How To Test Your Acura Integra Oxygen Sensor

How To Test Your Acura Integra Oxygen Sensor


There can be any number of reasons why you should know how to test your Acura Integra oxygen sensor, from a OBDII trouble code like P0150, P0141, or P0155. The oxygen sensor is what allows your ECU to see what’s going on as far as air fuel mixture is concerned, something that’s vital to daily driving and closed loop operation.

Today I’ll be showing you how to test your Acura Integra oxygen sensor in a 1996 Acura Integra LS. To complete this DIY How To, you’ll need a multimeter to test the wiring harness section of the oxygen sensor as well as the Integra engine harness.

This is a Denso part number in OE form, and the part number for this unit is 35632-P6W-A01. If you are having a hard time getting this part locally, you can also try these interchange numbers :

  • 36531-P6W-A01
  • 36531-P75-A01
  • 36531-PV1-A02
  • 36532-P72-A01

Like many things Acura, there’s also quite a few Honda interchange numbers, which are below:

  • 36531-P05-A01
  • 36531-P0A-A01
  • 36531-P0A-A11
  • 36531-P1K-E11
  • 36531-P3F-A01
  • 36531-P54-003
  • 36531-P72-J01
  • 36531-PK2-J01
  • 36532-P1E-A01

Don’t forget if you can’t find your Acura oxygen sensor, make sure to check out our OEMSPEC program at Pro Street where we have the sensor you need in stock.

Where is my Acura Integra oxygen sensor?


This is a 1996 Acura Integra LS with the B18B engine in it, so it’s a OBDII vehicle. The primary oxygen sensor is what we’ll be testing today, and this is also known as the upstream 02 sensor. Needless to say, you will want your car cold before you begin.

Your primary oxygen sensor is located in the exhaust pipe under your intake manifold and throttle body. To make the testing procedure easier, you will want to remove your intake and airbox. Slide off your PCV hose and undo the hose clamp on the B18 throttle body.

Once you have this area clear, locate your oxygen sensor and trace it back to the engine connector. This connector is a four wire weatherproof connector that is mounted to a metal bracket on the back of your Acura Integra engine.


Freeing this connector is easy, although many people butcher, break or even bend the metal tab so you can unplug it. Reach behind the connector and depress the plastic pin inward towards the connector. With this tab depressed, slide the connector downward. Simple as that.


This four wire sensor is labeled above, and using your multimeter you are going to be testing the internal resistance of your oxygen sensor. Place the leads of your multimeter to PINS 3 and 4. There should be between 9-40 Ω here between these two pins. Out of range or even showing open? Your upstream Acura oxygen sensor has failed, stop now and replace the 02 sensor.

Make sure to check out our OEM section at Pro Street Online to find the Acura Integra oxygen sensor you need. If you do have right range at your 02 sensor, now is the wiring harness section of our how to test your Acura Integra oxygen sensor guide.


Now switch your multimeter and gently probe the front of the Acura Integra engine harness, at the two pins shown above. These pins should have switched power with your ignition key inserted and turned to the “ON” position.

If you don’t have power here, this is the reason for your oxygen sensor failure. Trace your wiring back and inspect your shock tower terminals of your B18 Acura Integra wiring harness to see where your short or break could be. Look for evidence of frayed wires or bare exposed wires which can rot or rust.

You now know how to test your Acura Integra oxygen sensor, if you have any questions about this guide let us know below!


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