Watch a Mercedes Benz Drive Itself!

Watch a Mercedes Benz Drive Itself!


In today’s age of instant news and reactions in 140 character formats, it’s very rare that a car or rather the feat of a car can make us say “Wow”


But this Mercedes Benz is no ordinary car, check out the video below to see the world’s first car drive itself!

While it’s still in a very early developmental stage, the S500 Intelligent Drive vehicle from Mercedes Benz became the world’s first automobile to autonomously drive itself through both rural and urban traffic!

The heart of the S500 is the Route Pilot, which in the production S-Class slows the car to a stop then accelerates from stand-still, also needed to cope with “unpredictable” real-world traffic scenarios. As Mercedes has admitted that “no two routes are ever the same” when you take into account it’s many choices and options throughout it’s route.

S500 MBZ Intelligent Drive

One can only wonder what the next step for Mercedes Benz’s S500, but one thing is for sure the landscape for automobiles may be changing very very soon!