Taking a look at DAFT Innovations LS1 240SX Swap Kit

Taking a look at DAFT Innovations LS1 240SX Swap Kit


Pro Street tests the DAFT Innovations Engine and T56 Manual Transmission Mount kit for the Nissan 240SX S13.

We love guys in our area making a name for themselves and one of the kits we find locals prefer is the DAFT Innovation LS1 Swap kit. This kit is very similar to other kits in that it includes a CNC machined polyurethane mount and the familiar T56 U-tranny mount. We’ll be reviewing part number SLSXMOUNTKIT, and we’ll be reviewing the process of install in a 1991 Nissan 240SX ( S13 )

This kit is extremely well made and highly functional made from high quality CNC machined mounts to the headers and subframe modification, this kit is definitely one we would recommend to anyone looking for a budget swap mount kit.


This DAFT Innovations Mount Kit will allow you to mount your LSx and T-56/4l60E into a S13/S14/S15 Chassis, and as our How To Explains, you will need to swap oil pans. This kit does have one negative in relation to the subframe being modified, and that’s about our only complaint of this swap kit that still has tons of value for any enthusiast.

Our only complaint, if you can call it that

As the rules for regarding competition usage, the rules for XDC/Formula Drift do allow for the modification of your 240SX Subframe under section 3.3.4. Here’s a look at the rule itself.

Front cross member and/or front or rear sub-frame 

Front and rear sub-frames and cross members must be stock and available on the exact model that is competing in Formula Drift.
The subframe must also be mounted in the exact stock location without being moved in any plane.

Front subframes may only be modified to directly allow for oilpan /starter clearance and steering rack relocation. The front subframe must retain intact on at least one major member on one face that spans the entire width of the subframe, thereby keeping the original dimensions of the subframe intact. Any other modifications, cutting, lding, strengthening, etc is not allowed.

To take a look at the complete rulebook, click here.

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As far as we know the only swap kit that allows for your stock subframe would be one that lowers your subframe using spacers ( hinsonsupercars ) or similar.

We also opted for their long tube header kit, which is rather unique in the way it deals with the steering shaft but everything fits with exceptional fitment and quality.



Note the clearance on the driver side headers and the steering column, very slight modification was required to make sure nothing rubbed or hit when turning the wheel


Overall, this kit is a great deal for the value, and we’re hoping to add it to our catalog very shortly!

Stay tuned!


    • Michael, thank you for commenting. Sounds like you had a bad experience with DAFT, sorry to hear that. We are not associated in any way with DAFT innovations, outside of the fact that they are local.

      Hope you get your issue resolved.

  1. It was not a bad experience, it was an outright theft. Had to go through legal means to get my money refunded and had to cancel my credit card as he kept trying to charge it. He did not once respond to any of my contact attempts. Sikky another company which deals with LS swaps into s-chassis vehicles were a delight to deal with.

  2. How much further back does the engine sit compared to other swap kit. i.e. Fueled Racing, Sikky.
    Assuming this sits much closer to the fire wall.

    • Hey Justin, thanks for commenting.

      As far as those other kits compared to the DAFT these ones are fairly good. The DAFT mounts put our LS6 back towards the rear of Rick’s S13 and we liked the fitment quite a bit. Heater hoses are still okay to reach and connect (sorta).