RPM Act – Help Protect Your Rights

RPM Act – Help Protect Your Rights

Let Congress know how you feel!

There’s been quite a bit of hype surrounding the new proposal from the EPA to ban production cars from becoming race built machines. If you didn’t take the time to sign the petition against this unfair and unlawful proposal, make sure to do it now. Every signature counts and it’s a concept that’s being upheld by SAN or the SEMA Action Network. SEMA is taking the extra measure to introduce the RPM Act, geared to help protect the rights of motor sports enthusiasts and race cars.

The RPM Act is the new measure, also known as the Protection of Motorsports Act of 2016. It’s primary function is to protect our fundamental rights to convert production vehicles into racecars, and used primarily for competition.

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You let your voice be heard when we struck down the proposal to ban race cars. Now the SEMA Action Network needs your help again, in helping make the RPM Act a reality.

This new proposal needs your help, and without the proper support there’s no telling what might happen.

Don’t let the lawmakers take away our rights to modify vehicles for competitive use. Take action now to sign the RPM Act and show your support for the SEMA Action Network. Simply follow the link and let Congress know what you think about the new proposals to limit race cars.

Without your support the the Protection of Motorsports Act of 2016, might fail which wuld change the way you and I enjoy our motorsports. The RPM Act does not violate or encroach on any part of the Clean Air Act, and it will protect our rights and our ability to enjoy motorsports the way we want to.

Let Congress know how you feel!
Let Congress know how you feel!

Take action now! Fill out the form in the link to tell your House member and your elected Senators to support the RPM Act!

Spread the word and share to help protect your rights and protect your ability to enjoy motorsports the way they were intended.

Weigh in and support the RPM Act today.