How To Service Your 2JZGTE EGR

How To Service Your 2JZGTE EGR


The EGR stands for your vehicle’s Exhaust Gas Recirculation system, and it’s designed to re-route the unburned fuel in your exhaust stream back into the combustion chamber. This is done to limit the amount of noxious gas your car emits and to lower emissions.

When your EGR has issues however, your check engine light will let you know it’s time to learn how to service your 2JZGTE EGR.


When you lift off the throttle and your throttle plate slams shut, the boost built by your turbocharger will either vent or re-route back into the system. Coinciding with the boost blowby will be a large amount of unburned fuel in your exhaust as the engine cycles the combustion mixture out with the throttle plate closed.

The EGR valve opens during this time, allowing for the unburned fuel to re-enter the intake stream and get back into the combustion chamber.

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The 2JZGTE EGR valve is Toyota part number 25620-46080, EGR Valve, and should not be confused with the EGR Vacuum Solenoid, which is Toyota part number 25690-46010, EGR Vacuum Solenoid. Part of How To Service Your 2JZGTE EGR will be removal and measuring the values.


Step 1 : Disconnect the negative terminal on your battery.

Step 2 : Disconnect the EGR vacuum booster and the EGR temperature sensor

Step 3 : Remove the 2 nuts that secure your EGR valve onto the 2JZGTE head as part three of How To Service Your 2JZGTE EGR.

Step 4 : Inspect EGR valve for sticking or heavy carbon buildup. If your EGR valve or diaphram seems ripped, or does not open or move smoothly, replace unit.

Step 5: Double check your Vacuum hose and Pressure hose to your EGR and reinstall the EGR gas temperature sensor – Torque to 200kgfVcm, or 14ft lbs.

Step 6 : Tighten union valve to EGR to 41 ft lbs of torque.

Q: I have a 2JZGTE JDM head, can I install a EGR?

A: Yes, the JDM 2JZGTE head will have ports pre-cast into it for a USDM EGR valve to be mounted and installed. Make sure you also restore the charcoal canister as well as the EGR vacuum booster.


Q: I have a USDM 2JZGTE, why do people block off the EGR?

A: The idea behind blocking off the EGR port is a simple one, although it may be illegal in your state. When blocking off the EGR valve, you are stopping the action of recycling unburned fuel, thus stopping this hot mixture of unburned air and fuel re-entering your intake stream.

Blocking off the EGR will allow for a cooler intake charge, lower intake manifold temperatures and more efficient power overall.

Q: How can I block off the EGR?

A: This can be accomplished through a bolt on kit, which is basically a plate with 2 holes drilled into it. Remove your EGR and replace the gasket before installing your blockoff plate.

This concludes our How To Service Your 2JZGTE EGR article, please let us know if you have any questions or comments below.