Nissan Sets Tandem Drift World Record

Nissan Sets Tandem Drift World Record


The motorsport of drift has reshaped the aftermarket industry and is more a part of our society than anyone could have ever predicted. Born in Japan the art of drift was perfected by street racers who dared to put their lives on the line to perfect the sport they loved.

These racers known as “Hashiriya” propelled the act of losing control while having control, and turned professional drifters into celebrities. This craze carried over well to the United States, where drag racing had always been the national motorsport of choice. Formula DRIFT has grown over the years and doesn’t show any signs of slowing in popularity or growth.


Racers began turning to cars that weren’t necessarily popular but rather emphasized the functional components of performance, like suspension and brakes. Vehicles like the Nissan 240SX, Toyota Supra, Toyota Corolla and Mazda RX-7 gained in popularity and demand with enthusiasts. Nissan took notice building their flagship rear wheel drive 350Z, built in the image of past performers and it’s certainly served them well.

And in Dubai, it paid off in spades as Nissan Sets Tandem Drift World Record, continuing to build on the momentum from the drift movement.

Continuing to build on the success of the 350Z, Nissan has rebuilt their image and has seized a significant portion of the horsepower war pie with the return of the Skyline in the R35. The platform known as the Nissan 350Z has grown into the 370Z which just set a new Guinness World Record for the longest ever twin-vehicle drift.

The 370Z Drift Experience featured a pair of the Z’s that drifted a total of 17.7 miles, which is pretty incredible when you really think about it. Outside of setting the incredible world record, Nissan also stamped the 370Z as the premier drift car of choice among enthusiasts, a fact not missed by Samir Cherfan, MD of Nissan Middle East.

“The Nissan Z is a very popular car in the drifting scene, and this new record is yet another proof on the ability of this car to make drifting look so easy.”

Watch the video for a recap of the event and the record-setting performance.

Want more drift record information? The longest solo drift in the Guinness Book was set earlier by Harald Müller who slid for 89.55 miles, while the fastest drift was set by Jakub Przygonski a year ago, sliding at 135.44 mph.

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