How To Test a Nissan Maxima IAT Sensor

How To Test a Nissan Maxima IAT Sensor


If you Nissan Maxima is throwing a OBDII check engine code of P0112 for the IAT sensor, our How To guide can help you test it. The Nissan Maxima IAT sensor stands for the Intake Air Temperature sensor. Integrated into the Mass Air Flow Sensor of your Maxima, this sensor reads the temperature of the air entering your engine.

The temperature sensing unit inside your Nissan Maxima IAT sensor uses a thermistor element. This element reads any changes to the temperature in the air through electrical resistance. Your Nissan ECU uses this information to adjust fuel and ignition curves to provide optimum performance.


Today I’ll be showing you how to test the IAT sensor in a 2006 Nissan Maxima SE. This vehicle is equipped with the 3.5 liter VQ35DE engine. Because our Nissan Maxima IAT sensor is part of the Mass Air Flow Sensor, we’ll be testing the MAF using a multimeter.

How to Test a Nissan Maxima IAT Sensor

If your Maxima has the stored P0112 OBDII trouble code, you can begin the testing procedure by checking for power. First insert your ignition key and turn to the “ON” position so that power is being sent to your sensors. Next, open your Maxima hood and locate your Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF).


Disconnect the MAF sensor by unclipping the six pin connector, and you will be testing terminal 5. Here’s a diagram of the Nissan Maxima MAF wiring diagram, make sure you are disconnecting and testing terminal 5. This wire is the second from the right if you are facing the front of the MAF connector.


Put the black negative lead of your multimeter on the negative terminal of your battery, and gently probe the face of PIN 5. There should be 5 volts of power here for you IAT element of your mass air flow sensor.

Not sure how to use a multimeter? Check out our handy DIY guide here to see how to use one to test for your DC voltages in your vehicle.

If you have power here at PIN 5, your Nissan Maxima IAT Sensor may have failed. In order to see if it’s still any good, you will be testing the internal resistance shortly.

Testing the Nissan Maxima IAT Sensor

Once you have checked your Maxima wiring harness to check for 5 volts of power, you will now test the sensor itself. Turn the ignition key to the “OFF” position, and keep the MAF connector unplugged.

Now with the connector undone, you will be testing the MAF itself to see if the internal IAT sensor is still any good. Take your multimeter and gently probe PIN 6 and PIN 5 to read the resistance of your air intake sensor.

The resistance between these pins should be within 1.800 – 2.200(kΩ). If your multimeter reads a different range of resistance, you must replace the MAF. Once you replace your Mass Air Flow Sensor, you can use a scan tool to clear your trouble code.

You now know how to test a Nissan Maxima IAT Sensor, and fix any trouble code relating to this sensor. Have any questions or comments about our DIY how to guide? Leave us a comment below and let us know!