2017 Tesla Model X Review

2017 Tesla Model X Review


Tesla turned the automotive world on it’s proverbial ear with the launch of the successful Model S. So much in fact that automakers like Porsche are scrambling to play catch up. While Tesla had a viable electric luxury sports sedan, others were just waking up to this concept. While the Model S has definitely been a remarkable vehicle, Tesla hasn’t addressed the booming market for SUV crossovers, until now. The new Tesla Model X is the newest luxury crossover that utilizes Tesla’s remarkable electric technology.

Electric motors are making their way into mainstream automobiles, a trend that’s easily seen at recent car shows at Geneva or New York. One of the major other trends is the emergence of crossover SUV, which could very well spell the end of modern sports cars as we know them. So years after the Model S redefined performance vehicles overall, Tesla is set to do it all over again with the Tesla Model X.

Tesla Model X 2


The all new electric SUV might be recognized by the innovative and controversial gull wing style door setup. Labeled as the ‘Falcon Wing’ doors, the Tesla Model X seats seven and is powered by two electric motors. These innovative doors are for the rear seated passengers, and it’s ideal for tight parking spots. These Falcon Wing doors use sensors to open up, and requires just 30cm of space to fully open and allow an adult to stand upright
beneath them.

Available in two distinct trims, the Tesla Model X comes in a 90D version as well as the more powerful P90D.

The power output of the Tesla Model X P90D is rated at 518 horsepower, while the P90D tops out at 762 horsepower. Capable of hitting 62mph in 4.8 seconds, the 90D gives way to the P90D which can reach the 0-62mph sprint in just 3.2 seconds. With an extendable range up to at least 250 miles, the new Tesla Model X could redefine electric luxury SUV crossovers for the foreseeable future.

Tesla Model X 1

The innovative design of the crossover SUV is not the only groundbreaking aspect of the Model X. The new SUV incorporates an air-filtering system that provides ‘medical- quality’ air to the passengers. Further it’s the first electric vehicle that’s capable of towing loads, as the Tesla Model X can tow upwards of 5000 lbs.

Storage of the innovative Model X comes in a variety of different ways. There’s a storage trunk up front under the hood, which is large enough to house two golfclub bags. The trunk space in the rear of the Model X is comparable to other luxury SUV’s in this competitive market.

Many of the interior styling cues carry over from the Model S Saloon, including the massive 17 inch touchscreen infotainment interface. The Tesla Model X also comes with an autonomous emergency braking and side collision detection system. This system includes a forward-facing camera as well as a myriad of radar and sonar sensors to help steer and park itself.

While the future of traditional sports cars is certainly in doubt, there’s no denying the power and attraction that these Tesla Model X SUV’s have. Want more information and news on the Tesla and electric motors? Subscribe to My Pro Street today to get all the latest in tech tips and automotive news.