Watch Chinese Ebay Springs Explode

Watch Chinese Ebay Springs Explode


In another chapter of Chinese Ebay performance parts failures, our friends over at TEIN USA shared this informative yet frightening video. Watch Chinese Ebay springs explode on their testing machine, which is designed to replicate the day to day rigors of a lowered car. This particular video pits a set of STECH lowering springs against a set of Chinese Ebay lowering springs.

Most of the time, these kinds of videos and fails are pretty funny. Whether it’s your chinese turbo blowing up on the dyno, or parts just not fitting all together, we’ve seen more than our fair share of horrible stories.


This video has an oddly somber tone to it, the lack of stupid dubstep music or how it’s just raw footage but something about this video scares us bad. Maybe it’s the Chinese Ebay spring exploding midway through a stroke, watch the video and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

The test seems to go smoothly for the cheap set of springs, until somewhere past the 200,000 stroke mark. And that’s when the Chinese Ebay springs decide “Screw this, I’m taking a vacation” before promptly checking out.

While on the surface this test may not frighten you, think about what would happen to a car traveling at speed when these Ebay springs break? Or better yet, what if those springs are in that lowered car next to you on the freeway? Sombering thoughts indeed.

We’ll get off the soapbox for now and won’t bother beating you over the head with yet another support authenticity message but it still goes without saying. Be aware of what you are purchasing, think about the money you’ll be saving and ask yourself ; “Is it worth saving this much money if this part fails on my car at speed?”

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