How To Install DEFI Boost Gauge

How To Install DEFI Boost Gauge


The boost gauge is one of the most important items you can ever install in your turbocharged or supercharged vehicle. The importance of this gauge is multiplied when you begin to turn up the performance or turn up the boost in your car. You need an accurate method in which to make sure your engine is not overboosted, which could cause detonation or damage.

Today we’ll be installing a 60mm DEFI Link Meter ADVANCE BF Boost gauge in our Project Supra and showing you the step by step method in which to complete the job. The part number for this item is DF09901 and this electronic full sweep gauge is capable of reading up to 200kPa or 29 psi worth of boost pressure.

As with all of our writeups, do not perform our How To Install DEFI Boost Gauge guide if you are not comfortable working on your vehicle. Take your car to an experienced mechanic if you feel as though you are not capable of doing this job.

Advance BF Boost Gauge


You will require the a DEFI Advance Control Unit to control the BF Boost gauge we are installing. Because this is the essential part of the gauge wiring, we’ll be addressing the wiring in the Control Unit section.

The part number of this DEFI Advance Control Unit is DF07701 and we’ll be focusing on the wiring section of this unit first. The way this Control Unit works is that you supply power, ground, switched power and the illumination to this unit, which then powers each gauge in succession.


You’ll need to find the power harness in your DEFI control unit packaging, this is the four pronged connector that plugs into the “DC SOURCE” port on your Control Unit.



To begin the wiring section of our How To Install DEFI Boost gauge guide, begin by disconnecting the negative terminal in your vehicle. If you have a stock radio, now would be a good time to locate your radio code.

How To Wire your DEFI Boost Gauge


Next you will be looking for switched power in the ignition harness, or tee into the ECU. We’ll be showing you how to tee the gauges into the MKIV power harness.


Open your driver side door and pull your seat back as far back as it can go to give you as much room around the ECU as possible.

supraafc2 - Copy

Pull back on the passenger side carpet area to expose the ECU panel, remove the 10mm nuts that hold this panel in place.

supraafc10 - Copy

You will want to remove the E10 and E9 plugs from the main Powertrain Control Module by unscrewing the bolt in the middle of the E9 plug here.

supraafc11 - Copy

Next you will be taking the ORANGE DEFI control unit power wire, and connecting it to PIN 18 on the 40pin E10 plug. This IGN Switch is a switched power source that only turns on when you turn the key to the “ON” position.



Next you need to connect the RED DEFI Control unit power wire to constant battery source. This is so that your DEFI Control unit remembers the settings and peak warning values you’ve entered, no matter how many times you turn the car off.

The wire you want here is PIN 33 on the 40 pin E10 plug, shown below.


You must make sure this wire supplies constant power to the DEFI Control Unit, otherwise you’ll be spending a lot of time programming your gauges at every startup.

Now you’ll be connecting the BLACK DEFI Control Unit wire to pin 4 on the 80 pin E9 plug. This plug is the one with the bolt through it you had to remove from the 2JZ ECU.

Lastly is the illumination light, which can be hooked up to a body wire if you want to be able to dim your gauges along with your dash. We’ll be connecting that to the switched power for constant steady illumination in this How To Install DEFI Boost Gauge article.

Where to Tee Your DEFI Boost Gauge


Plug the power harness into your DEFI Control Unit, and take the flying lead from your boost gauge and plug it into the correct port labeled “BOOST” on your control unit.

If you have other DEFI ADVANCE gauges to install inline, now is the time to daisy chain them together.


Now you will need to connect the boost source or “tee” your DEFI boost gauge into your intake manifold or charge pipe. As this Advance DEFI gauge does read vacuum, you will want to tee the boost gauge sender into your intake manifold.

Locate the DEFI Boost solenoid, and mount it someplace in your engine bay with the nipple facing downwards. Tee into your intake manifold, or tee into the vacuum line that runs to your fuel pressure regulator for the boost source. Next run the plug side of the harness into the cabin, and connect it to your DEFI Control Unit.


With this last plug in place, you have now successfully completed our How To Install DEFI Boost Gauge tutorial, congratulations!

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  1. Hi, I have a Defi Boost Gauge installed and the solenoid T-piece connected in the engine bay. but I don’t have the Defi control unit. so I was wondering is that all I need to plug the Defi Boost Gauge & the Solenoid into the control unit. just wondering which Control Unit would I need to make this work.

    Thank You

  2. hi i have the following BF gauges – oil temp, oil pressure, boost, in/mf pressure, fuel pressure, and ext temp

    i am trying to run them all on the Defi Advance Control Unit V2 but i noticed that the boost, and in/mf pressure gauges plug into the same spot??? what can i do?? and can all those gauges run off one Advance Control Unit???

    i also don’t have any meters / link displays running

    and if possible what all the safe reading margins should be for each gauge


    94 supra 6870 percision

    • Hi John, thanks for commenting.

      which gauges do you have daisy chained together? You should be able to daisy chain the ones that plug into the same spot, you have a V2 Control unit right?