New Mishimoto Ford Fiesta Induction Hose

New Mishimoto Ford Fiesta Induction Hose


Mishimoto has built a reputation of affordable high performance components. And they’ve just released a new intake pipe for the new Ford Fiesta hatchbacks. New for the 2014-2015 Ford Fiesta is the Mishimoto Ford Fiesta Induction Hose Kit.

This intake pipe is made from high grade silicon and designed to dissipate heat efficiently. The Mishimoto Ford Fiesta Induction Kit is designed for long life and high durability. Made to handle the vacuum of your Fiesta engine, the induction kit also features steel rings to prevent intake pipe collapse.

Mishimoto Ford Fiesta Induction

The high quality design and OEM fitment make the Mishimoto Ford Fiesta Induction Hose kit install a breeze. The piping diameter itself represents a 28% increase in volume. The piping intake bolts on roughly 5 horsepower from the get go.

The additional airflow helps reduce turbo lag and gives your turbo more CFM and flow.

Mishimoto’s silicon induction hose gives you extra horse power and is a direct fit for the 2014–2015 Ford Fiesta ST Turbo. According to Mishimoto the gains are to the wheel, which is fairly impressive.

With numbers like 5 whp and 10 wheel ft lbs of torque to be gained, it’s an extremely ideal modification. You can easily bolt this new Mishimoto Ford Fiesta Induction kit on in less than 30 minutes for easy, bolt on performance.

The Mishimoto Ford Fiesta Induction connects to your engine via the pre-installed CNC connector. This modfication gives the intake the advantage of being a perfect fit, each and every time.

You will not need additional tuning for this modification. The Mishimoto Ford Fiesta Induction is available in black, blue and red. These color ranges give you an excellent ability to adjust the look of your Fiesta.

The Mishimoto Ford Fiesta Induction fits into your stock location and it also comes with the Mishimoto lifetime warranty. Want to learn more about the Mishimoto Ford Fiesta intake? Head over to our store now for more information.

2014-2015 Ford Fiesta ST
MSRP: $215.00

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