How to Install TEIN Coilovers on a Evolution 8!

How to Install TEIN Coilovers on a Evolution 8!


When it came time for us to pick a suspension setup for our Project Evo, we wanted something that we could recommend to our street customers. Knowing that most of them care more about streetability and fitment as opposed to track usage, we’ve decided to install and test the TEIN FLEX Coilovers.

Our How to Install TEIN Coilovers article will help you with a step by step suspension install process.

We chose this system to allow the use of the EDFC, as well as our soon to be released EDFC remote link. Our initial driving impressions were that the car rode like stock on the damper factory settings of 8/16 in the front, and 8/16 in the rear. And with the EDFC, we can adjust this on the fly! Check our How to Install a EDFC unit for more details.

We have one setting for agressive, and one setting for when we’re driving Grandma around for groceries! The best of both worlds! But enough of that noise, you are here to learn How to Install TEIN Coilovers on your Evolution 8 so let’s get started.



Before you begin the install it is a good idea to read through all the applicable information and directions that come with the TEIN Flex Coilover system itself. Familiarizing yourself with this process as well as our handy How to Install TEIN Coilovers guide will make this install as painless as possible.




Above is a picture of our Project EVO getting ready to get the new TEIN Flex Coilover suspension. We decided to install the suspension without the EDFC for now, so we can get a feel for each individually. In this picture, our Project EVO has the RSR Ti2000 lowering springs, which we believe are the best lowering springs on the market for this car.



Above is a shot of our engine bay. The two plastic stock shock humps will soon be replaced by the upper pillow ball mounts/camber plates that come with the TEIN Flex.



We begin by cracking loose the lug nuts on the wheels. Then we jack up the car from both sides in the front. We remove both wheels from each side. Secure the vehicle and make sure you make safety the number one priority. As with all our writeups do not proceed if you do not feel comfortable working on your car.



With you wheels now removed, you can see your stock suspension with the progressive RSR Ti2000 springs.



We have to start by removing the brake line from the back of the stock shock. Simply loosen the bolt by pulling out the circlip and slide the line out of the way.



Here is a picture of what it should look like once the brake line has been loosened, and moved, and now you can start the removal part of our How to Install TEIN Coilovers guide.



Next we remove the two bolts holding the shock to the wheel assembly. Make a note of which bolt is on top and which is on bottom. The two bolts are not the same! You will want to reuse the top bolt in the top hole, and bottom bolt in the lower hole when you are working on our How to Install TEIN Coilovers guide.



Above is our shock tower. At this point, once you remove these 3 bolts, the shock assembly will fall. Hold the shock when unbolting these, and remove it carefully as to not snatch your brake line. Make sure not to put undo pressure on your brake line, do not stretch or otherwise stress this brake line.

Above is a comparison shot of the stock shock with RSR Ti2000 springs compared to the TEIN Flex. The TEIN Flex is noticebly lighter as well!



You are now ready for the install part of the How to Install TEIN Coilovers DIY article, secure the top of the coilover with the three 14mm nuts. You should have already preset you coilover preload, if you are not aware of how to do this, please check our How To Set your Coilover Preload article here.



In order to get the bolts through the holes here, you need to use your jack, and carefully and slowly jack up your wheel assembly with rotor up until the bolt holes line up. It will take some slight massaging, but its fairly easy to do. Do not jack up on the rotor or the bottom of your brake dust shield.



Above is our jack holding up our assembly by jacking up on the lower pivot ball and control arm. Once the bolts are in, torque them to factory specs, and re-attach the brake line using the TEIN Flex supplied hardware. Follow these steps on both sides, and you are done with the front part of our How to Install TEIN Coilovers guide.



The rears are pretty easy as well. Remove the interior lining in the trunk to get to the two strut tower bolts. Don’t loosen these yet.



Get under the car, and loosen the bolt here holding the shock to the control arm. Then go back up, and remove the two bolts holding the shock to the shock tower.



Since we fully recommend getting an alignment after a suspension install, we knew it would be ok to remove the next bolt. This bolt adjusts your rear camber, so when you remove it to slide your shock out, you will ruin your camber settings. Keep this in mind, and get an alignment right away.



Remove the old assembly, and put in the new assembly, and do the reverse process. Once all is done, torque down to factory settings, and you have completed our How to Install TEIN Coilovers guide, it’s time to enjoy your new TEIN Flex suspension!

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  1. Thanks for the info on the install…very helpful! I do have question..related in a way. I swapping my coilovers off to go back to Stock struts and find that when I do the knuckles will not line up to the bottom to bolts (camber).at least by a few inches or there an easy way to rememdy this? I don’t want to tear my axle boot either.

    • Hi Barry, quick question for you when you went back to stock struts, are you talking the fronts or rears?

      If fronts you need the correct orientation of the top mount or strut mount for the knuckles to line up correctly. The fronts on the Evo will not align without the correct orientation. Let us know if you have any further questions or comments!

      • Thanks for responding. I think I have found part of my problem. When installing back to stock. I need to raise front left and right side. My issue is arising with the knuckles lining up with strut bolts. I couldn’t get the wheel hub on the left to go down far enough and the strut to go high enough and thats why the other wheel needs to come off.