Google Ford Partnership for Self Driving Cars

Google Ford Partnership for Self Driving Cars


In another step towards the eventual future of driving cars, the new Google Ford partnership will put autonomous cars on the map. Their joint venture gives Google’s self driving platform the hardware needed to succeed. Self driving cars are becoming more and more a reality every single passing day, and it includes several companies making autonomous driving their main focus.

Unlike the Tesla Autopilot, Google’s self driving technology has been largely without a home vehicle. This has limited Google to their campus using the familiar egg shaped carts that we’ve all come to recognize. With the new Google Ford partnership however, Google has gained a technological partner that can provide much of the manufacturing process for them.

What the Google Ford partnership means

Self Driving Cars

While the Silicon Valley company has more to gain from the Google Ford partnership, it’s a win for the Detroit automaker as well. Both companies shave valuable time from their production cycles with the new Google Ford partnership. Their venture gives both companies a boost toward a day of automated ride sharing.

According to most experts, Ford will be announcing the new Google partnership at the upcoming CES show in January. For the Detroit automaker, they get a self driving solution that’s been proven to work on an extended basis. The Google Ford partnership will put several cars on public streets in California as self driving test platforms.

Google’s self driving program has logged over 1.4 million miles and counting over roughly 60 test vehicles. It’s a perfect pairing in the Google Ford partnership, and it’s one that’s sure to speed up the self driving revolution.

There isn’t much known about the nature of the Google Ford partnership. It makes sense for both sides however, outside of a few unanswered questions. The main question is of course liability, and whose liability it is for accidents or injuries. It’s projected however that Google will follow suit with Mercedes Benz and Volvo in accepting liability for all accidents.

The move signals an expansion to Ford’s Smart Mobility plan, although the Google Ford partnership is non exclusive. This caps the recent move by the search engine giant to isolate their self driving car business into their own operational unit. Google’s goal is to one day launch a complete taxi or car sharing services that would compete with the likes of Uber or Lyft.

With the recent Google Ford partnership, we are one step closer to the realization of self driving cars becoming a reality. What do you think about the all new teamup? Leave us a comment below and let us know!