FAQ – Nissan 300ZX Turbo ECU Pinout

FAQ – Nissan 300ZX Turbo ECU Pinout


The 1992-1995 Nissan 300ZX burst onto the scene back in the early nineties and took the automotive world by storm. Winning Motor Trend’s Import Car of the Year award and leading the way for the mid 90s Japanese Supercar battles that eventually brought us the incredible Toyota Supra Turbo and the 2JZGTE.

Otherwise known as the Fairlady Z or the Z32, this turbocharged legend is still modified and tuned today.


While it may not be as popular as it’s Mazda and Toyota counterparts in the 13B and 2JZ respectively, the VG30DETT powerplant is still plenty stout. Capable of handling upwards of
500 horsepower on stock internals, it’s still a testament to Nissan engineering.

Lauded as one of the Top Ten Performance Cars of the Decade by many automotive experts, the 300ZX flexed Nissan’s technological muscles in almost every way imaginable. In fact the sales totals from 1990 for the 300ZX stood for many years as the benchmark of all time best selling sports cars.

The Z32 chassis was overweight and difficult to work on, but for it’s day was a cutting edge machine chock filled with technological advances far ahead of it’s time. Turbocharged Z32’s equipped with the Super HICAS rear wheel steering system and Nissan’s NVTC variable valve technology, both advances that didn’t quite catch on but are now commonplace.

In that sense we owe a lot to the 300ZX and the many advances it brought to sport compact tuning and turbocharger technology overall. The stout 3 liter DOHC engine is still swapped and modified to this day, a lasting sign of respect.

Today we’re reviewing the 1992-1995 Nissan 300ZX Turbo ECU Pinout for the VG30DETT, perfect for the installation of your favorite piggyback tuner, AFC, VPC, or fuel cut defencer. Also make sure to check out our other Nissan FAQ and DIY Articles, such as the 300ZX Z32 Big Brake Conversion for 240SX or the Mitsubishi Evolution X big brake install for the S14.



Pin # Name Signal Type
7 Tachometer Signal RPM
27 Mass Air Flow Sensor Analog
28 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Analog
29 O2 Sensor Signal (Right side) Analog
30 Sensor Ground Ground
38 Throttle Position Sensor Analog
53 Vehicle Speed Sensor Speed
101 Injector # 1 Speed
103 Injector # 3 Speed
105 Injector # 5 Speed
110 Injector # 2 Speed
112 Injector # 4 Speed
114 Injector # 6 Speed
116 Power Ground (Engine Control Module) Ground

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