FAQ : Mitsubishi Evolution X ECU Pinout

FAQ : Mitsubishi Evolution X ECU Pinout


The Mitsubishi Evolution has carved it’s legacy out with rally fans, racing fans and video game experts the world over and rightly so. With lots of power on tap with just a few modifications, the Evolution is truly one of the last true Japanese tuner cars left.

Sadly later this year, the Evolution may be going away as Mitsubishi is facing a litany of challenges that may cause them to rethink the sports sedan. We’re looking at the Mitsubishi Evolution X ECU Pinout today with the pertinent pins and values you need.

Thanks to the World’s Best AWD System, the Evolution is easily one of the most popular platforms for any motorsports enthusiast. Today we’ll be looking at the ECU pinout for the 2007-2014 Evolution X, the first Evo to not house the legendary 4G63 in it’s engine bay.


The PCM is found inside the engine bay, near the battery box and this tray must be opened in order to access the ECU and harness inside.

As viewed from the wire side of the ECU harness of our Mitsubishi Evolution X ECU Pinout.

Pin # Name Signal Type
7 Exhaust camshaft position sensor Digital
8 Crankshaft position sensor Analog
10 Throttle position sensor (main) Analog
11 Throttle position sensor (sub) Analog
25 Knock Sensor Analog
26 Engine coolant temperature sensor Analog
38 Heated oxygen sensor (front) Speed
42 Knock Sensor Analog


45 Manifold Absolute Pressure Ground
51 Fuel Pump Relay Ground
25 Switched ECU Power Power
22 Fuel Pump Relay Analog
73 MFI relay (power supply) Digital
74 Accelerator pedal position sensor (main) Analog
71 Throttle actuator control motor ground Power
72 Throttle actuator control motor power supply Power


Pin # Name Signal Type
81 Ground Digital
87 Mass airflow sensor Analog
88 Mass airflow sensor ground Analog
89 Intake air temperature sensor 1 Analog
91 CAN interface (low) Analog
103 Flash EP-ROM power supply Analog
104 Backup power supply Speed
105 Ignition switch-ST Analog
13 Chassis Ground Ground
26 ECU Ground Ground
25 Switched ECU Power Power
22 Fuel Pump Relay Analog
62 Data Link Connector – TX Digital
78 Knock Sensor Analog
81 5 volt switched power Power
80 12v constant power Power

There you have it! The Mitsubishi Evolution X ECU Pinout you need. Did you have any questions or comments about our Mitsubishi Evolution X ECU Pinout? Leave us a comment below and let us know.

Happy Tuning!