The Alpha Skyline R35 Removes All Doubt

The Alpha Skyline R35 Removes All Doubt


There’s no debating the bodylines and outstanding performance of Nissan’s flagship the Skyline GT-R, leaving the factory as one of the world’s fastest production cars. It’s namesake “Godzilla” stems from the combination of sheer power and cutting edge technology, and we’ve got one heck of a GT-R in this video brought to us by AMS Motorsports and their Alpha program.


The first half of this gross display of power is their customer’s 1600whp Alpha 16 Skyline GT-R at the Caddo Mill Airfield, home of the Texas Invitational Roll Race Competitions. There they conducted a 0-200 mph test that covered just 2297 feet with 20″ street tires, and the GT-R reached a maximum speed of 201.98 mph which set a new record at the airfield.


Closing out the video of course is the standard drag fare, as the AMS powered GT-R made it’s way to Houston’s Royal Purple Raceway for a special TSS (Texas Speed Syndicate) drag event. There the full weight GT-R ran a 8.1 quarter mile time with very little seat time, which led the folks at AMS to believe that the GT-R was more than capable of a seven second quarter mile with some tweaking.


AMS Performance reports that the full weight GT-R tips the scales at a 3855lbs dry (without driver) and 4060 with. Which speaks volumes about the power and grip of this incredible machine, that ran a 8.6@170 in it’s first ever pass!

Some numbers from the AMS Alpha program detail the GT-R ;

0-60 mph — 1.63 seconds (new GTR record)

60-130 mph — 2.98 seconds

100-150 mph — 2.79 seconds

During this incredible event, this Alpha GT-R went from 0 to 60 mph in a mere 1.63 seconds which is believed to be a brand new GT-R acceleration record. It then went from 60-130 mph in 2.98 seconds and 100-150 mph in 2.79 seconds! All without any weight reduction and at full weight!

Impressive doesn’t quite cover it.