How To Service a SRT4 Ignition Coil

How To Service a SRT4 Ignition Coil


The Dodge Neon SRT-4 is one of our favorite turbocharged four cylinder engines ever, with an affordable price tag and 400+ wheel horsepower just a few tweaks away. The increase in displacement may limit how high the A853 engine can rev, but more than makes up for it with plenty of low end torque that gets your turbo spun up quickly.

Today we’ll be showing you how to service a SRT4 ignition coil, in the event your coil is dying or you have a random misfire code like the OBDIII P0301 trouble code.

The part number we’ll be replacing it with is a MSD coil part number 8239, which is a blaster coil setup in the same style as the OEM Dodge unit. This ignition component is a 100% plug and play unit and can be serviced by any shadetree mechanic in under a few minutes.

Before we begin, it’s always a good idea to allow the engine to cool off. Because the car is turbocharged, under hood temps can rise well into the four digit Fahrenheit ranges, so be sure to allow the car to cool. The vehicle we are working on today is a 2004 Dodge Neon SRT-4, and here are the steps on how to service a SRT4 ignition coil.


Here’s a look at the stock ignition coil, this part carries a Dodge OE part number of 5269670, or 56032520 as well as 56032521. To begin, you will need to remove the strut tower bar on your vehicle to access the bolts that hold the ignition coil in place.


Undo the two 14mm nuts on your shock tower to undo the tower bar and remove it. You should now see the ignition coil, the 4 10mm bolts and all the connections that lead to your ignition coil.


Pull off all the spark plug wires to leave just the ignition coil connector and the ignition coil sitting on top of your motor. Always pull to remove by grabbing the boot, not the actual spark plug wire.


With the spark wires removed, you can now flip up on the red retaining clip that’s part of your engine harness. This red clip secures the ignition connector in place, simply pull off once you have this red tab pushed up.


Next undo the 10mm bolts that secure the coil in place, once you have all four removed you can pull out the stock ignition coil and prep for installation of the MSD unit.


A true plug and play solution for upgrading your SRT-4 ignition, this MSD blaster coil should improve spark performance and increase combustion cylinder efficiency.


As these coils are usually labeled with the spark plug cylinder each prong is intended for, it should be relative easy from this point on. Snug the 10mm bolts that hold the MSD blaster coil in place, if you have any metal bushings, we like to slide them in between the coil and valve cover to improve cooling of the ignition coil.

Reconnect your spark plug wires and make sure the engine bay is clear of any tools before you attempt to start up your car again. Once you’ve got the strut tower bar back in place and tightened, you now know how to service a SRT4 ignition Coil.

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