How To Prep Your CD009 Transmission

How To Prep Your CD009 Transmission


So you’ve lined up a six speed transmission from a Nissan 350Z for your engine swap of choice, now you’ve got to know how to prep your CD009 transmission for the journey ahead. Made popular by tuners who have tweaked and massaged more than 1500 wheel horsepower from the CD009 transmission, we’ve picked it for our Project S14.

Today we’ll be showing you several important steps on how to prep your CD009 transmission for your engine swap, or even if you are upgrading transmissions in your VQ powered vehicle. The CD009 transmission is found on late model 350Z’s (2006+) and the price tag for these transmissions is much cheaper than a Getrag unit for the 2JZGTE or the T56 for the LS1.


Couple the fact that’s it’s a six speed and silky smooth to shift, and the CD009 is quickly becoming the transmission of choice for rear wheel drive modders. The part number for this Nissan six speed transmission is 32010-CD009, but it’s important to know what year your transmission came from. We’ll get into that part a little later.

Before we jump into our how to prep your CD009 transmission DIY article, let’s check out a few common questions about the CD009 install.

What do I need to install a Nissan CD006 transmission on my swap?


You will need the following parts to successfully convert your engine of choice to use a CD009 transmission.

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  • CD006 Transmission Adapter Plate – This allows you to bolt on a CD009 six speed transmission to this plate, which attaches to your LS1 or 2JZ or RB25. Shown above is a Collins adapter plate installed on a 2JZGTE, ready to be bolted on.
  • CD009 6 speed Transmission – from 2003-2006
  • Clutch release bearing –
  • Custom driveshaft
  • Transmission Mount Adapter

What are the differences between the CD006 pivot ball?


The number one reason you want to know what year your donor CD006 came from is the differences in the pivot ball and clutch fork. As shown below there are two different kinds of pivot balls, and chances are you’ll need the shorter pivot ball for all CD006 transmissions between 2004-2006.


Incorrect pivot ball geometry will cause your CD009 to not shift, or not shift while the engine is running. It can also cause problems like bent shift forks or damaged dog gears as the clutch may continue to ride the flywheel, long after you’ve let go of the clutch pedal.

How To Prep your CD009 Transmission


Begin by taking a peek at the inside of your CD009 transmission bell housing. Inspect the face of your throwout bearing for any pitting and check your throwout bearing for any odd play or weird sounds while rotating. We’ll begin our How To Prep your CD009 Transmission DIY guide by removing the shift fork.


Next reach behind your throwout bearing and depress the throwout bearing clip that secures your throwout bearing to the CD006 shift fork.


Now with the throwout bearing circlip undone, you can slide off the throwout bearing. You can also elect to simply pull the clutch fork off the pivot ball already inside your transmission housing.


With your shift fork and throwout bearing removed, you can now remove the CD006 pivot ball from your bell housing.

Clean and prep this area before installing your new CD006 pivot ball and bushing.


Now would be a good time to purchase a replacement throwout bearing, shift fork and new pivot ball for install on your CD009 transmission swap. Externally, these are the only things that you should replace and check on before installing your new CD009 transmission. You now know how to prep your CD009 transmission, if you have any questions please feel free to leave them below!


  1. This is the trans I’m going to use on my ls swap into my 240sx. With the adapter plate through Collins. It says that I need to cut the bell housing off to attach this adapter plate. Is that what you guys had to do?

    • You will need to modify the CD009 in places to get it to fit, unless you plan on cutting out the 240SX driveshaft tunnel.

      Let us know how it turns out, and we’d love to feature another LS1 swap.

  2. I’m swapping a 2JZ into a 240sx and copying your pro street budget build.

    Do I need to shorten the shifter or can I just open up the shifter hole? Thanks pro street

  3. Hi, I’m also planning to put this on my 280zx 2jz, but do I really need a cd006 to make everything bolt up and running ? Or would the Collins adapter just fit ?



    • Hi Enri, thanks for reading.

      Yes you will need heavy modification for the 350Z transmission to fit your swap. You should not need to cut into the driveshaft tunnel, and if you are rocking the R154 now the CD009 is a bit bulkier at the bell housing.

      Thanks for commenting, let us know how your project turns out!

  5. I am swapping a 2JZ into an s13 240sx, I was wondering what you guys are using for tranny mounts. I was going to use the Tech2 Swap kit…….any suggestions? Thanks

    • Funny you should ask because we are almost done with our CD009 transmission prep part 2, which will go over what cd009 bolts you need and what starter as well as what slave cylinder you need.

  6. Great! Thanks for the quick response, I cant wait for the updates. I’m amped to find out more about this setup so I can use it for my build as well!

  7. Hey i kind of had to read the pivot ball isue a couple of times to understand. i have a 2006 cd009. that too should be installed using the short pivot ball? And what did you guys do about the clutch line?

    On another note i got my transmission to fit with alot of hammering.( mostly the top side of tunnel) Tech 2 kit makes it a little harder since motor sits so far back.

  8. Did you happen to pull of the bell housing? I had to pull it off to get it machined for the thickness of the adapter and while reassembling i forgot where one of the snap rings on the inside of the input shaft cover went.. its the smaller one.

    • Hey Aaron, thanks for reading

      yes we have a full CD009 service – how to rebuild your 350Z transmission guide coming up, should shed some light on your situation.

      Thanks for commenting!

  9. I’m confused. In several places you mention a “CD006” where I was expecting to see “CD009” … were they typos or did I just not follow correctly?

