SEMA 2015 : Reviewing the Honda HR-V

SEMA 2015 : Reviewing the Honda HR-V


The Honda HR-V is the new crossover platform that promises to bring a new generation of enthusiasts and owners to the Japanese automaker. The sporty hatchback looks to be a new entry in the upcoming battle of sports hatchbacks that is looming on the horizon. Honda seems well equipped for the upcoming foray, as they brought out several modified Honda HR-V vehicles for the 2015 SEMA Show.

Based on a 1.8 liter engine that comes with a six speed manual or a CVT, the Honda HR-V comes in FWD or AWD drivetrain configuration. There are additional features like lane departure warning as well as a full Honda infotainment center based around the seven inch display. The HR-V also combines many other technological features that make it an appealing crossover hatchback for the new age of enthusiasts.


Leaving nothing to chance, Honda had four sporty hatchbacks at the SEMA Show, headlined by the latest offering from the increasingly popular tuner Bisimoto. From turbocharged and heavily modified to the weekend warrior, here’s a look at a the four Honda HR-V vehicles on display at SEMA.

MAD Industries HR-V


Stance by a custom set of Ohlins coilovers and a Grom motorcycle in tow, the MAD Industries HR-V is one highly modified crossover. The engine has been stroked to 204 cc and there’s four custom 20 inch rims at each corner. Matte-white and a perfect blend of power, grace and style, MAD Industries did a great job.

Kylie Tjin Edition HR-V


To many people the Tjin HR-V was a bit too over the top but we loved it. It may have been the front fascia or the pink color, but most of the people around us merely shook their heads or scoffed. Not us, because this thing was just the right amount of wild. The wide body aero and outrageous rims set it apart from the crowd, and the bagged air suspension set the stage.

Bisimoto Engineering HR-V



Any fan of the SEMA Show and this tuner knows what kind of performance to expect, although this Honda HR-V doesn’t quite live up to the 1000 hp Hyundai Genesis or Honda Odyssey. Stepping up the horsepower to a modestly tuned 230 ponies, this Bisimoto HR-V combines Buddy Club seats and wheels at all four corners. Buddy Club also supplies the brakes and the stance work, with a set of their coilovers on this remarkable build.


Custom Bisimoto downpipe and full exhaust bring the custom Turbonetics turbocharger up to speed, and the tune makes sure that all six gears are reliable. This vehicle made our Best of Show countdown earlier this month, and it was an awesome build to behold up front and in person.

Honda definitely made an impression on show goers this year, with their redesigned CR-Z and the all new Ridgeline pickup. As the hatchback and crossover wars heat up, the Honda HR-V will definitely be a major player in the upcoming battle with the Fiesta and Fit.