Rocket Powered Hayabusa!!

Rocket Powered Hayabusa!!


We’ve all seen racing videos and modified Hayabusa’s before, but this one takes the hydrogen peroxide powered cake AND eats it too! This crazy rocket powered Hayabusa comes to us from Exotic Thermal Engineering, where they have built more than just this crazy Hayabusa.

A quick jaunt over to their website Swiss Rocket Man, shows a bevy of bicycles, go-karts and similarly rocket equipped craziness. These creations share one common denominator, the turboshaft engines once built by the company Turbonique Inc. These turbines were intended for use in small go karts, race cars and the like, before their rockets were deemed unsafe due to the use of isopropyl nitrate, which burned much too quickly and subject to explosions.


With exploding not high on any racer’s list of things to do when at the track, these turbines have since switched to hydrogen peroxide, which is what powers this incredible Hayabusa down the track. The turbine of this Hayabusa Turborocket is rotatably driven by a gas generator producing only water and oxygen during operation, making it a clean burning 1,200 hp motorcycle.

Check out some footage of them racing about a airstrip below and also at a shakedown pass.

For more on this incredible bike and the other creations by Swiss Rocket Man, check out their site here.