    • Hi Al, there are several versions of the CD009 transmission but for most purposes you want the CD009 which is the most popular version and also the strongest! Thanks for commenting!

    • Hi Fox Mustang! Thanks for reading!

      Yes the CD009 has handled over 1600 wheel horsepower which is well over what the T5 has done out of the box. It’s also pretty darn cheap! Check it out for more information!

    I am rocking a 1993 toyota aristo single turbo , I made 500 hp and 500tq and i have fried 2 titan motorsports built autos running 1bar . So i am going to swap the getrag 6 speed cd009 in. I will be buying the collins adapter 1700 kit and i have sourced 3 pedals from a chaser and clutch master from a V160 supra trans . I hope the install goes smooth . I would like a rebuild sheet for cd009 cause my car flys with my build and the trans will have to take some pulls at over 500whp

    • Hi Charles! Thanks for commenting!

      sounds like a great swap you are planning, and a lot like our Project Build where we take the 2JZGE from a Lexus and put down 550whp using a NA-T turbo kit! Your build sounds awesome so far! Let us know how it turns out!

  11. I want to do a ls swap with the cd900 transmission into a s13/14 chassis. My question is who makes the wiring harness for that swap or is it diy? I would like a plug and play if possible like many other swap kits offer with the t56. Does anyone make one and how much?

  12. What diff do you suggest for a s14 with 2jzgte vvti with big single and cd009 trans. Will be used for drag n street runs. Has over 650+whp. Would like to be in 4th in the traps. Would you suggest 350z, j30, q45

    • Hi Kenny, the cheapest choice would be the J30 depending on what other mods you are intending to install. If you are looking to just weld the diff and call it a day however, the 350Z diff would do nicely. With more upgrades a good choice might be a cheaper 12 bolt chevy rear end with a modified flange over the traditional and popular 9 inch Ford rear end. Thanks for commenting! Sounds like an awesome build, let us know how it turns out!

  13. I just purchased a Collins adapter stage 5 package and my question was how much banging will need to be done to get the CD009 tranny to fit in the S14? Is it a ton of work or with the right hammer you can get the job done easily ?

    • Hi Michael, thanks for reading.

      In the S14 you are almost better off cutting away the driveshaft tunnel and welding a plate over the opening. It’s really up to you and of course what mount kit you are using. We just cut our driveshaft tunnel and welded over it with a fair amount of sound deadening like Dynamat to keep things quiet and sealed. If you do decide to hammer instead, make sure to work from the rear of the driveshaft tunnel ( near the shifter ) instead of the front. Hammering along the front or the firewall side will only cause the firewall to “crease” and make enlargening the driveshaft tunnel harder.

      best of luck to you! sounds like an awesome swap let us know how it turns out!

  14. Hi, I read all the articles on this 2jz cd009 s14 budget swap and had a few questions that I was hoping you could help clear up as I am currently starting my s15 2jz cd009 swap in Australia
    1 – with the collins kit, would I be able to fit the cd009 without having to touch my transmission tunnel? I am not too keen on cutting or bashing it
    2 – with the shortening of the cd009 shifter in combination with the collins kit, is the shifter located at the factory transmission shifter hole?
    3 – basically, is it possible to have the 2jz with the cd009 fitted to the s-chassis without having to modify the transmission tunnel so that the cd009 shifter is located at the factory s-chassis shifter hole?

    Your help and insight is greatly appreciated

    • Hi Jason, thanks for reading! Here’s some answers for you below!

      1 – with the collins kit, would I be able to fit the cd009 without having to touch my transmission tunnel? I am not too keen on cutting or bashing it

      – Not without serious customization to the motor mounts, or your S14 subframe. The 2JZ engine is very big and the Collins adapter makes the transmission width wider and bigger.

      2 – with the shortening of the cd009 shifter in combination with the collins kit, is the shifter located at the factory transmission shifter hole?

      Yes once it’s properly shortened you are good to use the factory S14 center console and shifter hole.

      3 – basically, is it possible to have the 2jz with the cd009 fitted to the s-chassis without having to modify the transmission tunnel so that the cd009 shifter is located at the factory s-chassis shifter hole?

      You are going to have to modify the transmission tunnel, and quite a bit to be honest. Don’t forget to trim the CD009 to help make things fit better.

      • Hi which year is the cd009 transmission i will need to fit in a mk4 supra with a2jz that will hold 700hp, and do you guys have the adapter and shifter entension to fit the supra, thanks

        • Hi Willy, if you are fitting the CD009 to your MKIV, you will need a similar modification to the one we are using in our Budget 240SX. The unit that you want is from a 2006-2007 Nissan 350Z, and I think you’ll find it an excellent alternate to the V160. The Getrag Supra transmission is great but the CD009 is cheaper and stronger! Thanks for commenting!

  15. I am getting ready to do the cd009 swap to my 2j for a s14. Do u have to use a 2j bell housing in the swap? I have seen post saying u do but can’t find any real info?

    • Hi Ernest, no you’ll be using the CD009 bell housing to adapt to the CD009 adapter. From there you’ll be home free. make sure to check our CD009 shifter prep and other articles as well under our Budget 240SX build!

    • Hi Dan, thanks for reading. the transmission is identified through a stamp on the side. Ask around at your local wrecking yards for a 2005-2006 350Z for that six speed goodness!

      1. prebleed your clutch slave cylinder
      2. Prep your clutch and throwout bearing ahead of time
      3. Make sure you have the clutch hydraulics figured out ahead of time!

      Thanks for commenting! Sounds like an awesome build!