backfire or overly rich conditions
  • Erratic RPM needle
  • Erratic Idle



How to Check for Spark


To begin our How to Test a 2JZGTE Ignition Coil article, you’ll want to check for spark. Checking for spark in a particular ignition coil is simple and straightforward.

  1. Remove 2JZGTE Ignition Coilpacks
  2. Remove spark plug
  3. Reconnect ignition coils
  4. Insert spark plug and ground on valve cover


Unplug all the injector clips and the remaining five ignition coils to test for spark in the ignition coil you suspect is the culprit. If your Supra ECU is OBDII, you will want to check for any misfire codes that could indicate which cylinder the problem exists. For example, P0300 is general engine misfire, P0301 is Cylinder 1 misfire and so forth.

Do not conduct this test for long periods of time, as doing so could cause primary damage to your igniter. Make sure you check for spark at the grounded point of the spark plug. Keep your hands clear of grounded area.

If the spark plug is fouled or has traces of wet carbon buildup or fuel on it, wait until this area dries or have the spark plug replaced or cleaned. If you do not wish to disassemble any part of your 2JZGTE ignition setup, move onto the next section.


How To Test your 2JZGTE Ignition Coil


If spark is present or it’s intermittent, you’re going to need to check the coil for resistance. Use your multimeter and measure the resistance between the two terminals, this is how to test a 2JZGTE ignition coil.


Toyota has two testing conditions for this 2JZGTE ignition coil, if you own a non turbo version of this engine the 2JZGE and require ignition coil testing methods, check here. The “Cold” temperature range of the ignition coil is from 14ºF to 122ºF, and the “Hot” range is between 122ºF and 212ºF.

Using these two guidelines, the resistance between the terminals at the “Cold” condition is between 0.54 – 0.84 Ω, and the resistance for the “Hot” condition is 0.68 – 0.98 Ω.

If your 2JZGTE ignition coil falls outside of these ranges, it’s time to put it out to pasture and replace it with a new unit. You can replace this item with part number 90919-02205 or simply upgrade to LS2 or Buick Turbo ignition coils. Check here for our handy guides on upgrading and modifying your 2JZGTE igniters.

That does it for our How to Test a 2JZGTE Ignition Coil Guide, please leave us any comments or questions below.