How To Wire a Custom Igniter

How To Wire a Custom Igniter


Part Two of our distributorless DIY and How To section will be covering the use of a custom igniter. When converting your distributor setup, you will need to know how to wire a custom igniter. The benefits of using a Wastespark or Direct fire ignition can often be the difference between winning and losing.

How To Wire a J30 Ignitor
How To Wire a J30 Igniter

Because of the direct fire ignition and it’s dedicated coil per cylinder design, it delivers faster more accurate spark with often better results. The direct fire system equips the igniter to charge the coil and fire it, sending the high tension voltage from the coil to the spark plug wire.


From the spark plug wire the voltage travels through the spark plug jumping the spark plug gap and grounding itself to the block.

High boost level applications can gain from converting to distributorless ignition

This is of course assuming that you have an operating standalone engine management system and at least some sort of idea on what you are doing. If at any time you are unclear in our how to wire a custom igniter and converting to a distributorless setup ask your local mechanic or leave us a comment.

We’ll be using a BOSCH igniter 1 227 022 008 into any forced fed application and can drive any number of cylinders depending on your engine management. To begin our how to wire a custom igniter guide, use this BOSCH part number to provide you with a great alternative to more expensive J30 or Nissan 300ZX igniters.


Wiring for this igniter setup is very easy when you look at our diagram. From left to right are the pins numbered for this igniter are just 5 pins that you will need wire in. Pin number 2 is the electrical ground, but make sure not to connect this to a relay or powered relay.

This step is vital in our how to wire a custom igniter in the distributorless conversion discusssion, you must not wire the grounded in the same spot as the ECU. Failure to do so or grounding it into the same location can cause ignition noise and unwanted EMF from interfering with your ECU’s operation.

Turbo Inline Six Ignition wiring


Pin 4 is the power wire that will drive your Bosch igniter and should be supplied with switched 12v with the key to the “ON” position.

This part of the wiring is the way to wire a custom igniter into your vehicle, but setup with your standalone may vary. If you are using an “Intelligent” Igniter in your engine’s ignition setup, make sure to select constant duty cycle in your ignition setup for your standalone.

If you are using a “dumb” igniter the setup would instead have to be setup for constant charge cycle. Make sure you understand the difference before connecting a powered loom to your ignition system. You final step in the how to wire a custom igniter is to support the igniter with a grounded base.


Usually this is a custom plate that is mounted to the chassis, but you can often get away with building your own. Make sure to check our How To Upgrade RB25 Ignition Coils for a Turbo Buick Ignition Coil solution for the turbocharged six cylinder.

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