How To Reset Ford Fusion Oil Service Light

How To Reset Ford Fusion Oil Service Light


The Fusion Oil Service Light is otherwise known as the maintenance light, and is displayed when it’s time for an oil change. This maintenance light is a gentle reminder from Ford to take your Fusion sedan in for regularly scheduled maintenance. Problem is if you change your own oil, this annoying reminder will stay lit on your Ford Fusion instrument cluster.

Today I’ll be showing you how to reset the Fusion Oil Service Light or Maintenance light in a 2010-2013 sedan, as well as the 2014-2016 models.

Reset your 2010-2013 Fusion Oil Service Light

The Ford Fusion from this year range has a separate oil life message. This message is shown in a percentage that’s displayed when you scroll through the instrument cluster. When your Fusion Oil Service Light is lit it means that your oil change is required.

reset Fusion Oil Service Light 4

When this counter shows a OIL LIFE as 0%, it’s time to reset your Fusion Oil Service Light. After you have reset your Fusion maintenance light, it will take another 7,500 miles before the oil light turns on again. If you don’t drive more than 7,500 miles in a year the Fusion Oil Service Light will turn on after 12 months.

  1. Turn the ignition to the “ON” position but do not start engine
  2. Scroll through the display on your Ford Fusion instrument cluster using your SETUP button until you see OIL LIFE shown.
  3. Push down on the RESET button for more than two seconds.
  4. Turn ignition OFF and then start engine.

Change duration of Fusion Oil Service Light

The early Ford Fusion also allowed you to change the duration of the maintenance light. However you can only change the duration to a value that’s shorter than 7,500 miles. For example you can set the OIL LIFE value to 50%, which would set the duration to 3,250 miles for example.

Here’s how to change your Ford Fusion maintenance mileage duration.

  1. Turn the ignition to the “ON” position but do not start engine
  2. Press select until you see “OIL LIFE SET TO” shown on the instrument cluster.
  3. Press reset to change the Fusion Oil Service Light Life value
  4. Every time you press the reset button your life value will change by 10%
  5. Turn off ignition and then start the car once you have the life value set

Reset your 2014-2016 Fusion Oil Service Light

If you own a newer Ford Fusion, the procedure is slightly different. This is because your Ford has a 4 way pad with an OK button in the middle, as well as a OLED center display. When you want to reset the Fusion Oil Service Light in your 2014-2016 Ford, here is the correct procedure.

reset Fusion Oil Service Light

  1. Turn your Ford ignition to the “ON” position
  2. Scroll to the SETTINGS menu in your OLED Ford Fusion display
  3. Press the OK button to enter this submenu
  4. Scroll to VEHICLE menu
  5. Press the OK button to enter this submenu
  6. Scroll to the OIL LIFE RESET
  7. Press the OK button and hold until the Fusion Oil Service Light has been cleared.

reset Fusion Oil Service Light 2

That’s all you need to do when you want to clear your Ford Fusion Oil Service Light. If you have another warning light, check engine light or tire light that is annoying you, check through the rest of our website to find the answers you need.

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