About Us

About Us

Pro Street Online is your #1 Online Superstore, established in 1999 as a online community and low price warehouse located in Hayward, CA.

Pro Street has been at the forefront of aftermarket and replacement auto retail since the 1990s and has served Northern California Since 1998. Pro Street is a division of PSI Performance.

With four warehouses across the US, and over 20 employees with over 65 combined years of racing and selling parts, Pro Street gets your the right part at the right time for the right price.

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All of our How To Guides and DIY articles are for informational and educational purposes only. Any injury or damage caused by our guides and tech tips are your responsibility. If you are not comfortable working on your own car, take it to a mechanic.


  1. Hello
    Im looking for the parts number on the msd box an the coils for a 997 Toyota cammry LE .
    Can you help me on that ?
    AN do you have a programmer to set up the EMC this car ?

    thank you

    • Hi Charly, sorry but what did you mean about the part number on the msd box?

      Is your LE a 4 or 6 cylinder? And yes we’ve got a programmer for your Toyota, it’s the Super AFC NEO, found here :

  2. hello guys , i’m havin a problem with my DTC on a bmw 320d 2005 , the sensor from the right wheel in front need to be changed , any idea which one on them might be ?

  3. Hey guys i have a question, I just bought 240sx s13, and im thinking of puttin LS1 engine in it. I read the guide that you have here, and was wondering if you guys have shop or you guys do LS1 swaps? I live in LA, CA so If you guys have a shop where you can do swaps , id like to know your information. like phone number to contact or anything in that sort. Thanks in advance

  4. Hi,

    Im looking for some info on the GM 25008302 MAF. I am trying to use it in my research project, without an ECU and on a stationary engine. I was wondering if you know what the supply voltage, and current it requires, the signal type, and how I would convert that signal into mass airflow. Finally, Im looking for the 3 pin pigtail, if you know what part number it is, I might be able to find one.

    I know this is a lot of information you might not have, but if you have any, we’d like to hear!


  5. Hi,
    Just wondering, will it work if I hook up AFC neo unit to a haltech sprint500.
    So that I can have last minute touch up for NY engine.

    • Hi Din, thanks for reading!

      yes the AFC NEO will work great with your Haltech, are you using speed density or a MAP driven system? It’s flexible, easy to use and would be great for quick touch ups to your tune as you need them.

      Thanks for commenting, let us know how your project turns out!

  6. Y’all know if anything from a 96 Acura 2.5 Tl can be used or swapped into a 94 Honda civic..? The Acura is a straight 5 which I never knew existed before seeing this car

    • Hi Donnie, sorry but that’s definitely a rare engine that’s not normally a Honda swap. There’s not much information on this swap but that doesn’t mean you can’t be the first! Sounds like an awesome project, let us know how it turns out!