FAQ : Acura RSX ECU Pinout

FAQ : Acura RSX ECU Pinout


It wasn’t so long ago when Honda swappers took a look at the complexity that a K series swap included with a bit of cynicism. After all the bang for the buck return when the K20 first burst onto the scene didn’t approach the easier and cheaper B series engine swaps.

Things have changed since the Acura RSX was released back in the early 00s. K series engine swaps are becoming more and more prevalent and popular, and who can blame K series swappers?


Today we are looking at the K20 ECU and showing you the ECU pinout for the Acura RSX. When you are using our Acura RSX ECU pinout, make sure to identify the plug in question before breaking out the wiring pins for each ECU plug.

Need to find your K series ECU? or need to install a VAFC in your Acura RSX? Check out our other i-VTEC related guides here. For our Acura RSX ECU Pinout check below!


Here’s the complete breakout of your Acura RSX ECU harness. We’ll be dissecting each plug and it’s functions and wire values as well as wiring color diagram as well. Let’s start at plug A the 31 pin terminal of your Acura RSX ECU pinout.



  • Terminal 1 – Black wire with white stripe – PHO2SHTC – Air Fuel ratio sensor heater
  • Terminal 2 – Yellow wire with black stripe – IGP2 – Power Source
  • Terminal 3 – yellow wire with black stripe – IGP1 – Power Source
  • Terminal 4 – black – PG2 – Low Reference Ground Signal
  • Terminal 5 – black – PG1 – Power Ground Signal
  • Terminal 7 – Blue wire – CKP – Crankshaft Position Sensor
  • Terminal 9 – Red Wire blue stripe – KS – Knock Sensor
  • Terminal 10 – Green Wire with yellow stripe – SG2 – Sensor ground 2
  • Terminal 11 – Green wire with white stripe – SG1 – Sensor Ground 1
  • Terminal 12 – Black wire with red stripe – IACV – Idle Air Control Valve
  • Terminal 15 – Red wire with black stripe – TPS – Throttle position sensor
  • Terminal 18 – White wire with green stripe – VSS – Vehicle Speed Sensor
  • Terminal 19 – Green wire with red stripe – MAP – Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor
  • Terminal 20 – Yellow wire with blue stripe – VCC2 – Sensor voltage
  • Terminal 21 – Yellow wire with red stripe – VCC1 – Sensor voltage
  • Terminal 25 – Blue wire with white stripe – CMP – Camshaft Position sensor

Next up on our Acura RSX ECU Pinout FAQ is the B plug a 24 pin connector that controls much of the engine vitals and sensors.


  • Terminal 1 – Blue wire with white stripe – VTC – VTC oil control solenoid
  • Terminal 6 – Green wire – FANC – radiator fan control relay
  • Terminal 8 – Red wire with white stripe – ECT – Engine coolant temperature sensor
  • Terminal 9 – Blue wire with black stripe – VTPSW – VTEC Oil Pressure Switch
  • Terminal 10 – White wire with blue stripe – ALT – alternator
  • Terminal 17 – Red wire with yellow stripe – IAT – intake air temperature sensor
  • Terminal 23 – Black wire with white stripe – VTC – VTC oil control solenoid valve

Moving onto plug C on our Acura RSX ECU Pinout, this plug is a 22 pin plug that’s mainly responsible for transmission related tasks.


  • Terminal 1 – White wire with black stripe – LSA – Ground for AT pressure control solenoid valve A
  • Terminal 2 – Green wire – SHC – Shift solenoid C
  • Terminal 3 – Yellow wire – SHE – Shift Solenoid valve V
  • Terminal 4 – Green wire with white stripe – SHB – Shift solenoid valve B
  • Terminal 5 – Green wire with red stripe – SHD – Shift solenoid valve D
  • Terminal 6 – Blue wire with black stripe – SHA – Shift solenoid valve A

Plug D is next on our Acura RSX ECU pinout article, and this too is a drivetrain ECU plug mostly.


  • Terminal 2 – Brown wire – S-MODE – Sequential shift mode switch
  • Terminal 3 – White wire with blue stripe – S-UP – Shift up switch signal
  • Terminal 9 – Brown wire with white stripe –  Downshift signal switch
  • Terminal 12 – Blue wire with orange stripe – CCS – Cruise Control signal

And lastly rounding out our Acura RSX ECU pinout guide, is the 31 wire E connector, which is the last of your Acura RSX ECU plugs.


  • Terminal 1 – Green wire with yellow stripe – IMP FPR – Immobilizer fuel pump relay
  • Terminal 2 – White wire with red stripe – SHO2S – Secondary 02 sensor signal
  • Terminal 3 – Brown wire with yellow stripe – LG3 – Logic Ground – Ground for ECU / PCM
  • Terminal 7 – Red wire with yellow stripe – MRLY – PGM-FI Main relay
  • Terminal 9 – Black wire with yellow stripe – IG1 – Ignition signal
  • Terminal 25 – Blue wire with white stripe – VSSOUT – VSS output for speed pulse
  • Terminal 31 – Green white with orange stripe – MIL – Malfunction Indicator Lamp

Have any questions about our Acura RSX ECU Pinout guide? Have a question about a pin or plug or wire on your Acura RSX that nobody else can help on? Leave us a message below and let us know!



  1. i have a stock 06 si,i just blown the motor and i want to put a 2.4 from a accord.what would i need to make this happen?also can i use the si ecu or the one from the accord?

    • Hi Mark, sorry to hear the bad news.

      If you are wanting to swap in a K24, good idea! You can stick to your current ECU if you have it flashed, although the big question is about the transmission. You want to make sure that your transmission ECU is compatible (if auto) or your speed sensor is not required to be wired into your dash ( in which case speedo would not work)

      Thanks for commenting, let us know how it turns out!