How to Blow Up on the Dyno

How to Blow Up on the Dyno


Who doesn’t like a good dyno fail video? You get to point and laugh from relative safety behind your keyboard, and for one split second, you actually like your car just a little bit more and you’re glad you aren’t the guy in the video. The guys here from Mexico Racing League look like they are actually having some fun blowing up this Chevy.

Strapped to the dyno, it looks as though this supercharged Cobalt was prepped before an entire bottle of nitrous was opened into the intake stream. We’ve all tried something this stupid, although usually not with a running vehicle and engine just a few feet away from our faces.


Not quite sure who the owner is here, but I’m hoping he’s not the one smiling and laughing at what remains of his engine spilling out of his tailpipe.

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