DTC P0335 – How to Replace Your VQ Crank Position Sensor

DTC P0335 – How to Replace Your VQ Crank Position Sensor


Whether you are swapping in a VQ35DE into another motor, or just need to fix your G35 or 350Z the OBDII DTC trouble code of P0335 is a serious issue. The specific language for this trouble code is Crankshaft Positioning Sensor – Sensor A, and this trouble code can cause your vehicle to misfire, run rough and not start in severe situations.

The crankshaft position sensor in your VQ35 is meant to deliver real time positioning and speed to your VQ ECU. The ECU uses this information to operate your engine’s fuel and spark events, as well as shift your automatic transmission. The P0335 trouble code can often be accompanied by the P0340 trouble code or the P0725 Vehicle Speed Sensor error.


Symptoms of P0335


  • Car shuts off suddenly while driving
  • Tachometer needle jumps around or is jerky
  • Engine Speed dips when letting off gas
  • Poor performance

When your G35 or 350Z or even VQ35 engine swap doesn’t start because your crankshaft position sensor has this error, it can be an expensive fix. This is what our How to Replace Your VQ Crank Position Sensor DIY guide is for, to provide a comprehensive article on how to fix the P0335 trouble code. Because this error can persist due to a bent or damaged flex plate or damage to the teeth on your flywheel, we will also be removing your spark plugs and rotating the engine in our How to Replace Your VQ Crank Position Sensor DIY Article.

To begin our How to Replace Your VQ Crank Position Sensor DIY guide, start by disconnecting the negative terminal on your battery. Your crankshaft position sensor for your 3.5 liter Nissan VQ engine is located under your transmission. Raise the front of your vehicle and secure the back wheels using chocks. Always operate with safety first and foremost in your mind, if you need a safety worksheet, check our guide here.

Begin to removing the 10mm bolts that secure the wiring harness brackets to your valve cover and upper intake manifold plenum.


Next, disconnect the wiring harnesses located on either side of your valve covers.


Don’t forget to take care of the drivers side as well, as this harness is in the way of you accessing the VQ valve cover bolts.


Now disconnect the 10mm bolts that hold the lower and rear wiring brackets in place.


Disconnect the PCV hose that runs to your valve cover on the passenger side. This will help you remove the #1 cylinder ignition coil and spark plug.


Now start to undo the 10mm bolts that hold all your ignition coils in place. You can choose to disconnect the wiring harness connectors to your VQ ignition coils ahead of time, or unplug them as you remove your coils.


Once you’ve got all the ignition coils undone, you can unplug them and remove the spark plugs. Removal of the spark plugs is not required, but it’ll make your job easier when you are trying to crank over your VQ. There’s a couple of tricky coils on your VQ, the rear passenger side near the fuel pressure regulator, as well as the #1 cylinder located on the front of your engine near the variable intake solenoid.


Now locate your VQ35 crankshaft position sensor connector, which is part of your lower VQ35 engine harness. This engine harness has both secondary 02 sensor wiring looms, and connects to the lower u brace on the underside of your G35 or 350Z.

Find your crankshaft position sensor, and unplug the wiring harness. Undo the 10mm bolt and remove your crankshaft position sensor to inspect. As stated above, we’ll be replacing this unit as well as testing the flex plate / teeth on your flywheel as well.

The part number for this crank position sensor is Nissan / Infiniti part number 23731-8J100, and you can find the CKP under 23731-AL60A, 23731-8J105, and 23731-8J106 as well. You can also substitute the part number 23731-AL605 for this sensor.


Remove this crankshaft position sensor, and then have a friend rotate your engine by hand using a ratchet on your crank pulley. As your friend slowly rotates your VQ35 engine, use a flashlight to inspect the flex plate or the teeth of your flywheel.

The VQ35DE crankshaft position sensor is a hall effect style sensor, that reads the high and low parts of the ring inside your transmission bell housing. If this pickup ring is bent, damaged or otherwise compromised your P0335 trouble code will not go away.

Have you replaced your Nissan crankshaft position sensor and your P0335 still persists? Check the operation of your crankshaft position sensor by checking out our How To Test your VQ35 crankshaft position sensor. This will require you to test the operation of your crankshaft position sensor by testing PIN 13 on your VQ PCM, here is a diagram to help you test continuity should you need it.



This magnetic crank position sensor can be tested by measuring the resistance between terminals. Check out our guide on testing the VQ35 crankshaft position sensor for details.

That does it for our How to Replace Your VQ Crank Position Sensor guide, if you have any questions or comments please leave them for us below!


  1. Im a mechanic my whole life and never had a problem like this. I have done all tests correctly and replaced cam and crank sensors with OEM parts, reset the ECU and still have same symptoms. In went through the wire harness as well. The 350z is a 2003, completely stock. Any other help would be appreciated. Thanks.