How To Set Coilover Preload

How To Set Coilover Preload


Spring preload is something that is an important part of everyone’s suspension, but most do not understand what the term preload means. Suspension springs come in two different styles, progressive and linear and both provide very different meanings when it comes to suspension preload.

Today we’ll be taking a look at the Megan Track Coilovers part number MR-CDK-NS13TS and showing you how to set the preload before you install them.

How To Install Megan Track Coilovers
How To Install Megan Track Coilovers

As these coilovers are linear and these coilovers use the bottom mount to raise and lower the car, it’s important you set preload correctly to retain full suspension travel.

Adjusting your coilover preload is an essential part of installing your coilovers on any vehicle, and although this article is on our 1992 RB25 S13 it can apply to many such coilovers. If you have recently received your coilovers for your vehicle, they may have arrived like this set of older Megan coilovers.

Image courtesy Megan Racing
Image courtesy Megan Racing

To begin you will be adjusting the “slack” shown above between the upper two locking rings. The bracketed green area shows what slack you will need to make up using the spanner wrenches supplied in your kit.

These newly upgraded coilovers feature a much larger mount
These newly upgraded coilovers feature a much larger mount

You can take the extra step here and measure the free length of your coilover spring to ensure that you are maintaining zero preload. When you have adjusted the two lower locking rings, you can now tighten them against each other to ensure the spring does not move.


Make sure you maintain zero pressure coilover preload at this time, remember that these two locking perches should not be used to adjust the height of the vehicle.


When it’s time to adjust the height for your set of Megan Track Coilovers, make sure to loosen the lower perch and adjust the mount to the height you wish.



Using the two upper perches to adjust the height of your vehicle will void your warranty and cause failure in the coilover. Make sure that the coil spring can spin with some effort against the lower bushing and you are ready to rock and roll.

As with all of our writeups, if you are not comfortable working on your own car or performing this job do not continue. Stop here and take your parts to an experienced ASE certified mechanic, setting your preload incorrectly can cause injury or worse.

*Do not adjust your coilover preload if you are not sure what you are doing.

Q :What is coilover preload?

A : Adjusting your preload can give you additional travel in your suspension. Coilover preload will allow for more compression travel and prevent any bottoming out that may occur over extreme conditions. This will sacrifice rebound travel at the same time, so if you are not sure of what you are doing stop now.


Remember to test the upper perches and make sure they cannot spin loose from each other. Take care when tightening the perches as to not add more preload without being aware.

Now that your base preload is set, you can set the length of the coil-over assembly to set the ride height.

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